Landon soccer 3 Bullis 0

Please contact me if I got any of this wrong, because I do not claim to know the real football game.


The Bears controlled the ball for much of the 80+ minutes, showing superior skills passing, trapping and heading the ball. The Bears’ structure on both ends of the field put the home team players in position to get and retain possession of the ball.


For the first few minutes the Landon skills allowed them to hold the ball and wait for opportunities. Suddenly, the brown jerseys asserted themselves and attacked into their O zone. Their actions forced a corner kick and at 36:28 remaining, Adam Robinson served the ball into the box and Hal Pence headed it in the back of the Bullis net. Bears 1 Bulldogs 0

The remainder of that period saw the Bears handle the ball to the exclusion of Bullis and that trend continued into the second half.

At 12:58 the Landon team earned another corner kick. Jack Feldman served the ball to the box and once again Hal Pence put into the goal. Bears 2 Bulldogs 0

Within the last two minutes (when the field clock is replaced with the referee’s stopwatch). a great pass (not sure who initiated it) found Zach Fingerhut who lost his defenders and scored. Bears 3 Bulldogs 0

The Landon team was amply supported by parents and a swelling student section; as each sports practice finished, the other boys arrived to support the undefeated soccer team.


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