Landon Lacrosse 2015 Review

It’s difficult to capture a 22 game season in a long article, or a carefully crafted paragraph or even more dauntingly in a phrase, but Landon’s 2015 season can be summed up as consistently excellent lacrosse play. Thinking back over 1,056 minutes played, there were very few segments that fell below a very high quality of the game. Yes, Coach Leachman may have barked contrary words once or twice, but the point of his exhortations was not the past, but encouragement for the future.


A season is also defined by the quality of the opposition and the IAC was clearly the most competitive league in the contrary with Landon, Prep, Bullis and SSSA being included in most polls throughout some or all of the season. Teams which the Bears defeated 7 opponents who won their leagues:


  • Mary’s (MIAA- A),
  • Gonzaga (WCAC),
  • Calverton (MILL),
  • John Carroll (MIAA-B),
  • Robinson (VA5),
  • Winston Churchill (MoCo 4A/3A South) and
  • McCallie (TSLA and #1 in their region percom)

Polls, in my opinion, are highly subjective; they depend upon the knowledge and critical eyes of their voters. The Bears are ranked in the most recent, but not yet final, polls as follows:


The Strength of Schedule, which publishes to support its computer ranking, is purely quantitative and here is its rankings of team which appear in the top 10 of all of the above posts

SoS #        Team                   Record

99.53              Hill                              13-1

97.62              Brunswick                 14-4

97.11              Landon                      20-2


97.02              GPrep                         13-4


96.76              Haverford                  26-0


96.73              Chaminade               13-4


96.26              Gonzaga                    18-3


96.05              Syosett                       18-2


95.69              Bridgewater-Raritan 22-0


95.06              Darien                                    17-3


94.77              West Genesee          17-2


94.46              Hun School              19-1


89.90              St. Ignatius                18-1


Not sure whether there is any statistical significance to the SoS, and it may be appropriate to quote Mark Twain on the use of numbers: “Figures don’t lie, but liars figure.”


The Class of 2015 should go down in the Landon lacrosse annals; these Bears were players. Even though their time on the field may not have been exactly equal, there is no doubt that their support of their team and hard work during practices contributed to the season’s success. They are:


Robinson Adkins

Koko Avedisian

Ian Dabney

          Thomas Evans

         Drew Firstenberg

Samuel Krauland

Luke Kurtz

William Lincoln
Brian MacLaury
Landon McKenzie
Paul Padalino
William Poston
Colton Rupp
W. Sells
Vincent Steis
Joseph Tabb
Jarett Witzal


Seven of these seniors are scheduled to play in college next year and some may well be stars for their club lacrosse teams. Here are

the awards that their coaches gave to them:


  • the Khari Baten Award for courage, dedication & enthusiasm:
  • the Jack Crawford Award for unselfishness, hard work & commitment:
  • the George Boiardi Award for tenacity, humility & citizenship
  • Defensive Player of the Year
  • Offensive Player of the Year
    • NATE BULLER ‘17
  • Most Valuable Player Award

The returning members of the Classes of 2016, 2017 and 2018 are both numerous and highly skilled—at both ends of the field.

The All American team includes Colton and the All Met team honors both Colton and Hunter. The Gazette Montgomery, in addition to Colton and Hunter, added Andrew Fowler ’17 plus it recognized Landon McKenzie as an Honorable Mention. To reiterate what was mentioned on Facebook:

These two Bears certainly deserve these accolades and more. It is, however, worthwhile to mention that the people who decide All league, All Met, All state and All American awards rarely have seen all of the boys play, rarely make their decisions on pure merit and may occasionally harbor views unrelated to individual merits. If one tracks these judgments against the individuals’ performance at the college level, there have been both serious omissions and unnecessary elevations. This long (apologies) statement is meant to tell the many players, who have not received these honors, should not be discouraged. Your talent, ability and most importantly, desire will be what the coaches observe when you get on the college fields. GO BEARS!!!

Enough said.

The Bears scoring are about as deep as my memory recalls:

Player                          Goals               Assists             Total Points


Colton Rupp              49                    16                    65


Nate Buller                  39                    19                    58


Joey Epstein                30                    28                    58


Griffin Brown             23                    9                      32


Rob Adkins                 16                    12                    28


Drennan Greene          18                    2                      20


Ryan Pride                  8                      10                    18


Kennedy Dunn           15                    2                      17


Colin O’Brien             8                      5                      13


KoKo Avedisian         4                      7                      11


Luke Kurtz                  5                      5                      10


Thomas Halm              3                      2                      5


Will Powell                 3                      1                      4


Justin Shockey            1                      1                      2


Will Lincoln                2                      –                       2


Vinny Steis                 1                      1                      2


Chase Christensen       1                      1                      2


Brian Menendez          1                      –                       1


Joey Tabb                    1                      –                       1


Eriksen Johansen         1                      –                       1


Will Oliver                  1                      –                       1


Jarett Witzal                 1                      –                       1


John Geppert               –                       1                      1


Will Poston                 –                       1                      1


Sam Krauland             –                       1                      1





























































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