BearSportsNews 4.20.2014

Hope that your family is having a happy and holy Easter or Passover!

Lots of great news from Landon athletes in multiple sports and levels. Thanks for the information from all contributors.


Bears Golf

From Coach Duquette:

The Landon Golfers win a big Tournament today at the U.S. Naval Academy Golf Course against the Best Teams in Washington and Baltimore

Cavalier Cup

United States Naval Academy Golf Course Par 71. The Bears total score 230, tying with Spaulding but wins on 4th man tie breaker. The Bear scores:

 Cavalier Cup


Egloff                   73   Medalist    

Bubes        76

Blasey       81

Katz            83

Morgan’s score of 73 would have beaten 69 of the 80 college golfers that competed from the same tees today on the same course just hours earlier. The universities: Penn, Naval Academy, Delaware, Lafayette, Colgate, Drexel, Lehigh, Cornell, Emory, LIU Brooklyn, St. Joseph’s, Rhode Island, Siena, Saint Francis, and Towson.


Bears Tennis

Landon tennis is having great success again this year as the returning IAC Co Champions. They are with 5-1 a recent First Place finish in the prestigious Woodberry Forest tournament. More details on that successful two day event soon.


Bears Rugby

Landon v. Good Counsel

By Alexander Ashy ‘15


The Bears fought though a tough match against a bigger and deeper Good Counsel.

Starting in the first quarter, Sam Jones kicked off and the rumble began. Jules Desroches and Neema Chinian were in the front lines, taking hits in the scrums. Once the ball was turned over, the forwards took the ball into the ruck, gaining yard after yard with the efforts of Ed Wolins, Jake Wright, and others. The ball was then given to the backs and tossed down the line in an attempt to gain yardage. Most times, the ball was able to get out to Justin Cort, Brian Gelb, and Julius Kindfuller, who were able to then run down the field with the ball.

A few hard hits gave possession over to the Falcons, and despite the tackling efforts of our team, their huge forwards were able to break our lines and score the first try of the game. Their conversion brought the score to 0-7. Another few hard drives from Good Counsel brought us to our try zone, but Ed Wolins was able to get under the ball and prevent the try. Down, but certainly not out, we did what we knew best.

Running down the field, Zach Zulauf and Ashton Duplessie made great tackles, pushing the ball up the field. Jake Harris then got the ball and tore through the Falcon forwards, gaining yardage for the Bears. Alex Ashy hooked and threw the ball to Sam and Ashton, continuing our offense. Then, we seized our chance to give the ball to the backs.

The ball was thrown down the line with multiple calls of “HANDS!!” and arrived at Julius Kindfuller, who was able to bob and weave (I saw that spin move) through the Good Counsel defense and dive to the try line, putting up points on the board for the Landon squad. At the half, the score was 5-7, and Manager Justin Kim made sure all the water bottles were filled for the players, aided by Jonathan Hsieh and Faraz Ghorbanpour.

The third kickoff had the Bears rushing down the field and, despite our best efforts, we began losing ground. Conor Price and Blake Dannenbaum did their best to push through the offense with every counter-tackle. On two separate occasions, Hal Pence and Wesley Pan were able to boot the ball out of the danger zone and into a more playable area. Jimmy Killen aided the forwards, attempting to stop any forward push from Good Counsel. The forwards tried to come together to stop the ceaseless G-balls, but eventually fell under the weight of the 300-lb Falcon players.

Into the second half, Jacques Rebibo found himself in a few scrums, hooking the ball with ease to Sam Jones. With an abundance of speed, Jonathan Hsieh did his best to help support the defense against the onslaught of Good Counsel players. Jantay Abdychev was prepared for any breakaways, tackling anyone who reached him. Throughout the game, we gave it our all, but the size of the Falcon forwards were too much for us.

Bear Rugby at College

Jack Sears and his Colby Rugby mates reached the finals of the Beast of the East Tournament last weekend in Portsmouth, RI.  After pool play, the team earned a spot in the finals with a 17-12 victory over NESCAC rival Bates in a semifinal thriller.  Babson bested Colby in the Plate final.  Maine States is in two weeks.



In addition to John Nichols’ weekly review, here is a link to a wonderful review of the legacy of George Boiardi, L’00.

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