Landon Lacrosse 17 McCallie 9

On its annual trip north, the McCallie School Blue Tornado came to Landon to gauge their program’s growth with a contest with the Bears. The traditional Tennessee powerhouse is ranked #10 in the Southeast, is undefeated and has a roster which includes highly recruited players headed to Drexel, Hofstra and Princeton. While the Bears’ team includes played from DC, MD, VA and OR, the visitors count most of the Southeast states as homes for their boarding students. The 2017 season began with a13-3 win over the state’s lax champs for the last few years.

Triplett Field at Bordley Stadium looked like one of the bowls at Wisp Ski in mid-January. The field held a nice 4” blanket of snow over the 6,600 square yards and the stands contained enough frozen H20 to make a good sized Buckminster Fuller geodesic dome. The Landon maintenance team attacked those obstructions to play on the field and observation from the benches with a furry. Both the surface and the sitting areas were perfectly prepared for their intended purposes on March 17.

Those expectations translated to a very nice goal by one of their athletic middies who hit the lower corner of the home goal at 7:43 from about 12 yards.


The Lord of Fogo Island took over at X and through Justin Shockey, Landon controlled the ball. Successive possessions resulted in the following sequence:


­Goal                    Assist                 Time

Buller                   ——-                    5:50

Oliver                   Geppert               5:30

Buller                   Epstein                5:11

Buller                   ——                      3:20

This string was interrupted when Justin was called for a violation and the Blue Tornado scored at 2:45.

The Landon O again attacked the McCallie cage:

­Goal                    Assist                 Time

Shockey    ——-                    2:37 off a fastbreak  F/O win (thus not a FOGO)

Buller          ——-                     1:30


END OF 1ST Q              BEARS 6            BLUE TORNADO 2

The McCallie Coach reinvigorated his team at the break and his team scored at 11:20. That attack inspired a series of Landon goals:


­Goal                    Assist                 Time

Epstein                Buller                   10:15

Halm                    Epstein                9:57

Sentimore           Shockey              9:20

Schwarz              Sentimore           8:53

Camalier             ——                      3:29 (season shooting = 100%)

Epstein                ——                      1:03


The Blue Tornado answered with its 4th goal at 0:26.0

HALFTIME                   BEARS 12          BLUE TORNADO 4

During the 3rd Quarter, Joey Epstein earned a goal unassisted @ 10:00 and soon thereafter (@7:55) he fed the ball to Will “OMC” Powell for the team’s 14th goal.

The future Bear talent flooded the field for the remainder of the match. The youngsters were particularly effective against the athletic McCallie team’s O. The Bear D shut out the visitors from 11:20 of period #2 until 1:39 of the penultimate period.

END OF 3RD Q    BEARS 12          BLUE TORNADO 5

During the last period, Miles Tonkel fed Gilbert Sentimore @ 9:11 for goal 15 and then Thomas Halm assisted on a goal by OMC @ 7:42.


The visitors incited their own offensive run with goals at 5:30,3:40, 2:43 and 2:19.

To bring an end to the battle between the Free State and the Volunteer State, Colby Camalier found Charles Nagel for the last goal @ 0:59.






This was a team win; so, the list is long (in numerical order):

Joey Epstein

Nate Buller

Justin Shockey

Cam James

Drew P. Wellington[1]


[1] Middle initials are not usually used in Bear Sports News; can anyone guess why the Pea?

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