Bears Preseason Football thoughts

This edition includes the following:

  • A few initial impressions from first day of practice;
  • early recruiting news for two Bears;
  • quick review of the 2014 opponents;
  • a republication of what loosely is called BSN’s editorial policy



First day observations

Monday’s practice was forecast to have heavy showers, but 20 minutes before the boys ran onto the field, the clouds rolled back and sunshine prevailed. Then as the kids and parents headed to the gym, a rainbow appeared. I’m not superstitious, but those are two good omen. The boy’s practice UA gear looked great.


On a more substantive basis, the field looked crowded with ~80 players and an unusual number of larger athletic players. The line prospects are very promising, especially since the entire offensive line returns. Several key backfield players are back, but both starting WRs graduated; so there are some opportunities for swift guys to step up. The size depth should help on the DL and several LBs are back. The perimeter players have some candidates who were key back-ups last year.


Most importantly, the Class of 2015 is strong in character with several impressive athletes and the depth in the Junior and Sophomore ranks appears to be exceptional.


Good prospects all around.

There will be two scrimmages—Bishop Ireton and Walt Whitman. They should provide some insights into this team.



Bear FB Recruits

Good news about both Kolby Williams ’15 and Keith Simms ’16. According to recruiting sites, the senior TE/DE/LB has interest from about 18 colleges and the junior has an offer from Illinois and Charlotte as well as interest from a number of others.


2014 Schedule review

Woodberry Forest is off the 2013 schedule;so no more previews of Notre Dame and other big time recruits. Instead, AD Holm has added some WCAC foes—Palotti and Paul VI. AACS, BL and St. Paul’s from the MIAA return. Bullis claims the IAC favorite role and its list of big time recruits is impressive. EHS and SSSA had promising rosters last year; it will be interesting to see how they develop. GP returns to full IAC status although the Bears continued to play them. Saint Albans’ Satterlee-Henderson is being renovated so they will have to play most of their games away.



Annapolis Area Christian School

  • MIAA division C team
  • ’11 10-2; ’12 0-10;’13 3-7, lost to Landon 11-49
  • 2014 seniors graduated to colleges;
  • recruit search: Dion Golatt 2017 Pro style QB 6’0”, 190#; being recruited per 24/7- comment ” young prospect with outstanding upside who stood out during 1 vs 1 and 7 vs 7 drills.”; nothing WaPo


Boys Latin

  • MIAA Division B team
  • ’11 5-7;’12 5-5 ;’13 6-3- beat Landon 10 2013 JV team 5-0
  • No information though research


  1. Vincent Palotti
  • WCAC
  • ’11 2-8; ’12 3-7; ’13 6-6
  • Jeffrey Butler ’15 6’3”, 270# OG/DT;
  • Jordan Wyatt ’16, 6’1”, 140# CB/WR 4.74 in 40
  • Justin Mulbah ’16, 6’0, 185#, S/OLB


Paul VI

  • WCAC
  • ‘113-6; ’12 6-4; ’13 3-7
  • 21 returning players/10 players graduated; 2013 roster had 6 players of 200#+


Saint Paul’s

  • MIAA B
  • ‘115-4; ’12 11-0; ’12 9-1 league champions; beat Landon 28-14
  • Garrett Mullin ’15, 6’2”, 270# , Ivy League/Georgetown/Navy interest
  • Anthony Pino ’15, 5’11” 180# QB



  • IAC
  • ‘113-6; ’12 3-7;’13 5-4 beat Landon 30-21
  • 2013 roster returns 30 players; 11 listed as 200#+; 3 at 250#+



  • IAC
  • ‘111-8;’12 6-4, ’12 0-9 lost to Landon 21-41
  • 2013 roster 26 returning; 8 @ 200#+
  • Isaiah Davis ’15, 6’1”, 215# LB, commits to V; offers BC, , NC State, Tennessee, VaTech



  • IAC returning champions
  • ‘119-1; ’12 8-3; ’13 9-1 beat Landon 24-0
  • Jonathan Holland ’15  DE commit to PSU
Haskins Jr., Dwayne Bullis 2016 QB offers Arizona State, Boston College, Clemson, Florida, Florida State, Maryland, Michigan, Mississippi State, Nebraska, Ohio State, Rutgers, SMU, Temple, Tennessee, Utah, Virginia Tech
Holland, Jonathan Bullis 2015 DE HM, 2013 offers Pitt, Illinois, West Virginia, Charlotte, Boston College, Penn State, Wake Forest, Temple, Indiana, ODU
Johnson, Patrick Bullis 2016 WR offer Illinois
Williams, Devonte Bullis 2015 HM, 2013 offers Western Michigan, Temple, Indiana, Buffalo, Charlotte, Syracuse, Toledo




  • Returns to IAC
  • ‘114-6; ’12 5-5; ’13 4-6; lost to Landon7-14
Forney, David Georgetown Prep 2015 OL HM, 2013 offers Navy, Wofford



  • IAC
  • ’11 7-3; ’12 4-6;’12 2-8 lost to Landon 13-19 OT







It’s a little presumptuous to even pretend that this silly little “blog” merits anything called an editorial policy, but I cannot think of a more apt phrase to introduce an explanation of why BSN covers Bear Sports News in a peculiar style. Hopefully, the below paragraph will explain to new readers what’s going on in this space; further, the “policy” makes some important admissions (maybe even a priori apologies) and makes clear how welcome your comments, criticisms, corrections and the occasional compliment(s) are welcome!!!!

(a) the content is mine, does not reflect the opinion of Landon, Coach Padalino or anyone directly related to Landon,

(b) that any errors that may exist are mine, inadvertent and correctable (please let me know and I will make ALL corrections);

(c) that the author (me) is a huge disciple of the Landon team concept and that I will do everything that I can do to mention all the players; however, universal coverage is not really possible through this medium. If someone believes that a player or group should receive greater attention, I am open to such suggestions. I will TRY not to mention referees at any time and will limit references to the opposition.

(d) that BSN is a volunteer publication and that as the editor, publisher, statistician and writer [me], I am all too fallible and I apologize in advance for any error.

(e) TO REPEAT– BSN  gladly welcomes all comments, criticisms and corrections; usually the right version is incorporated in the text. SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME ALL FORMS OF FEEDBACK (GOOD AND BAD).






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