8Prep 433-X218Bullis 141-X2

The IAC playoff system requires that the bottom two teams (Bullis and Saint Stephens’/ Saint Agnes) play to earn the privilege to play the top-seeded team, the Bears. The Saints upset the Bulldogs of Potomac and thus play the Bears. The team from Alexandria is a powerhouse in the MAPHL Division A league, but all of the other IAC teams play in Division AA. In the Bear-Saints game (last week), Landon won 11-2.

The playoff game at the Bears’ Den started badly for the visitors. Drennan Greene dumped the puck from the point onto the SSSA goalie; much to everyone’s surprise, the shot scored @12:52. The scorers barely (or is it bearly?) were finished registering the first tally when the home team light when a second notch was recorded—this one was from Brian Rogers to Tommy Crittenberger @ 11:13. The attack continued with Aditya Krishnan feeding Alex Norwinski and then Colton Rupp depositing the puck in the Saints’ nets @ 10:31.

More scoring @ 9:31, this was a Jones Lindner to Drennan Greene goal. Colton then made a pass which set up a goal by Nico Kenary @ 8:35. For the 6th goal, Colton scored unassisted @ 6:58. Colton started the next goal @ 1:52 with a pass to Matt Wellington and then the goal by Cullen Stout. The eight tally was a Trevor Wolf to Drennan to Matt combination for a goal @ 1:15.

The Saints destroyed the shut out at 1:24, but the Bears maintained their 8 goal margin when @0:39.2 they added a goal by _____? (sorry).

The Bear D pinched very effectively at the blue line and on the rare occasions that the visitors got to the Bears O zone, they removed the pucks from their opponents’ stick. Good job: Alex Norwinski, Trevor Wolf, Brian Jordan and Jacob Ruttenberg. Jack Concannon was solid in the nets (7 saves)..



Shots on Goal: L 18 S 5


Less than 3 minutes into the 2nd period, Landon’s Logan Gilles contributed an assist on Michael’s goal @ 12:47. At 7:32, Coach Anas changed goalies and Tommy Mottur protected the Bear goal. A little later Nico got the puck to The Tommy (a moniker given to #2 by his super fan grandmother) @ 6:14. True to his soccer like “one name” status, the center man showed great skill by hitting the corner of the nets. Jones then fed Michael Soraci for the Bears’ “dozenth” goal @ 2:45. The baker’s dozen goal was scored by Trevor with an assist from Drew Wellington @ 1:42.


Shots on Goal: L 30 S 7


The last 15 minutes was a subtle tribute to UNC’s recently deceased BB Coach, Dean Smith; for Landon spent most of the time in its Ozone practicing the famous “Four Corner Offense”. Effectively they moved the puck around the perimeter and not shooting. Because local rules change the timer’s normal “stop time” operations to “running time” (applied with a +10 goal margin), the clock for the last period moved quickly to zero. Tommy Mottur stopped all 5 shots from the Saints.



Shots on Goal: L 30 S 12


IAC FINALS 02/12 @ Bears’ Den against StA (beat Prep to reach finals). The City Bulldogs have an exceptional goalie; so the Bear fans should be loud and proud.

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  2. […] Bears beat SSSA 13-1 and then faced StA (which upset GP) for the title. They took the crown in a 4-2 […]

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