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At the beginning of every season, a table of opponents is posted. This year’s edition is too large for this site, WordPress, to include all of the columns. If you are interested in seeing the 2013 FB schedule, the opponents recent and current college recruits, their 2012 record, their 2012 W/L and score vs. the Bears and the recent record against Landon, please email me ( and I’ll send you the table of Churchill, Boys Latin, Saint Paul’s, Mt. St. Jospeh’s, Annapolis Area Christian, EHS, Woodberry Forest,  SSSA, Bullis, Rockville Pike and StA records. AD Holm and Coach Padalino moved the Bears away from Richmond and substituted a heavy dose of MIAA-B schools. No more WCAC competition and now a MoCo game.

One of the interesting thing about following the Bears’ football is to see how our alumni do at the next level. We weekly research what each boy did in that week’s competition and post Bear FB Trax which lists their performance. Here are the boys on our radar screen. PLEASE LE ME KNOW IF WE’VE MISSED.

1 Myles Allen ‘17 29 RB Rochester
2 Anthony Fullum ‘17 34 CB William & Mary
3 Terrence Fullum ‘15 49 DL Richmond
4 Taylor Greene ‘16 78 DL Stetson
5 Antoine Hudson ‘15 1 DB Bryant
6 Vincent Kindfuller ‘16 60 DL MIT
7 Obai Kamara ‘17 87 TE Davidson
8 Max Lehrman ‘15 90 DE Amherst
9 Dillon Rupp ‘15 91 FB Bucknell
10 Johnny Sharp R‘17 UNLV
11 Ben Spiritos ‘15 77 OL Dartmouth
12 Matt Underhill ‘17 PK W&L
  dnp= did not play per school participation records*no participation info provided

For new readers, here is a short statement about what “rules” we try to follow:


It’s a little presumptuous to even pretend that this silly little “blog” merits anything called an editorial policy, but I cannot think of a more apt phrase to introduce an explanation of why BSN covers Bear Sports  in a peculiar style.

Hopefully, the below points will explain to new readers what’s going on in this space; further, the “policy” makes some important admissions (maybe even a priori apologies) and makes clear how welcome your comments, criticisms, corrections and the occasional compliment(s) are!!!!

  • the content is mine, does not reflect the opinion of Landon, Coach Padalino or anyone directly related to Landon,
  • that any errors that may exist are mine, inadvertent and correctable (please let me know and I will make ALL corrections);
  • that the author (me) is a huge disciple of the Landon team concept and that I will do everything that I can do to mention all the players; however, universal coverage is not really possible through this medium. If someone believes that a player or group (O or D, backs or line, specialists, etc.) should receive greater attention, I am open to such suggestions;
  • I will TRY not to mention referees at any time and will limit references to the opposition.
  • that BSN is a volunteer publication and that as the editor, publisher, statistician and writer [me], I am all too fallible and I apologize in advance for any error.

TO REPEAT– BSN  gladly welcomes all comments, criticisms and  corrections; usually the right version is incorporated in the text. SO PLEASE FEEL FREE TO GIVE ME ALL FORMS OF FEEDBACK (GOOD AND BAD)

The goal is to provide timely and accurate chronicles of what the boys do on the field; it is meant to be a fun recollection of what transpired with an occasional vocabulary test word; no criticism of a player or coach is ever intended. If you feel that the words have not been kind to a boy or a coach, it was not intended and an apology will be instantaneously issued, if requested

Information about the players successes off of the field are almost as important as their athletic endeavors—PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE LET ME KNOW OF ANY ACADEMIC, ARTISTIC, MUSIC, COMMUNITY OR WHATEVER ACHIEVEMENT; such subjects get high priority.


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