Landon Hockey 8 Georgetown Prep 2









The Hockey Gods have made several declarations of TRUTH:


  • It is very, very difficult for one team to beat another team three consecutive times in one season;
  • It is well neigh impossible for one team to beat another team four consecutive times in one season; and
  • BEWARE a hot goalie.


The Bears demonstrated that the Hockey Gods’ truisms did not apply to their game against GP. The beat the 2015-2016 team from Rockville Pike 6-2, 5-0 and 9-1 in the Westchester Holiday Tournament and then the IAC regular season—

  • It is very, very difficult for one team to beat another team three consecutive times in one season;
  • It is well neigh impossible for one team to beat another team four consecutive times in one season.

The Hoyas beat a tough St. Albans team 5-1 and according to MAPHL, the reason why they upset the higher seeded Bulldogs was due to GP Goalie Will Boggs saved 23 of 24 shots he faced” in the 2nd round of the championship. Hot GP goalie arrives at Bears’ Den on Thursday night, but the home team beat the 3rd Hockey Divinity beliefs.

Coach Farnstrom and Captain Soraci prepared the Landon skaters; the Bears were ready and took 34 seconds to score—Cole Gibson connected with Patrick Giles @16:16. Cooling off hot goalie quickly!

The Prep coaching staff, in apparent recognition of the Landon talent, selected an unusual tactic—called cherry-picking in which GP stationed a player between the blue lines when the home team had the puck in its O zone. The Landon coaches countered with having one of their players shadow the cherry picker. The theory is by committing a player for a “quick strike”, the Hoyas might “steal” a goal. That strategy resulted in a 4 on 4 situation in the Landon O zone; objectively, having only 8 players in this area FAVORS the roster which has better skaters. Again a neutral observer would opine that the Bear players were far more skilled in their metal blades and their wooden (composite) blades. Tactic intended to disrupt, instead seemed to play to the Bears’ strength.

Another difficulty with this strategy was that the Bears D ( in # order—Stout, Blazer, Chipperfield, Peter Gilbert (for much of the last period), Jordan, Ben Gilbert) and their backstop Jack Concannon broke up passes, effectively body/stick checked and denied the opponents good looks at the Landon goal. For example, GP’s 1st SoG occurred after 10 minutes of the initial period. The forwards for home team were also able to defeat the visitors’ break out plays and held a significant advantage in controlling loose pucks.

A final element of the Landon success was the Hoyas’ tendency to try to throw their weight around, again not a plus when your opponents are exceptional skaters and passers. As a result, Landon converted three of its first five PP opportunities.

Back to the game timeline and an account of Landon goals #2 to #7 over two periods:


Period        time            goal#          scorer       assist(s)  comment

1                 9:32            2       Greene      Kenary,Gibson            PP

1                 4:54            3       Soraci        Cusick,P. Gilbert

1                 5:06            4       O. Concannon

Jordan                          PP

1                 3:44            5       B. Gilbert   P. Giles                       PP

1                 2:51            6       Soraci

2                 12:48         7       B. Gilbert   Jordan                PP


With the 7 goal margin, the referees invoked the running clock rule; so whenever the play was stopped, the clock continued to run. (The application of this “mercy” rule seemingly infuriated the GP fans, who complained about the  disappearing time.)

The Bear coaches were mindful of the MAPHL schedule which would have their players engaged in their third game in three days. Some of the stalwarts played minimal minutes for this last period. The depth of their roster was unleashed during the last 17 minutes. Two consecutive Hoya goals narrowed the margin, but Captain Mike added an 8th goal @ 8:00. Game over!!!

Final Score Bears 8 Hoyas 2


GONZAGA Friday night at the Laurel Ice Gardens @ 7:30—MAPHL championship game.


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