On the last day of February in 2015, these two teams met in the MAPHL championship game. The Bears beat the Cardinals in overtime; the contest was extremely competitive. It was anticipated that the December 9 game would be very much like the prior contest.

The visitors scored first; so expectations proved to be accurate, INITIALLY. As the game progressed, Landon’s passing, checking shooting improved on every shift. Coach Farnstrom ran all three O lines and 5 D-men. The aggressive fore and back checking created opportunities for the Bears.

  1. Aditya Krishnan found fellow linemate and Michael Soraci beat the CH goalie @ 6:15
  2. Two minutes later, the speedy Captain tallied his 2nd goal @ 4:06.
  3. Another two minutes of the 1st period and Ben Gilbert found Nico Kenary who recognized that the Cardinal goalie was out of position and the sophomore shot, from behind the goal line, the puck off the back of the opposing goalie for a creative score @ 2:31.
  4. The final in this flurry of four consecutive goals was a combination of a pass from Patrick Giles to Brian Jordan @ 0:39.9. It was a powerplay goal.



The 6 defensemen (Brian Jordan, Henry Chippenfield, the brothers Gilbert (now to be pronounced like the name of the famous French Canadian Rocket Rod Gilbert of the NY Rangers) freshman Chase Blazer and not a senior Cole Gibson) consistently frustrated the Cardinals’ offense—lifting sticks, anticipating and breaking up their passes, introducing some of the Baltimoreans to the boards of the Bears’ Den and taking the body very effectively. A lot of their ability to attack the periphery of the opponents’ O was the fact that they were backed up by stopper, Jack Concannon, who blocked a total of 18 shots during the game. Many of his best goalie plays were made in the 1st period and discouraged the CH O while creating confidence for the Bear D.

Landon incurred two penalties in the beginning of the 2nd period and when CH was whistled for a venial sin, the Bears’ PP converted on a Brian Jordan to Aditya Krishnan goal @ 3:19.

The visitors responded with a goal at 2:23 to make it L 5 CH 2

Late in the period Cole Gibson assisted on a Drennan Greene goal @ 1:48


END OF 2nd PERIOD LANDON 6 CALVERT HALL 2  [L SOG 15/29; L Saves 5/14]


The last 17 minutes were a little more peaceful. The Bears added their last goal @ 12:28 on a Nico Kenary assist on a goal by Cole Gibson. The visitors got their final goal at 11:04 on a PP.

END of GAME LANDON 7 CALVERT HALL 3  [L SOG 18/47; L Saves 4/18]


Coach Farnstrom has traditionally been a great teacher and with every game his Bears seem to improve their breakouts, click better on PPs, move the puck more intelligently on O and pay positional D more consistently. Beating a traditional MAPHL team this early in the season is a good sign.

Next game Friday at the Bears’ Den @ 4:30pm versus Good Counsel.





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