Landon Lacrosse 11 Severn 5

Landon and Severn have a link; the headmaster of the Severna Park coed school has a headmaster who once was a Landon teacher and currently is one of the Bears’ Board of Directors. Although Doug Lagarde wore his Admirals gear, his advice to his former school has contributed to the excellence of the Bethesda school.

On a more lax-relevant plane, the Admirals came to the field with a 7-0 record, an average of 18.4 goals scored and a victory against a common opponent (McCallie lost to Severn 8-16 and to the Bears 9-17). The home team sported a roster of 10+ recruits going to schools like Maryland, Penn, Harvard. Navy, Lehigh, Furman, Boston U and Rhodes. It was important enough of a game that a reporter from Baltimore Sun was in attendance.

The measurement of offensive play is easily recorded in shots, goals and assists, but on the other end of the field, the play of the defenders are not as readily noted as the O zone. Yes, Saves, Ground Balls and Caused Turnovers merit notation in the scorebook, but the effectiveness of the Defensive Unit is not something susceptible to little notations on the page.

Against the Admirals, the quality of the Bears frustration of the home team was evident in the rotation of the poles; the leverage of a middie pushing against the hip of the opponent; and communications among all D—Shane Corcoran (6 saves in 3+ quarters) and Paul Kern (4 at the end of the game) as G, Poles(in numerical order) – Andrew Fowler, Cam James, Carter Johnson, Brendon Gallagher, Drew Wellington, Mo Sillah, Doug Chirite and  Alex Hagerup; SSDM Greg Strabo; and all of the two way middies. This cohesive unit stifled the Admirals potent offense and shut them out for the 1st 17 minutes and later for a 23 minute segment. The Admirals scored 13 fewer goals than their previous games.


In the previous Bear games, Landon was able to control possession because Justin Shockey (today 7 of 13 at the X) delivered the ball by such a high percentage of wins at the X. Today, Fogo Island was not as dominant on face-offs and the visitors answered the critique of chat rooms- the boys were able to win without that X advantage.

Those sitting at the midfield table were orally noting the action with a series of shot—goal statements with few oral comments of shot– wide

The rhythm of the game was reminiscent of the lyric of Lin-Manuel Miranda from the musical HAMILTON:

I am not throwing away my shot

I am not throwing away my shot

Hey yo, I’m just like my country

I’m young, scrappy, and hungry

And I’m not throwing away my shot I’mma get scholarship to ___ College

I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish

The problem is I got a lot of brains, but no polish I gotta holler just to be heard

With every word I drop knowledge

I’m a diamond in the rough, a shiny piece of coal

Tryin’ to reach my goal,

my power of speech: unimpeachable

Only nineteen, but my mind is older

These ____ streets getting colder, I shoulder

Ev’ry burden, ev’ry disadvantage

The point is that there were very few Landon shots that were missed.

The bravado is part of the Broadway score, but is not indicative of any Bear behavior.

Here is the sequence over the first twenty minutes:


Goal scored by           Assist                 Time          Notes                 

Joey Epstein                —-                        11:30          dodge from behind

John Geppert               Joey                    9:30            EMO

Nate Buller                    Will Oliver            7:48            Sweep

Joey                              —–                       6:46            dodge from other side

END OF 1ST Q     BEARS 4             ADMIRALS 0

Joey                              —-                        10:31          dodge

Gilbert Sentimore         —-                        8:21            shot/rebound/shot-goal

The Admirals got two goals at 7:34 and then 2:17

HALFTIME         BEARS 6            ADMIRALS 2

The second Admiral drought extended from the score with 2 remaining in the 3rd to a goal by the home team with 3:23 remaining in the 4th Q.

The scoring in the two remaining periods was as follows:

Goal scored by           Assist                 Time          Notes                 

Joey                              Drew Wellington 11:32          the pole led the fast break

Joey                                        Gilbert                       6:28                Bear ride→ broken clear→goal

END OF 3RD Q              BEARS 8   ADMIRALS  2

Joey                              —-                        11:44

Will Oliver                     —-                        10:49          sweep

Nate                              —-                        6:26


Much of this last period, there were major substitutions by the Bears and the Admirals added three goals at 2:33, 1:52 and 0:07.6. The goal differential might have been further reduced, but Shane and then Paul each stopped 4 point blank shots








FRIDAY 4/07 SSSA (5-2) HOME @ 4:30PM


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