The Robinson Rams have a proud history with several Northern Virginia and maybe even State titles. This year’s edition is spirited, hard- working, small and developing. Their fans vocally supported their boys through all four periods and the players never gave up. There were moments when a long pole would create a turnover, but make an errant pass under heavy pressure from the Bears. Landon won 15-1 and fifteen names of the home team are registered in the scorebook for goals(s) and/or assists. The D was strong with virtually a shut out; the only Ram goal entered the nets after inadvertently hitting one of their players.

This game and the previous against Penn Charter were notable; because no Bear incurred the wrath of the referees. That’s more remarkable than one would expect— for example, with a number of scrums for a ball, it is easy to be hit with a flag (trip or push with possession or the dreaded slash). Suffice it to say that all 37 of the home team played disciplined lacrosse.

The action was very fast; scoring 15 goals in 48 minutes made the recording of goals/assists/time an exercise in speed writing. Add to that difficulty, the names/numbers of many of the players who registered ground balls, shots, caused turnovers and the scoring marks are not among the first lines of the book. More than once as the CT, groundball and clear were being noted, a whistle- indicating that a score occurred- meant that the G and A were not seen. On more than one occasion, the observed shot, G, A and time were written in the book, another goal was racked.

That is a long apology to explain that some of the below attributions may be in error. The good news is that Coach Bordley corrects all errors and his records are the ones that count.

Here is a summary of the game:
Rupp 2 g
Brown 2 g
Lynch 1a 1g
B. Buller 1a 1g
Green 1a 1g
Steis 2a
Bolen 1 g
Pride 1 g
McTague 1 g
Petty 1 g
Dunn 1 g
Hartman 1 g
Rallo 1 g
Johansen 1 g
Tabb 1g
The experience of the boys who played today will pay dividends for years, because they have serious playing time against other athletes. When the seniors head off to college, the next wave will include players who were on the field for significant minutes today and other early season games.

Beat Good Counsel; the USA Tier II U14 hockey championships, in which my grandson will be playing, requires my presence in beautiful Hoboken, NJ.

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