Landon 5 StA 2—IAC trophy #12

L IAC #11

High school hockey is a game of 51 minutes. Most of the Bears’ games for the 2015-2016 season have not pushed Landon for all three periods. The exceptions were the Gonzaga, MSJ and StA contests earlier this year. Yes the Bulldogs lost 2-4 in an earlier game, but the St. Albans team recently beat the Purple Eagles 2-1. It would make the season for the boys from the National Cathedral grounds. Their netminder has a 1.01 GAA and .954 save percentage. This IAC Championship portended to be a thriller. Coaches Farnstrom, Anas and Wiess brought home the 11th consecutive IAC hockey championship with a 5-2 victory.

One of the keys to this tradition of excellence is the leadership; this year there were eight seniors led by Captain Mike Soraci, Assistant Captain Brian Jordan and Assistant Captain Ben Gilbert . They have led this young squad throughout this 18-2 season. Drennan Greene , a future West Point Cadet, spoke to his Bear brothers before the StA game. Here is some of what #18 said to the team:



Today we may play a team that’s talented and has a good goalie. He’s a good goalie, so what? They’re feeling good from some wins they’ve had. Don’t get me wrong, they’re feeling great and confident. Today we end this. We respect them but we beat them. We have more passion and pride than any of our other competitors

Everyday I get up and think about how thankful I am that I get to play hockey and go to Landon. I have every supporter I need in this room to make each and every day successful. You, you guys make the difference. That difference meaning the long legacy that Landon Hockey has instilled over the years (Success, championships, passion, unity).

None of us individually can take down this team today. We play together until it’s over. I want everyone to put their arm on the guy next to him. That guy right there, he’s your brother. You have his back no matter what. Today we’re making a pact. By this end of this game, you’re agreeing that there wasn’t one more thing you could have done. That you pushed yourself to the absolute limit. That you didn’t quit and persevered for every single minute.


Boys I’m telling you, if we go all in with this, we’ll be singing Marky Marky and be happy as can be. No one is stopping us. Today we answer all questions. We are the best team in the IAC and the best team in the state. Today we put it all on the line. You have a little pain? Suck it up. We skate and play the entire game until the last whistle. Everyone here is about to have the best game they’ve had leading up to this point. Put your game face on. All in.


The perspective of watching these boys for as many as four years and of following the program for more seasons confirms that these well spoken words reflect the thoughts of the preceding captains and coaches. Drennan’ s use of the term “legacy” captured that sense of pride, tradition and most importantly determination.


The home team came on the ice with much energy and their classmates filled the stands physically and emotionally. The first seven minutes were controlled by Landon; the Bulldogs did not put a shot on goal until after the Bears scored. The strong skating of the White Sweaters forced a penalty against the visitors at 15:40. It took 0:13 to move the puck from Patrick Gilles to Brian Rogers and then Drennan who was positioned at a sharp angle to the StA goalie’s right and had a tough angle. His shot found the back of the net @ 10:27.

Landon was called for a penalty, but Patrick completed three 360° skates from the StA end to the L D zone and back killing important seconds on the Bull dog powerplay. That killed the powerplay, but with the 1st period clock expiring, StA scored at 0:19.1



(L SAVES 8, L SoGs 16)

The second section started off well—22 seconds into this period, a pass from Mike moved to Patrick who in turn found Brian who beat the highly regarded goalie @ 16:20.

Much to the credit of the Bulldogs, they showed the strength and stamina which obviously had powered their victory over Gonzaga. Much of this seventeen minute segment was spent in the L D Zone and Jack Concannon earned his “Hotlby” moniker by stopping 15 shots and eventually yielding a score to the opponents at 2:11.


(L SAVES 15/23, L SoGs 8/24)


The Rockville Ice Arena Zamboni’ed the ice between the periods and the rest/brilliant coaching during this intermission worked. The Bear D (Cullen Stout, Chase Blazer, Henry Chiperfield, Brian and Ben Gilbert plus all of the two way forwards [all of the Fs]) asserted their presence. They reversed the momentum of period #2.The StA 15 SoGs of the middle period were limited to 7 over this last 17 minutes.

The go ahead goal was scored @ 6:58 on a sweet pass from Ben and a conversion by the Argentinian Assassin Nico Kenary. Two minutes later the tall Messi on Ice completely deked an StA defender to create a breakaway and to score his second and team goal #4 @ 4:58. To create symmetry to this game, a long pass from Brian created a breakaway for Drennan for the final and fifth goal @ 1:58.

Great video of the closing seconds of the game and the celebration of the players with their Bear Brothers



(L SAVES 7/30, L SoGs 9/22)


Onto the MAPHL tournament next week; first game may be Tuesday.



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