Landon Lacrosse 13 Geo Prep 7









A sign said, “Prep don’t matter”. That competitive bravado was contradicted by the following facts

  • every Bear student was wearing an Orange T shirt,
  • a Lax Streaming TV team was there,
  • reporters from several print media were about,
  • the Bear stands were filled,
  • the Hoya stands had some fans; granted they were vociferous; had good memories about past victories; but their voices diminished over time,
  • the WaPo #4 team’s season would be made by a victory over their undefeated national #1 rivals, and
  • the Bear brothers rushed the field from Victory Bell Hill.


Coach Urick was quoted by the WaPo as noting “But, our defense, man…Our defense is a wall.” Indeed, his team held opponents to an average of less than 10 goals a game. By halftime, Landon added to that average. The Bears’ success was the result of exceptional spacing, passing, movement and shooting. The Landon D was able to restrain the GP offense.

The FOGO machine (Justin Shockey [19/21 for the game] plus his superb GB wings) beat the GP X-man cleanly and got the ball to Joey Epstein who buried his 1st shot @ 11:54 (i.e. 0:06 from the whistle). The faceoff was won again and the Bears possessed the ball long enough to establish that the Hoyas would try the zone. The home team spun the ball and it arrived in the stick of Zach Johnson, who shot into the chest of the visitor’s goalie and a rebound ensued. The shooter came up with the spheroid and propelled it into the back of the net @10:32.

Possession returned to the Bears O Zone. This time Gilbert Sentimore saw that John Geppert was in a scoring position, delivered the ball to #7 and the middie made a quick deposit in the opponents’ nets @ 8:25. Having demonstrated their ability to shoot from the perimeter forced the visitors to a man-to-man D. That suited John whose wing sweep resulted in Goal #4 @ 5:83.

The GP team scored at 4:14, but Garrett Kurtz moved the scoring spheroid to Gilbert who tallied @ 3:30.


Landon maintained its pressure on GP. @11:06 Joey E fed Gilbert, goal # ½ dozen. The Prep defender arrived at bit late after Gilbert’s shot and was assigned to the penalty box for 0:60. The EMO team converted Joey E to John @10:17. The feed from behind from Joey to Nate Buller @ 9:25 was the line for goal #8. The favor was returned as Nate passed to Joey E @ 7:05. This was the end of a Bear fastbreak.

The Hoyas continued to fight with goals at 4:50 and 0:35.4.


The 2nd half was started by a brilliant no look pass from Joey E to John @ 10:55. The next Bear goal was a Gilbert to Nate orchestrated goal. The Hoyas recorded their only goal (#3) during period 3 at 5:02.


One of the Landon rites of passage is to get playing time against the rival Prep and most of the healthy Bears received playing time during the last stanza. The visitors scored at 11:09, but Joey E put the score out of range with consecutive dodge goals @ 9:50 and then @7:07.

Shane Corcoran, who has made some good stops earlier (9 saves for the game), was forced to make several point-blank shots. If the Bear netminder was not a wall against these attempts, the visitors may have gained some momentum.  

As the clock rolled to the completion of 48 minutes, the visitors registered the last two goals at 1:21 and at 1:05.



Joey Epstein

Gilbert Sentimore

Shane Corcoran

Andrew Fowler

John Geppert

Beat Gonzaga


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