Landon Lacrosse 15 Episcopal High School 7

For the first time (maybe) this 2017 campaign, the weather was awesome—blue skies, a nice breeze, no humidity and a pleasant temperature. EHS’ Hummel Bowl is one of the IAC’s best venues. The Bears were unusually loose in the pregame warm-up. The home team Maroon’s roster includes UNC (the #1 recruit of the 2018 class), Maryland, Duke, Navy, UMass, Furman, Hobart, VMI and Mary Washington recruits—a list similar to the Bears future academic residences. EHS’s 9-8 record belied the talent but a team of only 30 players perhaps explain the win/loss.

As frequently happens this season, the opponents were first to score, at 11:14. Justin Shockey decided to rectify the deficit; so, he won the F/O, sprinted toward the Maroon goal and scored @ 10:58.

The Bears’ talent is very deep at the midfield. The senior line of Ryan Pride, Will Oliver and T Halm would start for most DMV lax teams and will likely be major contributors at their colleges in the 2018 season. They had four scores against EHS to demonstrate their offensive prowess. The first tally set up by a Nate Buller pass out to T who buried a 8 yard shot past the Maroon Goalie (future UMass player) @10:12.

This Bear goal run was interrupted by a “High School” (very similar in pronunciation to the UVa “University” appellation) goal at 6:32 on an Extra Man Offense play.

The Bears had a run to close the first period:

Goal by           Assist by                 Time                Notes

Zach Johnson  Gilbert Sentimore    2:27

T                           Joey Epstein            1:49                 “T for two?”

John Geppert     Joey                         0:40

T                             Joey                        0:04

The short intervals between these goals are evidence that the Lord of FOGO Island was dominating, as usual.












EHS was first to score in this segment, too, with goal #3 at 9:07.

The Maroon coaches changed tactics around this time and tried double polling the Brown jerseyed middies. The premise of this strategy was to assign quick, athletic EHS short sticks who would deny the ball to the Bear attackmen. The next four goals suggest that this did not work:

Goal by           Assist by                 Time        Notes

Joey E              —-                           7:19         stick magic

Will Oliver        Joey E                      4:55

Joey E              —-                           1:12         “ridiculous dodge”

Zach                —-                           0:57         bull dodge

As the times of the goals indicate (few seconds expired between the clock stopped for the prior tally), this game was being played at Eastern Shockey Time (there was no daylight at this X).


The third quarter saw Landon dominate; here were the separating goals:

Goal by           Assist by                 Time        Notes

Zach                Nate                         10:01       against a zone; step down,#4 blast

Joey                 Gilbert                      8:39

Nate                 —-                           7:39         sweep

Jace Menendez —                          5:12         sweep

At this point, the Coaches released the Bear reserves. This is not just a matter of time equity, but reflects the Landon coaching philosophy—running up scores teaches little; increasing the experience of the players is an investment in the future; the dividends of this time on the field will be gained in the future. The defense, midfield and attackmen (#s11,14,17,18,22,24,25,

27,31,32,35,36,39,41, 43, 45, 46) all played significant minutes for the remainder of the EHS game.

The Maroon scored twice in the waning minutes of this penultimate period, including the only goal by Recruiting Rundown’s #1 2018 recruit.



The home team got two goals, one at 7:57 and the 2nd at 6:24 (EMO), these by one of the EHS recruits who registered a hat trick.

The preview of the future occurred @4:19 when Will Carlson passed across the crease Charles Nagle for a dunk shot.




{in order of jersey #}

Joey Epstein

Ryan Pride

Will Carlson

Will Oliver

Miles Tonkel


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