• Wrestling loses a close one to GP and then wins a triangle meet it hosted

o   Brendon Gallagher reaches victory #100

  • Hockey and Hoops hit ice patches
  • Randy Bednar gets strong baseball review
  • Coach Bordley is featured speaker at US Lacrosse’s Convention
  • Sam Anas scores thrilling game tying goal with 0:05 remaining











 Winter Sports

·        Basketball  (6-10) lost to Bullis 49-58 with Julian Larosiliere 11 points against Prep (37-50) Antonio Cockrell’s 14 pts led the Bears. Against Sidwell Friends (54-66) Donnell Frayer hit three 2’s, three 3’s and 2 FTs.

It was an exciting atmosphere in the Perkins gym tonight.  Thank you for those who came to watch.


Eli Harrison ’20 had a superb and moving trumpet performance of the national anthem to set an inspiring tone for this meet












The Bears wrestled well and the young team made a statement that we are here to stay.  Unfortunately, the team loss came down to a coin flip.  In an exciting match back and forth match, we lost 40-36.  Here is the play by play.

o   We lost the coin toss and had to present at 145 lbs.  We bumped Shoun Shi up to 145 to face Prep’s returning state champ.

o    At 152 & 160, Captains Brendon Gallagher and Mitchell Pan both pinned their opponents quickly to put the Bears ahead 12-6.

o   At 170, Jelani Machen faced their second best wrestler and lost a tough battle 4-0, making the score 12-9.

o   We now entered the toughest part of their line-up.  We got pinned at 182, 220, and 285, but Carter Johnson got a pin at 195 to help keep us in the match.  After the big boys were done, the score was 27-18… Prep.

o   At 106, Patrick Kielb did his job with a pin to bring us back closer 27-24 Prep.

o    At 113, Thomas Johnson saved us a team point by not getting pinned… making the score 32-24.  Here is where the coin flip got us again…

o   We had to present at 120 so we put Freshman sensation Lorenzo Lopez on the mat.  Prep was supposed to forfeit at 132, but they decided to forfeit to Lorenzo and bump their two wrestlers up to fill the forfeit.  This essentially won them the match.  Lorenzo earned his 6 to make the match 32-30 Prep.

o   Matt Amitay fought a tough battle and almost spoiled Prep’s plan, but lost 7-4.

o    At 132, Luc Schermer saved us another team point by not getting pinned, but it was too little too late.  The victory sealed the win for Prep.  The score was 40-30 going into the last match.

o    Freshman Marc Schermer ended the match on a positive note with a pin and the final score was 40-36.

We still have a chance to split the title if we can bounce back and beat the rest of the IAC teams and win the IAC tournament in two weeks at Landon.  The good news for the future is that Prep graduates 7 of their top wrestlers.


Another good day for the Bears!  Of the 42 varsity matches for the day, Landon lost only 4 varsity matches.  In our first match, we shut out IAC rival St. Stephens St. Agnes 71-0.  I think this is the first shut out of an IAC team since I have been a coach at Landon (22 years).  While they did have 5 forfeits, Lorenzo Lopez beat a returning IAC champ 9-1, and Mitchell Pan beat a solid Senior 8-2.  The match started at 285 where Terrance Bridgers won a major decision 13-2.  Others wins included decision by Matt Amitay (9-3) and Shoun Shi (6-4), and pins by Luc Schermer, Brendon Gallagher, Jerrold Johnson, and Jelani Machen.

In our second match, we beat St. James 57-18.  We had pins by Patrick Kielb, Lorenzo Lopez, Matt Amitay, Luc Schermer, Brendon Gallagher, and Mitchell PanTerrance Bridgers won a close one by the score of 5-3.  We also earned three forfeits: Thomas Johnson, T Halm and Carter Johnson. 

In our last match, Washington Latin only had 4 weights covered.  Matt Amitay, Luc Schermer, Marc Shermer, and Brendon Gallagher all earned pins for a total time on the mat of 2 minutes and 58 seconds.  The final score was 84-0.

Other notes: Jake Kowitz won two exhibition matches. The biggest news of the afternoon was Brendon Gallagher earned his 100th career victory.  The record, held by Mike Kelly ’08, is 117.  Brendon has the potential to break that record by the end of his Junior year!  Please check out the picture of this amazing moment.

 Brendon Gallagher won his 💯th High School win!












⇒   Editorial Comment

The Prep match and Brendon’s reaching of the century mark as a junior were reminders of the amount of effort and skill that these athletes and their coaches devote to this sport. The intensity of the matches is exceptional; no other sport has the degree of individual fierce competition against an opponent. The mental concentration, physical exertion and battle of strength is compelling. Position, balance, speed and an instinctive sensing of the opponent’s (and your) weakness make it dramatic sport. These Bears and their coaches merit the attendance of their brothers and alumni. It is exciting and fascinating to watch. Coach Katz and his fellow teachers/ coaches/ mentors are building a program of excellence










Randy Bednar (Landon School, Bethesda, Md.) stood out for his excellent bat speed and loose wrists at last summer’s East Coast Pro Showcase, but he had difficulty using his tools. Bednar threw well from the outfield and ran the 60-yard dash in 6.9 seconds.

At the time, Bednar’s swing featured a deep leg kick and an explosive stride out toward the pitcher, and he’d lose balance on his back side early. Bednar also started with a high-and-deep hand set, and he had trouble repeating his bat path as he lost balance and swung aggressively. Bednar went 0-for-9 at East Coast Pro, striking out six times (five times swinging). Of the four balls he put in play, three were on the ground.

Several weeks later, at the South Atlantic Border Battle in late September, Bednar’s tools were again on display. He showed pull power potential in batting practice and a tick above-average outfield arm. In his first game of the event, he still went 0-for-2, striking out once swinging and once looking.

A month after that, Bednar was playing for Team Citius in the WWBA Championships in Jupiter, Fla. Bednar performed well there, going 4-for-9 in the tournament. He held his own against Evoshield Canes pitcher Hagen Danner, hitting a sharp flyout and then tripling.

On Monday, Bednar showed off a new-look swing. He’s toned down the leg kick in his swing and tucked his hands a bit closer to his chest. In batting practice, his head stayed on plane as he maintained better balance, and he was able to avoid pulling off with his front side. Bednar again showed solid-average arm speed when throwing and ran well, this time running a 6.8 60.

Bednar, a Maryland commit, has an offense-dependent profile, as he’s likely to end up playing a corner outfield position at the next level. His natural bat speed and surprising power potential will likely always be his best assets. His adjustments are encouraging.





This could easily be included in Bear Trax since it involves Coach Bordley ‘66. He was invited to speak at #LaxCom, the US Lacrosse’s annual Convention devoted to education, development and promotion of the sport. It is the single largest event devoted to these subjects. After 35 years of growing Landon’s team and stimulating the high standards of HS lax play in the DMV.














He spoke during the afternoon session assisted by Ian Healy ‘00, Will McGettigan, Conor Cassidy’06 and JR Bordley ’00 of the current staff.















Sam Anas (L11), Iowa Wild (18-19-4-1), AHL, played in 36 games, 7G 6A. In a recent game with seconds from a defeat, Sam scored with his parents in the stands.














Patrick Giles (L18), US Men’s National Development team (13-17-0-1) 35 games 5G. 20A



Christian Meike (L 14), Michigan Wolverines, (8-10-1), D, in three games.

Connor Meike (L12) , Williams College Ephmen, (8-5-3), 1 GP

Jack Barton (L14), Skidmore Thoroughbreds (7-10-2) played in 17 games, 3 goals, 2 assists

Chris Javens (L13), Skidmore Thoroughbreds (7-10-2), played in 16 games, 0 Goals, 1 Assist 8 SOG, 1 BLK,



Alex Norwinski (L15), College Station Spirit (4-20-1-1) NA3HL, Defenseman played in all 26 games, 1 Goal, 5 assist,

Trevor Wolf (L15), College Station Spirit (4-20-1-1), Defenseman, 13 games played 2G 2A,


College Club

Orlando Arevalo (L13), MIT Engineers Club

Mike Anderson, (L12) Princeton Club

Jacob Ruttenberg (L’15), Tufts Club

Aditya Krishnan (L’16), University of Maryland club




Aaron Byrd (L15) Augusta Jaguars (15-3) averaging 18.2 minutes which is the 6th highest on the team, only the starters have more minutes.


Christian Webster (L09) Va Tech Hokies (14-4),


Assistant Coach Joe McDonald (L12) GWU Colonials, (10-9) Director of Player Development.



Darion Atkins (L11) Hapoel Unet Holon (12-7); 19 GP 29.8 minutes,#1 in game efficiency, 15.1 pts [#9 in League], 9.5 reb [#1 in league], 0.6 stl, 0.8 assists


Danny Rubin (L10), Bnei Herzliya (5-3) 28 GP, 15.6 min.  4.8 pts, 1.9 reb., 0.9 assist, 0.8 steals


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