BEAR SPORTS NEWS—midweek edition

A senior profile, more Bears playing football, water polo, diving, soccer and ice hockey PLUS a preview of Georgetown Prep.



Senior profile


Jules Desroches

#60 , DT , 5’11”, 22060





1.    When did you start playing football?

I started playing football when I was in 2nd grade but I wasn’t very good. I stopped in 5th grade but in 8th grade at Westland Middle School I started again playing for Coach Knight who is the current JV Defensive Coordinator for Landon and I was pretty good.

2.     What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

My best 40 time is a 5.1 and my best bench is about 215 which is about how much I weigh.

3. What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

I don’t really have a favorite college team or player. I just like to watch good football- which to me is aggressive yet classy.

4. What is your favorite moment during any Landon sports event in which you played?

Other than beating Bullis during the 2012 season, winning the St. James tournament last year in wrestling was one of my favorite moments.

5. What is your favorite course at Landon?

My favorite course at Landon is Econ because even though it is not easy, it’s very easy to see how taking the course can have a positive effect on life beyond high school.

6. What is your favorite non-sports related activity (community work, art/music, paper, debate, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.)?

I don’t know if this is exactly an activity but catching up on sleep is really great for me

7. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

My nickname was Lexy because my full name is Jules Alexis Desroches, my cousins couldn’t quite pronounce my middle name in French so instead of ” Ah-lexi” the just said Lexy and it stuck.

8. Who are you–

  1. Describe yourself in 3 words?

Honest, Caring, Focused

  1.  How would your parents describe you in 3 words?

Honest, Caring, Young

9. What’s on your iPod?

Well on my phone, (since I don’t have an iPod) I have a lot of Top 40 hits whether that be pop or hip hop but I also have a bit of indie-rock and a brand of electronic music called “experimental” music, instrumentals, as well as funk, party music and some neo-soul/ r&b

10. What will you be doing in 5 years?

I don’t really know probably going into law school, teaching at a private school like Landon or starting a non-profit that helps kids be well -rounded in order to get opportunities that they otherwise wouldn’t maybe all 3.




This video may subconsciously induce pain to some of the Bears who played across the line from Ben Spiritos during the fall of 2010. Here are the highlights of Dartmouth crushing the Lions of Columbia. Watch the Big Green #77 left guard for most of the game, but moved to right guard toward the end, you will see some awesome blocking


Bear Water Polo wakes

Two Bears continue to contribute to the Conn College Camels Water Polo. Senior Rob Spencer, over the past four games has scored  24 goals, made 10 steals and earned 31 ejections. Freshman Aidan Kelso threw in 4 more goals, stole 5 balls, earned 3 ejections and blocked 1 shot.



Jordan Gear will start his junior year as a USC Trojan diver when he flies off the ASU board on November 8. He is USC’s #1 returning diver and considered one of the best in the Pac 12. His team BIO is impressive—“pursuing a double major of French and Critical Studies and boasts a 3.82 GPA. In addition to French, Gear also speaks Spanish and is learning Italian. He recently enrolled in USC’s famed School of Cinematic Arts with hopes to pursue a career as a film director.” Hopefully fellow Bear Trojans, Milan Bhatt and Mike Bednarek will be cheering him at the next home meet.



The Gators of Allegheny College have earned a 7-6-3 record with two Bears on the roster—Nick Dias and Scott Powell, both members of the Landon class of 2013. Nick has significant contributions with 495 minutes in 14 games.



It’s early, but Sam Anas is having a great start, earning ECAC Rookie of the week ( ) plus is in the Top 10 nationally in goals (tied for 4th) and points (10th ).

Connor Meike will be joining fellow Bear Max Greenwald in the Middlebury Panthers’ opening game on 11/18 against Bowdoin.



The Little Hoyas are 4-4 and not a member of any league. Their losses are to MIAA (including the #2 and 8 teams in The Sun poll) and WCAC teams Including the #17 team in the WaPo poll). Their victories are against StA, Anacostia, Reginald Lewis and FUMA (a collective 7-20). That means the battle for the Davis-Feagan Cup is the sine qua non for their 2013 season.

Though neither WaPo nor MaxPreps list any GP players as recruits, they list 11 players on their rosters at 200# or more with the top three tilting the scales at 270, 272 and 289 pounds. In spite of the absence of any recruiting information, Coach Paro told The Gazette that all 60 college coaches which have visited the campus on Rockville Pike have inquired about junior GP tail back Dage Davis (#5, 5’10” 175#) who has racked up 1,285 yards on 159 carries for 15 yards including a 75 yard sprint (,md)/football/videos.htm) . The QB is #3 Corey Howard a Senior (6’0”, 184#) has thrown for 711 yards and 6 TDs. Another Senior is the leading receiver, #7 Stephen Johnston at 6’4” and 218# who has caught 22 balls for 368 yards and 4 TDs.



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