The Bears looked sharp after a bye week, scoring 42 points on 374 yards total offense, holding the Saints of Alexandria to 4 first downs and putting all of the kick-offs into the end zone (except one pooch kick which was recovered by the home team). Saint Stephen’s Saint Agnes entered the game 3-2, but with a 3-42 loss to the undefeated Episcopal High School.

Landon received the opening Saints kick and used the first series to work off the rust. A 62 yard punt by Aaron Broner pinned SSSA deep back into their own territory. The Bear D resumed its aggressive play, last seen by the BCC Barons and forced the visitors to punt after 3 downs.

Starting on their own 30, the Bears moved with alacrity down the field—eight successful running plays with John Geppert carrying the ball over the last 11 yards for a TD @ 4:57. The Broner PAT was good (the kick would have been good if it was a 40 yard FG attempt. BEARS 7 SAINTS 0

The visitors took the ball on their own 20 (#3’s kick off went through the end zone). Joey Epstein and Zayd Delane introduced themselves to the SSSA QB as they tackled him for a loss. Another 3-and-out for the Saints.

Landon started a drive, but a fumble returned the ball to the visitors as the 1st Q ended.


SSSA got some positive yards, but Mr. Epstein and his buddy Jalen Williams recorded a 2nd TFL on 3rd down. The punt moved the possession back to the Bears. The home team misfired on offense and punted back to the Saints. Four minutes into the 2nd Q, the visitors earned the 1st 1st down, however, two plays later SSSA had to kick again.

The Bears moved from their own 38 to the opponents’ 30 yard line. A BIG CHUNK of that advance occurred when John Geppert threw the ball and a tall Saint knocked the spheroid down; John caught his own pass and that surprising event caused confusion among the Saints. He gained 20 yards (pass, pass reception and 20 yard passing gain; NO, the rule book indicates that it should be recorded as a 20 yard run.) After that bizarre play, Landon returned the ball to the visitors.

Two plays later, Mo Sillah recovered a fumble. The 40 yards between where the Bears started and the goal line were covered in 1:31. Runs by #8 and Jelani Machen, plus two Geppert passes—one to Jalen Williams (+9) and one to Jack Porter (+18)(back from his injury) – brought the ball across the SSSA goal line.  John’s 12 yard run @0:05.1 brought the score to 13 and Aaron’s PAT made it BEARS 14 SAINTS 0

Not surprisingly the Saints started at their 20 yard (the Broner kick went into the end zone) and the SSSA QB took a knee.



At the beginning of the 3rd Q, the Saints started at their 20 yard (the Broner kick went into the end zone). SSSA completed two passes to get another 1st down, but a devastating Bear D hit (sorry, missed the #) caused the ball to fumble and the home team recover it.

Forty-six yards were consumed in 3 plays with a 41 yard strike from John G to Bryce Baylor @9:30. PAT good; BEARS 21 SAINTS 0

The Saints did not give up and unleashed some new players who ran effectively for a total of 30 yards. It set up a 4th down and 10 situation; the SSSA tight end (6’7”?) was thrown an “alley oop” pass, but the hops of Jalen Williams knocked it down.

Freshman QB Tejon Ford took over the offense and moved the ball (Bryce Baylor, Joey and John G) 50 yards in 6 plays ending with a John G pass to Chazz Harley 5 yard TD 3:45. PAT good BEARS 28 SAINTS 0

The visitors needed point and again tried a 4th down play unsuccessfully. Three Bears plays brought the clock to the last Q.


The first three plays of this 4th stanza saw Jelani Machen score from 20 yards out @10:39 PAT good BEARS 35 SAINTS 0

(Under IAC rules, the clock does not stop with a 35 point margin)

Aaron Broner did not kick the ball through the end zone, but successfully executed a pooch kick. The ball goes inordinately high and lands 20-30 yards down the field. It fell within a group of SSSA players who were not expecting it and before any of the visitors picked up the free ball was covered by the swift Tejon Ford. Younger Bears went on the field (too many numbers to record). The offense stayed on the ground and the ball was handed to Archie Russ who burst through the line for the final 7 yards for a TD. PAT good BEARS 42 SAINTS 0

Mr. End Zone booted the kickoff into his special area. Two plays later, the clock read 0:00.





Rusher                carries        yards                   TD

Geppert               11               98               2

Baylor                  6                 88               1

Machen               9                 49               1

Delane                5                 22

Russ                    1                 7                 1

Epstein                2                 6

Anglin                  2                 6

Davidson            2                 0

Howe                   2                 -1

Ford                     2                 -2

41               273             5



Passer                 attempts    catches      yards                   TD

Geppert              10               6                 101             2

Receiver             catches               yards                   TD

Porter                  2                           18

Baylor                  1                           41               1

Baldwin               1                           18

Harley                  1                           15               1

Williams               1                           9



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