Landon Hockey 7 Archbishop Spaulding 4



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The Bears faced the Cavaliers earlier in the season and beat the Cavaliers 7-3.In this MAPHL tournament, the team from Severn came out loaded for Bear.


The ice had barely congealed when the AS team scored—0:30 had expired when a visitor got the puck at the medium high post and had an unobstructed shot for a goal at 17:30.


The game’s momentum kept on the visitors’ sticks when the referees (a total of four on the ice) called Landon for a penalty on one of our skaters.     Whatever advantage from the AS PP was quickly destroyed by Mike Soraci who stole the puck from a Cavalier D and skated the length of the ice FOR HIS FIRST (more to come) SHORT-HANDED GOAL @ 12:21.


The energy remained on the Bears’ side as Patrick Giles, soon thereafter, swooped in from the right side, skated through two AS defenders and literally stuffed the puck through the 5 hole for a goal @ 9:04.


The men in stripes decided that the home team should be penalized again. Playing 4 on 5 for a 2nd time in the first 17 minutes, Mike reminded all that he is an above average PKer; again he borrowed the puck and scored his SECOND S/H GOAL @ 4:52– yes, there’s more– this is not the last of the Captain’s exceptional goals in the game.


The four officials decided that another of the home players had violated the rules. This time, the Cavaliers used the advantage to score a PP goal at 2:55



(LSoGs 12; LSAVES 5)


During the next period, the SA goalie must have cast a spell on the Bear shooters— the exhortation “shoot at me” seemed to have worked its magic on the home teams. It must also be said that the Cavalier netminder played very, very well—he stopped 14 opponents’ shots. His teammates were denied access to Bear D zone and the visitors’ offense only put six on nets for this 17 minute segment. Unfortunately, one of the Cavaliers’ shots made it into the Bears’ goal.



(LSoGs 14/26; LSAVES 6/11)


The fans were pleased to have a Zamboni resurfacing between periods, but much of the intermission the buzzing in stands reflected a degree of their nervousness at the tie score after two periods.


The two competitors played a tight-checking game for most of the initial eight minutes of this last segment. The officials found fault with the Cavaliers and sent one of their number into the “sin bin” (sorry about the cliché, but with a school named after an Archbishop, the temptation overcame meJ). With the advantage, Assistant Captain Brian Jordan cranked up a shot from the point and guess who—Soraci tallied his hat trick—but wait, there’s more– @ 8:18.The plus one on the scoreboard (4-3) reduced the nerves in the stands, somewhat.


Greater relief came in a couple of minutes. This time, Patrick put a shot on goalie and Spencer Davis beat everyone to the loose spheroid and deposited it in the back of the AS net @4:07.


The officials signaled another penalty against the Bears and the AS coach decided that it was time to pull his goalie. The results of this strategy have been foreshadowed—right? You know what happened- the Captain earned his 4th goal, stealing the puck during an AS PP. In that there was no netminder, Mike’s goal was both an empty-netter and a S/H goal @ 2:12


Another Bear was escorted to the penalty box and AS used the advantage for a PP goal at 1:11.


The AS goalie was pulled during this advantage AND GUESS WHAT? Yes Mike scored his 5th goal, his 3rd S/H and his 2nd EN.


Having consulted hockey historians (Coaches Farnstrom and Weiss), it was agreed that there is no term for 5Gs, 3S/H and 2EN game. It was decided that it would be appropriate to designate this unique stat line as a SORACI. A short research exercise in an online Italian- English dictionary suggested that Soraci may be an Italian Portmanteau word combining “segnare”, which is the verb “to score” and “cinque” for “five” à Soraci.


That is not to suggest that this victory was a one player game. All 18 of the suited Bears played. In fact, the use of all of the forwards probably tired out the visitors and the impact of that depth was shown in the Bears’ control of the last period.



(LSoGs 15/41; L SAVES 11/22)



Tomorrow round 2 versus GP at Bears’ Den @ 4pm.






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