Landon Hockey 9 GP 1

Hockey and baseball share a love of numbers; sabermetricians examine a multitude of data points to differentiate performances among the competitors. High school hockey unfortunately does not account all of numbers for the play on the ice. The score sheet, as its name implies, captures the G’s, SoG’s, A’s and Saves—primarily offensive measures. At this level, hits, blocked shots, takeaways, Time-of-Possession, Time-on-Ice, +s/-s and other important information are not typically registered. Still there are other details which are not gathered, but which coaches, scouts and other knowledgeable folks see and NOTE.

On January 13, at the Bears’ Den, Landon was technically the visitors, but they played with confidence and aggressiveness. The Bears repeatedly beat the Little Hoyas to the puck, jammed flying GP players against the boards—stripping the puck, head manned the puck and did all of the right things that are needed to win. While Captain Mike Soraci registered a goal, his play in those un-statistical moments matter so much. Very often, #6 will move the puck from the D-zone, beat one or two defenders into the Bear O-zone and then be met with 2-3 defenders. Not because he “hogged” the puck, but because when he gained possession, it was time for a line change. By driving deep into the other end of the rink, Coach Farnstrom can make substitutions and gain a tactical advantage with fresh legs. If Mike’s wings flanked him as he moved towards the other goalie, he might have notched a G.

In the GP match, Landon was assessed 4 consecutive penalties, providing GP with a 2 skater advantage for most of 5 minutes. In the midst of that massive powerplay, Mike controlled the puck in the GP zone for a significant chunk of that time. Speed, guile, stick-handling and tenacity denied the puck from the Little Hoyas’ opponents. While Mike occupied the opponents, his fellow Bears were able to keep their energy up during the GP PP. The other Landon skaters exhibited the same effort and the potentially game-changing assessment opportunity was denied.

The Bear hockey team was supported by a large contingent of the Landon brothers. Energy flowed from the stands and kept the visitors flying for all 51 minutes. They reveled in the team’s dominance.

Hayes Cusick showed his offensive skills as he skated past two GP defense persons and charged the opposing goal. He deked as he moved across the crease and beat the Hoya netminder @ 13:03. Minutes later Spencer Davis fed Patrick Giles who used the back of his stick to score @5:31. As the clock rolled to end the first 17:00, Number #17,Cole Gibson adroitly moved the puck to a sprinting Nico Kenary who buries it @0:02.


[L SoGs 20L saves 5]


Twenty-eight seconds later, the troika of Spencer and Nico and Patrick moved the spheroid around like it was on a string—move from stick to tape to tape to back of the net. #22’s second goal was @16:32. A Prep player was found to have elbowed a Bear; the penalty resulted in a visitor team PP and less than a half a minute later, Patrick finished his hat trick @ 14:09.

Patrick brought the puck into the zone, passed with precision to Mike and in turn he got to Spencer who was at the crease of the GP goal; score #6 @ 10:27.

The home team converted on a PP at 8:35.

The refs perceived a series of four consecutive Bear transgressions, resulting in the visitors having a two man advantage for the majority of five minutes. The Landon D (Cullen Stout, Chase Blazer, Peter Gilbert, Brian Jordan and Ben Gilbert), their superb goalie, Jack Concannon, plus a number of forwards (Mike and Patrick both of whom ragged the puck for long segments) stopped the home team from scoring during the prolonged advantage. It was an extraordinary display of tem defense and athletic Bear play.


[L SoGs 15/36 L saves 10/15]


The last 17 minutes continued the pattern of dominance. Cole scored @ 16:30 on a powerplay. Nico threaded a pass to Drennan Greene for the eight tally @9:32. The referees indicated that clock should run due to the goal differential. Cullen found Mike for the ninth and final goal @ 1:54.


[L SoGs 16/51 L saves 5/20]





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