Landon Lacrosse 15 John Carroll 4

Fifteen goals in a game equate to a goal an average every 3.2 minutes on the clock. Those figures are impressive both for the Bears O and D, particularly against a good team like Panthers, the 2014 champions of the MIAA B league. Thirteen different brown jersey numbers were registered with goal(s) and/or assist(s) and five of those players were from the sophomore and freshmen classes. This was another impressive win, but the results show the depth of the Bears. Having such reserves will be of some help to Coach Bordley for the 3/30 – 4/17 five game schedule stretch.

Rather than the normal narrative report of this game, a simple summary of the scoring, hopefully, will suffice for this match:

Player                  Goal(s)                assist(s)

Rupp                             1                           3

Buller                            3

Pride                    2                           1

Powell                 2

Avedisian                                        2

O’Brien                1                           1 (including an amazing 40’ goal)[i]

Halm                    1                           1

Adkins                 1

Kurtz                    1

Menendez           1

Greene                1

Christensen        1

Epstein                                             1


Unfortunately, the play of the LSMs, Close D and goalies is not as susceptible to quantification .The boys in the nets, whose performance can be recorded in numbers–Messrs. Sells, Kern and Grafmeyer all made multiple saves, individually. The long poles and their two way middies won most of the one v. one battles, slid when needed and cleared the ball.

Transition is a crucial phase of lacrosse– riding on the opponent’s clears and getting the ball from the D zone to the O zone effectively. The coordination of positioning and playing hard contributes to scores for the Bears while deterring the other team. The performance of these functions today was very positive!


Khari Baten “That’s a Bear” Award

KhariJAN. 2010 001_crop








Khari was an “old school” athlete; he worked as hard as he did in practices. When the game was on, his effort always exceed opponents and teammates alike. Today’s selection of the “That’s a Bear” player exemplifies those exceptional traits. The below picture from shows Will Powell hustling back to help on defense. Equally appropriate would be a shot of #16 executing one of his one swift man clears. Still photography may not be able to capture such an image without super-fast shutter settings of the speeding middie.







[i]  The length of Colin’s shot’s was occasioned by a CT with 0:09.1 left in the period and the Patriots’ goalie out of the net. Even Coach Bordley approved of it BEFORE the ball entered the nets. Great lax smarts by the sophomore.

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