Landon Lacrosse 16 SSSA 11

The Saints and Bears have had a serious rivalry; yea, Bullis and Prep are always marked on the schools’ respective calendars to focus attention for those games. SSSA, however, has played Landon exceptionally well for the last four or more years. A complete addition of the scores over those 7-8 games puts the totals about +/- 1 goal. AD David Holm’s previous school (AD and lacrosse coach) has an impressive inventory or recruits (per – Denver, Dartmouth, JHU, Lafayette, Michigan, Penn State, St. Joe’s, Middlebury, Dennison, Drexel and Mary Washington. Sounds very similar to the list of colleges to which Bears will matriculate. According to one source, the SSSA FOGO was winning at X at a very high rate.

In the past, the Alexandria team has demonstrated a capacity to control the ball and pace of the game. On Friday, the new Saints’ coach replicated the discipline of his predecessor. In spite of Justin Shockey’s usual control of X (21/29 for the game against the visitors’ 90% f/o player), Bear turnovers after the play at X led to SSSA’s controlling of the ball. The Alexandria team put up the 1st two scores, at 9:08 and 7:20.

Then Justin won the F/O and did not GO; he took his prize possession and deposited it behind the Red goalie @7:02. Another win at X resulted in the ball being in Ryan Pride’s crosse and he passed it to Gilbert Sentimore whose position in the crease, well earned, was used to beat the SSSA netminder @ 6:30.


The visitors gained an advantage of two quick goals, at 10:46 and then 7:37. The historic SSSA strategy seemed to be working again. The Bears reversed that pattern.

Zach Johnson bulled his way to the Saints’ crease and scored @ 6:57. The L FOGO won again and the ball moved to the stick of Joey Epstein, who demonstrated his quickness from behind goal and scored @6:37. About a minute later (@ 5:41), John Geppert exploded through the midfield and scored. The Bear offensive campaign continued, this time Ryan Pride had the ball and his movement forced a SSSA slide. That response and a good cut by Gilbert created an opening on the Saints crease- Goal #6 for Bears 3:23.

The tenacious opponents tied the score with two successive goals at 1:14 and then 0:40.4


The Saints’ run continued with another goal at 9:52 of period three.

That run was overwhelmed by the Bears’ onslaught—4 goals in less than two minutes. First, Joey beat his defender (who must be pleased that in college, he and #1 will be on the same JHU team) and as he stood at GLE close, made multiple fakes for a tally @8:03. Another win at the X resulted in the play moving to Zach who found the elusive Gilbert free on the crease @ 7:32. @6:58 Joey deceived his opponent and beat the Saint netminder @6:58. Forty-three seconds later (@6:15)(another quick repossession by Justin). Joey had the ball behind goal, made a masterful pass out the Sweet T Holm who buried the ball @6:15.

The visitors did not concede the game and upped their total to 8 at 5:00.

The Bears restored their advantage with a fast break moving the ball to Nate Buller who got the ball to Joey for Bears goal #11 @4:13. Joey returned the assist favor with a brilliant feed to Gilbert @ 3:32.

SSSA earned its ninth at 0:14.3.

Less than 0:05 later, Justin again showed another of his X tricks, sprinted down the field and scored @0:09.3



Gilbert nailed his 4th goal off of an assist from Joey 9:07. The Saints decided to shift defenses to try to stop the Bears’ scoring string. A pass from Zach to Nate was converted for a 10 yard goal @7:16.

The Landon reserves played all positions for the last 5 minutes and the visitors got two goals at 5:47 and then 3:42.




Joey Epstein 4 goals 4 assists

Gilbert Sentimore 5 goals

Zach Johnson 1 goal and nearly flawless footwork against the top SSSA middies

Justin Shockey 21/29 at FOGO, 2 goals and 11 GBs

Drew Wellington 3 CTs, 2 OMCs and several GBs

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