LANDON HOCKEY 7 CALVERT HALL 2 and 2011 Landon Winter Invitational Boys Basketball Tournament



The Landon Bears varsity hockey team improved their record to 3-0 tonight against Calvert Hall. Despite the 7-2 score, and being outshot 36-15 by Landon, Calvert Hall played aggressively and hard hitting for 45 minutes.

The game winning goal was scored by Captain Potolicchio (2g, 2a) courtesy of a nice assist from junior David Lackner (1g, 3a). Matt and/or David were involved in 6 out of the 7 goals. Matt Potolicchio was working every angle tonight, especially on the penalty kill and David Lackner was providing, as in the words of some coach, “crisp passes”.

The team was short on defense due to illness, but Nick Malone logged double duty at times and controlled the defensive zone with help from Christian Meike, Chris Javens, Mike Anderson and Sellers Garrett.

After just 3 games into the season, you can start to see the beginning of the team’s personality. With four balanced lines, it’s hard to point to just one player for the Bears success. From this reporter’s view, it seems that at any given time, any player on the ice can make a significant contribution towards the outcome of the game. According to Assistant Coach Kathleen Lubin (master mathematics teacher-US), “you can just see the teamwork and brotherhood move from the classroom right to the ice!”

We are starting (hopefully) a new feature tonight, by awarding the “unsung hero award”. A few rules about this award (and this may change over time), you can’t be the captain, nor play outside hockey as your main sport. Every sport at Landon has a number of athletes who do not play at the highest competitive level, yet contribute as much as anyone to the team’s goals. This could be based on the score sheet or just showing great sportsmanship during the contest. These players are often overlook when all star selections are made, yet they our vital to the team’s success. Tonight’s inaugural award as voted by the four Coaches goes to (drum roll please), Isaac Porter! Known as the “I-Man”, Isaac played physical when he had to, and contributed with 1 goal and 1 assist. According to Coach Gammill, “Isaac just improves every game and is involving his line mates in every play”. Congratulations Isaac, but due to budget cuts, we can only offer you a second portion of desert tomorrow at lunch and a bunch of high fives. Be sure to facebook Isaac and send him a Landon Bear “High Five”!

To Sandy Murdock, hurry back. My creative writing is very shallow!


Matt Potolicchio (2g,2a)

Isaac Porter (1g,1a)

David Lackner (1g,3a)

Graham Shue (1g)

John Barton (1g,1a)

Johnny Cobb (1a)

Will Buckingham (1g)

John Wellington (1a)

Max Greenwald (1a)

Nick Malone (1a)

Christian Meike (1a)

Goalie: Alex Joyce: 15 shots, 2 goals against, save % .867


2011 Landon Winter Invitational  Boys Basketball Tournament


Teams:            Cesar Chavez School (Washington DC)                        Christ Chapel Academy (Woodbridge, VA)

Landon School (Bethesda, MD)                                              Langley HS (McLean, VA)

Middleburg Academy (Middleburg, VA)                       St. Anselm’s Abbey School (Wash., DC)

St. Mary’s School (Annapolis, MD)                             Trinity Christian School (Fairfax, VA)


Schedule:                    Game 1:           Cessar Chavez             vs         Langley                                   Wed. Dec 28th             1:00 pm

(2nd team listed            Game 2:           Middleburg                 vs         St. Anselm’s                            Wed. Dec 28th             3:00 pm

is home team)              Game 3:           Christ Chapel              vs         St. Mary’s                               Wed. Dec 28th             5:00 pm

Game 4:           Trinity Christian          vs         Landon                                    Wed. Dec 28th             7:00 pm

Game 5:           Loser of Game 1         vs         Loser of Game 2                     Thur. Dec 29th             1:00 pm

Game 6:           Loser of Game 3         vs         Loser of Game 4                     Thur. Dec 29th             3:00 pm

Game 7:           Winner of Game 1      vs         Winner of Game 2                  Thur. Dec 29th             5:00 pm

Game 8:           Winner of Game 3      vs         Winner of Game 4                  Thur. Dec 29th             7:00 pm


Game 9:                                   (7th place game)

Loser of Game 5         vs         Loser of Game 6                     Fri.  Dec 30th               1:00 pm

Game 10:                                 (5th place game)

Winner of Game 5      vs         Winner of Game 6                  Fri.  Dec 30th               3:00 pm

Game 11:                                 (3rd place game)

Loser of Game 7         vs         Loser of Game 8                     Fri.  Dec 30th               5:00 pm

Game 12:                     (CHAMPIONSHIP GAME)

Winner of Game 7      vs         Winner of Game 8                  Fri.  Dec 30th               7:00 pm

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