–by Jon Greene

The Big Red of The Lawrenceville School NJ – and they are Big, traveled to Landon Bear country Saturday. The NJ perennial good team is probably the biggest and most physical team the Bears have faced or will face this season.

The Big Red also drew first blood with a goal at the 12:30 mark of Q1.

The 1st qtr. had about an equal share of turnovers and missed opportunities. The Bears did, though, manage to take several shots on goal that just missed the mark.

The Bears then got into their rhythm with Nate Buller back in the line up and Joey Epstein found the back of the net with an excellent feed from Griffin Brown at 2:47. With 14 seconds left Drennan Greene found the corner of the goal with a nice pass from Colin O’Brien to end the first stanza.

Landon Lax 3 – The Big Red 1

The Landon D proved they were not intimidated by the oversized Big Red and forced numerous turnovers. Ground balls were a factor as well as Landon seemed to find the home turf working for them and doing a good job of capturing the majority of the sphere off the turf.

In transition from defense to offense, Ryan Pride dropped a nice shot in to make it a 4-1 game at 11:11 left in the second. Joey then dodges in position past his defender with free hands and fires his second goal of the day. Next Griffin B again finds the back of the net with a crisp assist from Ryan Pride opening a 5-1 lead. The Jersey boys responded with a goal at 0:27 and the half ends.

Landon Bears 5 – Big Red 2

The 3rd period started with a different Big Red defense adjustment. Not much help though as Landon adjusted as well. The Big Red tightened up the game with a goal at 8:14. Drennan responded by scampering around the goal from behind to beat his defender and goalie on a quick turn and deposited the ball into the opponents net at 4:43. Then the Bears picked up the scoring pace from there. At 1:31 Griffin B again beat his man and two other defenders for his 3rd goal at the 1:31 mark. Joey takes his turn and fires off a rip to the low corner with 16 seconds left. This was followed by the now familiar move of Justin Shockey taking the face off 5 seconds later and making a direct shot past the goalie at the 0:11second mark.

End of 3: Bears 11- Big Red 3

The 4th qtr. started with an assertive Big Red team. The sophisticated offense of the Bears though made it a bit tough for a comeback. Griffin B started the final quarter scoring with a rip past the goalie’s stick at 10:17. The Bears added one more by Drennan at the 9:27 mark. The Bears substituted with much of their up and coming younger talent finishing off the game in style despite two more goals by the Big Red in an attempt at a comeback.

Footnote: The first time three hat tricks in the same game by three players this season: Joey, Griffin and Drennan.

Another footnote: Sandy missed the game for a wedding; so this writer can only say thanks for this opportunity to rekindle my early career as a reporter. If I left something or someone out, which I am certain I did, let Sandy know and I apologize!

Final Landon Lax 11 – The Big Red 5

The entire Defense


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