Landon Lacrosse 16 St. Augustine 11

The Hermits (there is a long, interesting  story how this mascot came to be) are one of the premier New Jersey teams; for example, last season they were 15-5 with losses to Malvern Prep and IMG. The 2016 roster includes more than 10 college commits (including OSU, PSU, Michigan, Delaware, Fairfield and Vermont) Perhaps their most famous alumnus, Steve Pontrello, is a star attackman on the UNC team and his shooting prowess was inherited by some of the current Hermits.  The St. A’s team is big and physical; so the Bears were going to be challenged.

And the play was full of collisions. The early play was full of missed shots, turnovers and failed clears. The visitors got on the scoreboard first with a goal at 2:51. That awoke the home team.

Joey Epstein began what was going to be a busy day with a speed dodge, shot and goal @1:57.  Then a nice sweep by Griffin Brown and an exceptional pass to Joey posted the 2nd tally @ 0:12.4. But that was not all the tallies in this first quarter; Justin Shockey performed his trickery at X and the ball moved to OMC Will Powell, whose exceptional speed brought him within shooting range of the Hermits’ nets and OMC buried it @ 0:01.2.


Soon thereafter, Drennan Greene recognized that he was being covered by a short stick, called for the ball, drove and beat the SAPHS goalie @10:02.

The visitors recognized that they had lost all of the faceoffs so far and changed their approach to putting a long stick at X and hacking the ball away from any Bear who tried to possess it. That tactic worked for the next four face-offs and each resulted in Hermit goals (at 8:22, 7:07, 5:56 and 5:36). The South Jersey players and fans roared.

That run was interrupted by Joey’s goal @ 4:48. St. A’s responded with a goal at 3:53. Landon tied it back up with a drive by Griffin, which drew a slide and he found John Geppert, whose “sniper’s goal @ 2:00


The Bear coaches usually put this intermission to good use, adjusting schemes and reigniting the boys. It worked. Those, who remember Coach Gibbs at the height of his coaching career, might equate this teaching times as similarly effective.

The Hermits made changes to their D, but the Bears were able to change on the fly. Zach Johnson demonstrated how to beat the St. A’s zone with a long range shot, in the gap of the visiting D, hitting the cage @ 9:50.

Seventy seconds later, a Hermit scored at 8:31 (their first assisted goal).

The effectiveness of the midterm adjustment was shown in the next segment of the 3rd. Faceoffs were won and goals were entered into the scorebook. Movement by the Bears’ O forced the visitors to shift and leave Joey with time and space. The Goal @ 7:10 was assisted by Griffin. Next up was a sweet goal set up by a Joey pass and a Colin O’Brien goal @4:57. The success with the Bear long shots created a gap in the interior and that’s where the swift #2 shot.

Lighting struck again at X; a quick Justin F/O win resulted in a sprint by Will P and it took 0:03 for OMC to deposit the ball in the back of the St. A’s net @ 4:54. That script was followed once more—quick face-off win, ball to Joey and a pass to Colin –goal @ 4:02. A penalty (the first of the game) against the NJ team set up the dozenth score. A pass by Drennan spilt the Hermit sticks and found its way to Colin’s pocket. Then #2’s quick stick deposited the sphere behind the opposing netminder.


The first goal of this period was a visitors’ tally at 11:01

Counting from the last goal of the last period, Landon scored 5 consecutive EMO goals on 5 opportunities. Each play involved a different option off of the Bears’ offense for these situations:


Goal #                 Scored by           Assisted by                            @_

13                        Drennan              Ryan                             8:47

14                        Griffin                  John G.                         7:09

15                        Griffin                  Drennan                       5:02

16                        John G.               Drennan                       4:20

With a 16-8 lead, the Bordley Tradition is not to run up the score and use this time to test the depth of his bench. Many Bears played in these last four minutes. The Hermits were able to reduce the margin with scores at 3:34, 2:34 and 0:03.6.





It could have been many of the players [OMC, Griffin in particular], but the Attack worked with such precise execution (Swiss clock-like) that the awardees for  this game include

Joey Epstein

Colin O’Brien

Drennan Greene

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