• Baseball rebound from losses with wins over St. Paul’s and then DCIAA perennial champ Wilson
  • Golfers’ dominate IAC tournament; all 5 scoring golfers earn All IAC
  • Lacrosse is 16-0; Lord of FOGO gets some press
    • Two Bear Trax exceling at the X
  • Rugby tests it development against GP
  • Tennis is 8-0;
  • HYDRATION information from McCormick & Danish [MUST READ for parents]
  • Bear Diamond Trax—players contributing
  • Another college Rugby player found

Inside the White Rocks


















  • Spring Sports


  • Baseball (15-7-2)


The baseball team rebounded from two tough losses to St Albans by sweeping a doubleheader on Saturday.  The Bears defeated St. Paul’s School, 8-3, in the first game and then finished off Wilson High School, 3-2, in the second game.


In the first game, sophomore pitchers Jed Rosenberg and Jake Davidson kept St. Paul’s under control while the Bears piled up the runs to lead the team to victory.  Senior co-captain Randy Bednar lofted a soaring home run to left (his second homer of the week), sophomore Dane Camphausen doubled off of the fence and sophomore Will Barufka contributed three hits to pace the offense.


In the second game, the Bears walked off Wilson with Barufka’s sacrifice fly scoring senior Mike Dziak, who had walked to lead off the inning.  Pitchers Zach Werhan (junior), Xander DeNovio (junior), and senior Louie Eisen held Wilson, which has won 20 DC public school titles in a row, to two runs through seven innings.


Entering the last week of conference play, the Bears are 4-4 in the IAC, sharing second place with St Albans.  Landon lost twice to St Albans last week, with both Bulldog victories coming on late-inning rallies.  With two wins this week and a loss by St Albans, Landon would take second place an earn a bye in the first round of the IAC playoffs.  The Bears host Episcopal on Tuesday at 4:30 on senior day, then travel to Alexandria for the re-match on Thursday.


  • Golf (7-2) Coach Duquette


Congratulations I.A.C. Champions.   It was one of the most difficult days to play golf, steady rain and windy on a Championship course with heavy rough.  Evan Katz’s round of one under par 71 may have been the best round I have ever seen in those conditions.  Having John Kalavritinos back in his first match of the season because of back injuries was a huge bonus for us, he shot an amazing 74 with little or no practice for four weeks. Jeff Samit, West Shaw and Cole Gibson never gave up and allow Landon to easily beat Georgetown Prep by 15 strokes.   All five of Landon’s golfer made All I.A.C. I am so proud of what you did today.”










  • Lacrosse

Bears are 16-0. The schedule does not seem to gear down in terms of quality opponents and the competition arrives ready to upset the Bears.  They beat Saint Albans 12-5, Robinson 15-9 and Georgetown Prep 13-7

The Lord of FOGO land got some press; first, from the Faceoff Academy of the MLL,  USAToday in its ALL USA Watch. and then IL’s Christian Swezey.

Several polls have ranked Landon very high . Google it; little credence to a list which compares teams with few or no common opponents.


Like Justin, the Bear college Xmen are doing well (IL McEwan Index):


Player           Team         Wins Total  Win % Rating

20    Jason Murphy Virginia   137   248   55.24% 1593


22    Jarett Witzal    Bucknell  130   237  54.85% 1590


  • Rugby (Coach Oberg from FB)

“Every game we learn more about our strengths and weaknesses. Today we lost 30-5 against Georgetown Prep’s Division 1 A side, the first time we have played their first team in quite awhile…we controlled the first 15 minutes but got no points out of it…then Prep gained momentum and took a 17-5 lead into halftime…the second half was hard fought but again we could not convert when we got deep in their half..proud of the effort from the guys at the game today against a strong opponent…we are getting closer to our goal of 15 teammates playing as one but have more work to do


  • Tennis

Bear are now 8-0 by blanking Prep and Maret 7-0 .


  • Track (Coach Hunt)


The Bears are blessed to have two full time trainers and the boys/parents clearly appreciate the care which they get from these gentlemen. They are a wealth of knowledge and welcome questions.











Kids are playing sports more than ever before and studies have shown that maintaining proper levels of hydration are a key element in helping athletes perform at their best. Hydrating properly has many benefits in addition to helping athletes perform at their peak. These include sleeping better, recovering faster from fatigue and retaining short/long term information more efficiently. It also may ward of illness and allergies while limiting the length and severity of any symptoms while sick. Hydration also plays a role in other bodily functions such as maintaining or boosting proper energy levels, helping control acne, increasing metabolism, and stimulating muscle growth.


Then why are so many people significantly dehydrated?!


A majority of people normally associate drinking water with being thirsty as opposed to maintaining proper health. In addition, many athletes drink water only close to their game or practice time instead of throughout the day. Understanding and not underestimating the benefits of proper hydration is the key to eliminating dehydration in the general population and athletes.


Hydration Facts


A loss of just one to two percent of body weight can negatively impact performance both mentally and physically while a loss of three percent or more can lead to dehydration, cramping, heat illness and injury. If you are a salt sweater, think yellow stains under your arms, you are significantly more likely to cramp and dehydrate faster.     



The National Athletic Trainers Association recommends drinking 16 oz of water 2 hours before physical activity, 8-16 oz of water 15 minutes prior, 4-8 oz during activity for every 15-20 minutes of play, 16-20 oz after activity for every pound lost during activity. The general recommendation is for 8 servings of 8 ounces of water a day, not taking into account physical activity. There is no significant research to support this so instead you should always have a full water bottle with you and aim to drink continuously throughout the day.


How much water is too much?










There is no rule for this but be aware that, like everything, you can ingest too much water and it can negatively affect performance. Don’t forget that water is in pretty much everything we consume and that helps keep us hydrated. So the more fruits and vegetables you eat, the better your daily water intake.
How can you tell if you are hydrated?
The best way is to pay attention to the amount that you use the bathroom and the color of your urine. The color should be light, similar to lemonade and or clear. In general the lighter the color and the more frequent you use the bathroom the better.  
What about Gatorade?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                     Gatorade and all other sports drinks claim to replace electrolytes that you lose when you sweat but for most people, water provides the best rehydration solution without the sugar. If you normally cramp and plan on working out for more than an hour, an 8 oz. sports drink, watered down, can be useful.
·         If you have any questions or would like to discuss this or anything in more detail feel free to email or call us at any time.
Mike McCormick and Cameron Danish
Landon School Sports Medicine
          Mr. Mike McCormick    Mr. Cameron Danish (WORDPRESS drives me crazy)
Both of these gentlemen have Masters degrees and participate in continuing education on sports injuries.
Spring Sports
Diamond TraxMatthew Brady, (2016) Carleton College Knights (9-21) is batting 1.000 (one AB) and 0.00 ERA (two appearances)
Patrick Lightner, (2016) Marist College Red Foxes (19-18) 21 GP 18 GS; .215 at the plate with 2 runs, 5 RBI; .978 fielding
Sean P. O’Brien (2014), Macalester College Scots (21-13) pitcher, 8.0 innings pitched
Spencer Abraham (2015) , Claremont McKenna College Stags (16-19)  4 GP 4 GS , .255 BA
Golf Trax
Mike Blasey, (2015), Davidson College team is at the A-10 Championships.
Bear Track Trax    Jordan Marshall (2014), Davidson Wildcats          Rugby
Nick Blasey (2016) is a scrum half for Dartmouth.  Dartmouth is at the CHRIS MUNN SEVENS
Jack Sears (2013)  Colby
 Ben Goodfriend Washington University in St. Louis!








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