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Full report of the Bullis game, Bear Ice Trax, another Artistic Athlete, IAC Cross Country results, Bear X Country Trax,Bear FB Trax and Bear Opponents


Landon Football 0 Bullis 24

Some athletic events, like skating and gymnastics, are judged by subjective criteria, but football looks to the scoreboard for evidence of which team won. If observers watching Saturday’s contest between the Bears and the Bulldogs were told to evaluate on subjective criteria like discipline, effort, heart, toughness and tenacity, the Bears would have been awarded the advantage here.

For the first 23:36 of the 1st half, Landon’s defense, which looked as though it was outweighed by 20 or many more pounds per position (Bullis does not publish the dimensions of their players), held the visitors to zero points. The Bulldogs usually have racked up three touchdowns by the midpoint of their previous wins. On Saturday they reached 1st and goal status once, BUT by their 4th down, the Bulldogs were 41 yards away from a score. The Bears in this half recorded Tackles For Loss by Jake Harris (2), Charlie Ellerman, Keith Simms and Jules Desroches as well as two Caused Fumbles. All four of the Bear linebackers played a disciplined and focused game all four quarters. The home team was able to mount a drive with momentum from an 81 yard punt return by Dominique Seagears, but the field goal attempt into the win was unsuccessful.

All of that resolution by the Bears was negated by a few bad moments. Landon, with 0:32 remaining gained possession through a forced fumble at their own 39, but two plays later, Landon fumbled. In an event not frequently duplicated in an IAC game, a melee ensued with one of the visitors disqualified for the remainder of the game. The next play was a total aberration from the prior play; a Bulldog scored to make it 7-0 at half.

The Bears came out strong in the 2nd half and moved the ball eight plays and 30 yards. They were back in the game, but on the next play the Landon running back was stripped. The Bulldog ran the ball 48 yards for another sudden strike.

On the next possession, the Bears turned over the ball on an interception thus putting the visitors in prime position to score again. The Landon D did not fold and forced Bullis to kick a field goal.

Down 17-0 (the Gazette’s report  is wrong), Landon continued to resist the advances of the bigger Bulldogs with a QB sack by Josh Hunter, another TFL  by Jake Harris and a forced fumble by Dominique Seagears. The visitors scored on their only long drive late in the 4th quarter.

As the clock wound down, the visitor student body gathered as if to celebrate their IAC crown, perhaps they have overlooked their game against Episcopal next week.





Sam Anas, playing as a freshman for the #9 Quinnipiac Bobcats, scored two goals for a win against Holy Cross . After seven games, this Bear leads the team in goals (6) and is tied for the lead in points (8).


Jake Sofer, a freshman for the RPI Engineers, has yet to appear in the nets for his 4-1 team.

Max Greenwald and his Middlebury Panthers begin their schedule on November 17.

The three Bears (Mike Anderson at Princeton, Matt Coster at Cornell,  Sam Kroll at University of Chicago, playing club hockey will begin their seasons later this year.


Artistic Athletes

One of the amazing attributes of the Landon boys, particularly over the last few years, is that they are exposed to and then excel at the arts. The job of being a center in football depends on hands which can control the ball; evidentially those skills translate to mastering a paint brush, because this work in oil exhibits great ability in this field, too. Great job, Peter Millsbaugh ’15:


[See the 10/14 edition for Charlie Ellerman’s brilliant painting.]

{Let me know if there are any other artistic achievements (singing, music, sculpture, theater, other visual arts…). Also please send me information about significant community involvement.}



Landon runners finished second in the very competitive IAC championships and their roster is: Kevin Soraci, Raman Ananthanpillai, Jack Bolen, Jack Gilbert, Ben Gilbert, Jack Chlopak, and Will Powell

Thanks, Coach Hunt and congratulations to all of the boys for a good season.


Mac Hightower’s Claremont-Mudd-Scripps cross country team finished their regular season 8-0.





#63, OL/DL 5’9” 175#63 SSSA 460-M

  1. When did you start playing football?

I started playing football in the third grade, here at Landon.

2.     What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

I haven’t measured my 40 in a year or so, but at the time it was a 5.0. And my best bench weight was 220 lbs over the summer.

3. What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

I’ve always been a Maryland fan since my uncle took me to games there. My favorite player is probably Jadeveon Clowney, because a he reminds me of a young Jake Harris

4. What is your favorite moment during any Landon sports event in which you played?

I’d have to say the first T.C Williams Rugby game last year. One of their players broke my leg sophomore year and it felt great to go out and get another shot at them.

5. What is your favorite course at Landon?

Humanities with Mrs. Farnstrom and Mr. Gordon

6. What is your favorite non-sports related activity (community work, art/music, paper, debate, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.)?

I like to read.

7. What is your nickname and how did you get it?

Bloody Harris, because no matter how bloodied I get, I keep on going. [ED. See above picture.]

8. Who are you–

Describe yourself in 3 words?

Whimsical Determined Eclectic

How would your parents describe you in 3 words?

Annoying Loud Facetious

9. What’s on your iPod?

I have a lot of country music on it, but I also have a pretty   broad range from Avicii to Katy Perry.

10. Tell us one thing (interesting) that your teammates do not know about you.

I still read Archie comics.

11. What will you be doing in 5 years?

I’d like to have written a book by then, and possibly be in law school, but who knows, 5 years is a long time.



Six alumni played in games  this weekend

Next    GAME
1 Myles Allen ‘17 32 RB Rochester
  12 carries19yds; 1 catch 28 yds  W Union 21-7 <PLAYED
2 PJ Fitzgerald ‘17 Redshirt LB Furman RS
3 Anthony Fullum ‘17 34 CB W&   M
     W JMU 17-7 DNP
4 Terrence Fullum ‘15 49 DL Richmond
   L #6 Towson 32-48 PLAYED
5 Taylor Greene ‘16 78 DL Stetson
    L Marist 0-27 DNP
6 Antoine Hudson ‘15 1 DB Bryant
     W Duquesne 42-14 DNP
7 Vincent Kindfuller ‘16 60 DL MIT
    W Western NE Univ. 17-14 DNP
8 Obai Kamara ‘17 87 TE Davidson
   1st time? L Jacksonville 13-56 <PLAYED
9 Max Lehrman ‘15 90 DE Amherst
  3 Solo, 2assists, 1.5TFL, 1.5 SACK W Tufts 17-7 <PLAYED
10 Dillon Rupp ‘15 91 FB Bucknell
    W Lehigh 48-10 DNP
11 Johnny Sharp R‘17 On   roster no number UNLV
    W Nevada Reno 27-22 *
12 Ben Spiritos ‘15 77 OL Dartmouth
   Started W Columbia 56-0 <PLAYED
13 Matt Underhill ‘17 90 PK W&L
  Started 6/6 PATs, 6 K/Os 55.8 ave W Bridgewater 42-13 <PLAYED
  *no participation  data INJ=injured DNP=did   not play



Saint Paul’s loses to Saint Mary’s of Annapolis! AACS wins its 3rd of the season;





Boys   Latin


 John Carroll 0-14


Mount   St. Joe


St. Frances Academy


Saint   Paul’s


Saint Mary’s 34-36




Friends 42-8




SSSA 38-21




St. Christopher’s 45-7




EHS 21-38







Spalding 24-28




Patterson 9-41




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  1. You accidentally posted the JV cross-country results. Varsity finished second, and the roster is: Kevin Soraci, Raman Ananthanpillai, Jack Bolen, Jack Gilbert, Ben Gilbert, Jack Chlopak, and Will Powell

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