A fitting finish to the 2015 season was Saturday’s IAC championship game. From the beginning to the end, the Bears led and added a 20th win to this year’s record (the 3rd XX win record. Clearly, the Coaching Staff had scouted the Little Hoyas and the home team executed the plan with great precision, speed, passing and as always stout defense. The Class of 2015 and their teammates will hoist Landon’s 30th IAC lacrosse trophy.





The first three Landon goals were from the midfield and all three shots hit the same spot on the GP goals. Griffin Brown got it started with a right/left dodge, a shot and a goal @ 10:39. Justin Shockey won the face off clean, moved towards the goal and fired the Bears’ second goal @ 10:33. The third strike came on a fast break started and finished by Kennedy Dunn @ 9:00.

The Hoyas responded with an EMO goal which hit a corner of the goal at 3:30.


Kennedy responded with a goal in which he changed direction to hit the corner of the GP goal @ 6:00.


The Hoyas’ sharpshooter nailed a goal with an underhand shot at 3:31.


Will Oliver, back from an injury, showed his shooting skill with a goal @ 1:38 assisted by a great pass from Colin O’Brien.

With 0:45 remaining in the quarter, the Hoya shooter had a brilliant goal.


Throughout the game and particularly in this period, the Landon Defenders (Messrs. Sells, Fowler (6 CTs, 8 GBs), Powell, Conner, Firstenberg, McKenzie, Padalino, and Evans PLUS all of the two way middies) dominated maintained their defensive structure, slid smartly, were energetic on ground balls, showed great stick work (intercepting passes, checking to knock down/ intercept passes and cause turnovers) and cleared efficiently.




The midfield continued its offensive strikes when@ 8:39 Rob Adkins beat his GP defender on a speed dodge to score the home team’s 6th goal.

The GP goalie tried to get his team going with an interception of a pass, but ended up out of the crease. Joey Epstein got the ball to Griffin @ 2:45 to add to the Bears’ margin.




Quick Bear scoring continued in the 3rd quarter as Colton Rupp showed the lower body power which he uses to such advantage in football (All IAC), hockey (All IAC) and lacrosse. He just beat his opponent enough to free his hands and scored @10:54.


Another EMO for the visitors and another goal at 10:36; again the shot was perfect.


Koko Avedisian, playing as a middie, showed his Attackman skills with two successive feeds. He found Griffin as he made a sharp cut to lose his GP D 7:46. Against a Hoya zone defense, quick, sharp ball movement opens up space. Here Koko passed the 8” sphere to Griffin who scored @ 4:37.

Prep’s young middie showed his ability with a goal at 4:27.


Kennedy once again smoked the GP middies with a run from outside the restraining line. He shot and scored @4:07.




The GP team sensed that they needed to pick up their game and during the last quarter they fired 10 shots at the Bear goal. They got on the scoreboard first with a goal at 7:30.


Little things are crucial in all sports and add up to victories. At this point in the game, the Hoyas were getting some momentum. The GP offense gained possession after their most recent goal. They took a shot which missed the goal. Drew Firstenberg was the closest to that errant GP shot when it passed the end line and thus the Bears were awarded possession to break a possible visitor score.


At the other end of the field, senior Colton made sure that his team maintained its goal margin. He took a jump shot @ 4:48.

Landon thwarted two GP EMO opportunities with a Hunter Sells save and a CT. The Hoyas scored at 3:32 and then at 0:35. When Landon won another face-off, the players went to a running with the ball to deny GP possession. Without a goalie in the crease and without anyone between him and the goal, Joey E netted the ball @0:04.8 . On the ensuing battle at X, Jarrett Witzal sprinted from his GP opponent, saw that there was an empty net and scored @0:01.9




Both teams played with effort, enthusiasm and lax smarts. The Bears were just a little better today.


This team from game one to their 20th victory has been an example of how Landon plays lacrosse well. Coach Bordley and his capable assistants have instilled the values of teamwork, effort, toughness, high lax IQ and sportsmanship. The juniors, sophomores and freshmen (a higher percentage of the roster than recent years if my memory (far too fallible these days) will return with these lessons learned. That’s a great advantage for the 2016 season.




The emphasis of this award is team work; so it’s only appropriate that one of the “That’s a Bear” Award go to the Class of 2015 members of this roster AND the Moms and Dads who have supported their Bears for all of the boys’ Landon Career—


2015 seniors and parents







In addition, individual efforts merit this award:


KENNEDY DUNN                 3Gs

GRIFFIN BROWN                 3Gs

ANDREW FOWLER             6CTs, 8 GBs


Kennedy after his first goal


Griffin on the loose


Andrew charging upfield after a CT!












CONGRATULATIONS TO St. MARYS (MIAA- A), GONZAGA (WCAC), Calverton (MILL), John Carroll (MIAA-B), Robinsin (VA5), Winston Churchill (MoCo 4A/3A South) McCallie (TSLA and #1 in their region per LaxPower.com)—all League Champions, too. Plus maybe Churchill and Robinson could win their state championships?

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