Landon Lacrosse 7 Bullis 6

The Bulldogs of Potomac really do not like the Bears. Perhaps their dislike has something to do with their 4 consecutive losses to Landon. The home team invited their opponents for a night game, a perceived advantage. The night game did not work; for the visitors won. However, the last 2:51 of the game included some of the most bizarre moments that lacrosse has ever witnessed.

Bears 7 Bulldogs 6


The game began quite auspiciously for the Bears. Within a minute of the faceoff, Rob Atkins blew by his defender on an alley dodge and beat the Bullis goalie for a goal @ 11:05. The home team was flagged for a penalty and the visitors clicked on a series of passes; Joey Epstein made a great pass to Nate Buller @ 7:02 for an EMO goal. Ball movement led to Griffin Brown receiving a superb feed from master passer Nate; the goal was @ 4:15. Luke Kurtz initiated the offense from the midfield and found Colton Rupp for the 4th goal   @2:08.




This twelve minute segment lacked the scoring of the first with only a score by the Bulldog leading scorer at 7:20.


The stands of the stadium were heavily populated by the visitors. The constant cheers from the many, many students provided source of constant support. The “we can’t hear you” cheer by the Bear fans was an apt critique of the home side of the stands.




A tally (at 7:20) by the future PSU Nittany Lion narrowed the margin to two in favor of the Bears. The Bears responded with two consecutive goals. First, there was a flurry of shots with rebounds being controlled by the visitors. The end result was a goal @ 5:01by Joey and an assist to Nate. The margin was increased to four goals as Nate found Colin O’Brien for a pretty goal @2:37.


Throughout the game, the referees found fault with some of the Bears’ play. In fact Landon was assessed a total of ten penalties, which resulted in the visitors facing 7 EMD situations. Some of the Bullis EMO chances were negated by their offsetting penalties—in particular a bizarre series of penalties. The net EMD performance was 1 goal against 7 chances.




The last segment created much angst among the Bear fans. The Bulldogs scored at 11:30, 10:23, 7:19 (their only EMO goal) and 3:57. That barrage was interrupted by a series of passes around the perimeter; the last pass went from Griffin to Colton who shot from about 12 yards and caught the far corner of the Bullis goal @ 10:59. That turned out to be the winning goal.

At 2:51 the bizarre began; the Bullis head coach asked the referees to examine a stick, not of any player, but one of the Landon coaches. The rules preclude any illegal stick from being on the sidelines and the crosse violated the rules in several dimensions. That resulted in a THREE MINUTE, UNRELEASABLE PENALTY AGAINST THE LANDON TEAM.

The Bulldogs took a number of shots, but only one was on goal. That was an extremely hard shot by the Bullis/PSU recruit. Hunter Sells made an awesome save with 0:54.7 remaining. Landon was still short a man; so getting the ball to the other end of the field was critical. Hunter made an outstanding 80 yard pass to one of his attackmen.

After a time out, the ball was given to Nate who evaded the Bulldogs for what seemed like hours but was closer to twenty seconds. There were two home defenders chasing him. Eventually the ball was passed to a Landon midfielder with the intention of consuming the remainder of the clock. He lost possession and in the ensuing scrum, a Bullis player was flagged for a two minute, unreleasable “hit to the head” penalty. The ball was put in play and it rolled over the Landon end of the field.

The Bullis coach, who had showed his detailed knowledge of the rule book, got some “learning” from the referees. They recognized the request and then penalized the Bulldog coach for asking for an illegal time out. At that point, the teams would have played with an equal number of players.

The conversation which ensued between the home coach and the referees resulted in the officials’ calling two unsportsmanlike penalties against the Bulldog coach. Those two fouls resulted in the Bears’ having an advantage of two players (the Bear serving the coach’s stick penalty offset one of the three Bulldogs’ fouls). The clocked showed only 0:29.5 remaining in the game.

Landon ran out the clock and for the second game in a row, the Bears beat a major IAC foe in a close game.






Khari loved great defense and he would have loved the Landon EMD team. Starting with the goalie, moving to the long poles and including the SSDMs, they stopped the potent Bullis offense in six of their seven extra man advantages.





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