Boys Latin 10 Landon 0

Unfortunately, the connection from desktop to the website which sends my blogs out is not operating. Fortunately, that frustrating problem is an apt metaphor for the Bears game today.

There were 10 Landon jerseys on the sideline due to injuries. Four of those Bears were not just starters, but impact players. For example, a few days before this game, the center of the offensive line was injured. The Bears scheme requires precise timing on intricate maneuvers. After all of the preseason efforts, the familiarity gained through repetition requires more than 2 practices to be reestablished.

That simple observation was demonstrated in the second play from scrimmage. As movement between blockers and running backs began to unfold, slight variances led to a fumble. That bad luck was compounded as the ball bounced into the hands of a BL player.

That Laker looked up and saw a direct, undefended path to the goal line. Boys Latin 7 Landon 0.

The remainder of the first quarter repeated sequences of 3-and-out’s for both teams. The Bear D was able to contain the visitors.

BL had a seven play drive that culminated with a 35 yard field goal.

BL 10 L 0 with 9:53 remaining in the half.

Landon stopped the Lakers with a beautiful interception by Dominique Seegears. Both the height of his jump and the hands exhibited by #15 were reminiscent of bear Alum Joe McDonald.

The second half saw a few glimpses of the Bear speed on O and two long passes. Without much consistency, Landon was unable to mount any drives.

The Lakers had a couple of 8 or more play drives, but the home team D stiffened. Tackles for losses and good defensive back coverages were the reasons why their goals were not obtained. The Bear D depended on speed rushes; that approach was frustrated by “professional style” blocking technique.

In retrospect, Landon D held a larger Laker team to 3 points. With a week’s practice the O should improve; there are speed and talent to be exploited.

Tough loss, but hopefully the boys can rebound against Mt. St. Joe on Thursday.

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