Landon 10 Bullis 21

If you look at Bullis’ roster, one wonders if the Bulldogs should not be playing in the WCAC. Indicia like these facts support such an attribution:


  1. According to the WaPo, six of their players have college offers from schools like: Boston College ,Illinois, Iowa, North Carolina, Rutgers, Wisconsin, Georgia, North Carolina State, Oklahoma, Pittsburgh, Purdue, Syracuse, Temple, Towson, Virginia, Wake Forest, West Virginia, Stanford, Penn State, Wisconsin, Maryland, Rutgers, Mississippi State and Notre Dame.
  1. Their QB, according to ESPN is the nation’s No. 2 pocket passer and No. 25 in the ESPN 300.
  1. They have scored an average of 33 points and have racked up 65, 36 and 50 points in their games.

Landon has some talented players, but several key contributors are sidelined.

The visitors, particularly their supporters in the stands, expected today’s game to be a Bulldog rout, but were silenced, perhaps aghast, during the first 36 minutes of the game in which Bullis did not have a lead.

The Bears drove 80 yards against the Blue and Yellow defenders on runs by John Geppert, Griffin Brown, Justin Connor and Jelani Machen. Griffin gained the last five yards for a TD @3:31 of Q2 followed by a Jack Concannon to Geppert to Aaron Broner PAT.

The Landon D was stout against the touted Bulldog O. Bullis tried a number of bubble screens and frequently the Bear DBs anticipated this offensive play and made TFLs. The visiting QB has an impressive arm, but his rockets often went through his targets’ hands, overthrew the receivers or well ably covered by Messrs. Epstein, Geppert, Brown, Williams, Conner or Porter. (in order of their numbers).The visitors running game was frustrated by the Landon defensive front seven, composed at various times by —Jacob Wright, Mark Ebo, Derek Hakim, Carter Johnson, Eriksen Johansen, Joseph Gagnon, Grant Hani, Stephen Gee, John Slowinski and others. The Bullis offense had some problems of their own creation with three touchdowns negated by the referees’ penalties (they totaled 110 yards lost by fouls in the game.)

The visitors scored on a spectacular pass of 44 yards with only 18.7 seconds left in the half.



The Bulldogs received the 3rd Q kickoff and drove 44 yards with fire. The 9th play in the drive looked like it was heading to the end zone, but a bunch of Bears hit the runner, the ball popped out of the Bullis player’s hand and Eriksen Johansen recovered the fumble and sprinted down the sidelines for 56 yards. Passing (most notably an exceptional catch by Jalen Williams of a Griffin pass) and running by the home team brought the ball to a 1st and goal. The visitors forced Landon to attempt a 20 yard field goal which Aaron converted on a Jack snap and a John G hold @ 4:45 of the 3rd Q. Bears 10 Bulldogs 7

The home team forced a 3 and out, but a fumble occasioned by extra effort by the Landon return man gave the Bullis team another opportunity. Again, the Bear D stifled the high octane Potomac team’s offense. Landon possessed the ball into the 4th Q.

The first Bulldog possession in the last 12 minutes moved the ball only 4 yards. On 4th down and 6yards the Bullis QB pass was incomplete.

On the next series, the Bears committed a turnover and Bullis moved the remaining 34 yards in four plays to score with eight minutes left. Bulldogs 14 Bears 10

Two promising passes by the home team created a hope that the Bears could beat their nemesis, but the football gods caused a fumble. The Bullis team sealed its win with a quick six play drive. Bulldogs 21 Bears 10 with 2:47 remaining.

The home team did not capitulate and tried to get into the end zone again, but a desperation pass was caught by a Bulldog DB. Much to the Bullis player credit, he ran out of bounds rather than run up the score.

It was a game in which one school left with a W and the other’s fans left with pride in their team’s efforts.






Rusher                 carries                 yards                             TD


Geppert               10                        52

Brown                  10                        40                        1

Epstein                8                          22

Machen               4                           7

Howe                   2                           6

Connor                1                           1

Williams               1                           0




Passer                 attempts              receptions           yards

Brown                  14                        5                           43


Receiver             catches               yards

Porter                   2                           22

Ebo                      1                           11

Williams               2                           10

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