Landon Lacrosse 14 St. Mary’s 5

Consistent with Landon’s teacher/mentor/coach model, lacrosse within the White Rocks is a form of education. Comparisons of year-over-year team competence and/or individual performance frequently show a positive incline and there are a lot of good reasons for that progress. Today was an early season test of how the 2015 team has progressed. Even the strictest grader would give the Bears an A/A+. Facing a nationally ranked opponent St. Mary’s School (#23 in the 2015 IL Under Armour poll AND #20 IN 2014), with a stable of 9 Division I and 2 Division II recruits and with a highly regarded Coach Ben Rubeor, the home team dominated at all facets of the game. Bears 14 Saints 5

AP Defense—of the SMS recruits, most are Middies or Attackmen; so one would assume that the Saints would light up the scoreboard. They were frustrated by the Bears D (starters: goalie- Hunter Sells 14 saves; close D–Landon McKenzie, Paul Padalino, Tom Evans; LSM- Justin Conner, Drew Firstenberg; middies—most of the midfields played both ways; then a host of younger Bears at all positions). They forced turnovers, lifted sticks, checked passes, switched at the right moments and all of the measures of quality defense. They were successful in every EMD situation including a 5 v. 3 for 30 seconds. What was most impressive was the D’s improvement of its clearing movements and passes.

AP Offense—this is a class led by seniors, Colton Rupp, Rob Adkins, Kennedy Dunn, Luke Kurtz and other ‘15s, but Coach Bordley has brought a number of underclassmen to this advanced course—Nate Buller, Joey Epstein, Griffin Brown, Ryan Pride and a surprisingly large members of the classes of 2017 and 2018. They and a host of other Bears filled up the G’s and A’s on the statistics sheets. Today’s seminar was led by Griffin Brown who had 6 goals on 6 shots, had an assist and scooped a ground ball.


The game began slowly with both teams testing out their opponents and both goalies making key saves. At 6:77 Joey made an excellent pass to Griffin who beat the SMS goalie for the 1st home team score. Then Nate dodged from behind, gained a bit of separation from the Saints D-man and put the ball in the corner @ 4:03. Soon thereafter Griffin dodged, got a nice 8-10 yard opportunity and nailed it @ 0:25.8.

Literally as the clock move from 0:01 to 0:001, SMS scored its first goal.




Griffin (maybe with an assist from another Bear?) continued to shoot and tallied his hat trick @ 11:13. Landon’s 5th score was an awesome cross crease pass from Nate to Joey @ 9:34. That was followed by a sweet solo drive by Colton @ 8:30.

The Saints scored their second goal at 8:29, but the Bears responded with an EMO goal with a pass from Griffin to Joey who buried it @ 7:07.

Landon continued its offensive surge with a goal by Nate assisted by Joey @5:70 then a pass from Nate to Luke @ 4:09 (another laser pass across the crease) and then an assist by Rob to Griffin who notched another goal @ 3:44.

SMS responded with its third goal at 2:31. AT HALFTIME– BEARS 10 SAINTS 3

The visitors struck first in this period at 8:25 and upped their defensive intensity. Colton scored another goal @ 5:40 and Koko Avedisian showed his bull dodge and sharp-shooter skills with a goal @1:31.




Griffin completed his double hat trick with an unassisted goal @ 6:11 and then received a great pass from Ryan @ 5:32, another well-executed EMO play. The learning theme reappeared later in the game as many younger Bears had the opportunity to play in a Varsity game; they did well.

At 0:07.5 SMS scored the final goal.



kb GB

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