GP 4 Landon Hockey 2

Last Friday Landon beat the DM Stags 3-2, but today it appeared that the Bears had

a case of paraskevidekatriaphobia, or maybe the Hockey Gods who smiled on the team

last Friday decided to reverse the team’s fortunes








or perhaps the confidant home team did not skate with the level of energy to beat a good GP team (5-6-1 with wins over Whitman and Wootton).

Finally, there is a term in aviation called “blue ice”; while the parallel in hockey is not precise, the blue ice around the Landon crease smelled

similarly to its airplane homonym.

The Little Hoyas started the game with tremendous energy and physicality. The effort converted into a 2-0 advantage at the end of the 1st period.

Both goals were on rebound and one benefitted from a GP power play. Ty Morton made 11 saves and Landon had 5 SoGs.

Landon started the second 15 minute segment with a lot more aggressive play, better passing and improved D. The result was a Cole Gibson

to Nico Kenary score @ 12:03. A scrum in the Landon crease allowed GP to put the puck past the Bears’ goalie, who was buried under at least

one opponent. Ty (17 saves over 23:00) was helped off the ice by Mike McCormick as a result of that contact. Max Weinstein came in and made

5 saves in the remainder of the period.  Landon had 11 SoGs for the middle stanza.

After the ice received a Zamboni resurfacing, the two teams came out to play. In the first 1/3 of the 3rd period, Landon narrowed the margin to one goal.

Owen Concannon fed Joey Graham for a Bear goal @ 10:21. Soon thereafter the Little Hoyas challenged the Freshman Goalie who flashed his glove

to deny the visitors’ high shot. Penalties were called frequently for much of the remainder of the game; the Hoyas, at every opportunity, threw the puck down

the length of the ice. Sometimes the tactic was called icing and a fresh set of GP skaters were brought on. Others were skillfully sent down the rink requiring

the Bears to work their way back up the 200’ to the GP goal.

Late in the game, Coach Farnstrom traded his goalie for a 6th skater. Unfortunately, Prep scored an EN at 0:58.

Max had 7 saves and his Bear O teammates put 10 SoGs.

This is a young Landon hockey team and it is said that losses create teaching opportunities.

Next week SSSA  (4-1-0) on Wednesday and #2 Gonzaga (12-5-0) on Inaugural Day (1/20) both games home

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