Landon Hockey 9 Walter Johnson 2


Walter Johnson was a name that when it appeared in the Washington Senators line-up as the starting pitcher, the opponents feared him. During the WJ hockey team’s warm-ups, names like Desroches. Malik, Corbin and Bijoux-Rioux appeared on the backs of  their sweaters; for those familiar with hockey lineage, these are surnames which inspire fear, if not respect. Unfortunately, there were only 11Wildcats suited up against the 18 Bears (only 8 of who are returning players and one of them is still at the Mountain School). The pre-game jitters were real.

[NOTE: the Bears played two previous games beating an always tough Wooten 8-2 and a Delaware opponent, Salesianum, 2-1.]

That nervousness did not last long with Colton Rupp feeding Jack Barton for the 1st goal  @ 13:32, Bears 1 Wildcats 0.Jack B. returned to the scorebook 15 seconds later, this time with as assist from Grant Valentine @ 13:17 Bears 2 Wildcats 0.  The visitors did not fold and put up a goal, with 2 assists at 9:18 of the 1st period, Bears 2 Wildcats 1. The home team outshot WJHS 19-5; Bear goalie Jack Concannon was tough in the nets.

The disparity in numbers was more telling in the next period; the Bears netting 4 goals while the Wildcats were blanked. In this segment of the game Colton had two goals, Tommy Crittenberger deposited one in the nets, and Brian Jordan scored the Bears’ 4th goal of the game. Invaluable assists came from Alex Norwinski, Jones Linder and Mr. Barton. The Bear goalie Concannon only had to make one save over theses 15 minutes.

The third stanza saw a new WJHS goalie, but a continued Bear barrage of shots (15) and goals –3 , by Tommy Crittenberger, Alex and Colton; assists registered by Jack B.(2) and  Alex. The shots were 14 to 4 in the Bears’ favor. The coaches, it is presumed, instructed their players to work on their passing and the players developed a better sense of chemistry within all 3 Bear lines. Hopefully these minutes will benefit Landon in its future games

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  1. Way to go Bears!!! Alex’s grandma and fan. Jan Norwinski

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