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One of the great things about the current generations of Landon students is their search for excellence in multiple aspects of school life Of particular interest here are young men who excel in sports and the arts. Here are examples of two young men who have made their marks in athletic activities and who have mastered the art of painting to hold a show in the Landow Family Gallery. Here are paintings of  Jackson Howard‘s White Tiger and Jason Murphy‘s Sea Turtle :


Jackson's White Tiger1Murph's sea turtlr


































Thanks to Facebook, here is Ryan Curto‘s performance on some sort of trampoline apparatus in a state competition:



The Washington Post’s coverage of Freshman Lacrosse player, Sam Offutt, about his commitment to play lacrosse for UVa before he had worn a Landon jersey in a varsity game:

Sam andon-221364751433













Rugby News by Coach Martin

Dear rugby families-

Today it was all about pride on every level. Each player who wears one of our jerseys can feel pride in what we stand for and represent as a team. Today was by far our toughest opponents and we played smart, played together and so many players brought their A game.



The game started with intensity from the first kickoff. Sam Jones’s kickoff was charged by Matt Johnston forcing the Roosevelt player to knock the ball forward. Another kick down the field got us to the 5 meter line. We drew a penalty and were close enough to kick for points and got us on the board 3-0 with a perfect kick by Jack Sears. Jake Wright caught the next kick off getting some good forward momentum. The ball turned over though, but despite Roosevelt’s speed and athleticism running wide, Ian Quill and Nick Blasey pushed the player out of bounds. On another scrum, Trevor Wolf stole the hook and we gained possession, but a bobble of hands led to a quick Roosevelt try bringing the score to 3-5.

We responded. A ball kicked out the back of a Roosevelt scrum was pressured by Sam Jones leading to a knock on and turn over. We began to work the ball wide, from Jake Harris to Taylor Dias to Nick Blasey who brought the ball in low setting up a great ruck. We got the ball out quick and swung it back the other direction, and back again, before Jamir Finley-Davis ran with the ball, dishing it to Ian Quill who dove into the try zone bringing us back to the lead with 8-5.

On the next series Harrison Voslow drove the ball up the wing before our forwards took the next pick into a driving maul. Switching back to defense, we kept the pressure on heavy, and Sam Jones jumped through picking off a Roosevelt pass and charging down the field for 60 meters outrunning Roosevelt’s chasers. With a good kick, we raised the score 15-5.

And then we raised the bar, keeping our game plan wide to use our strengths. Taylor Dias took the ball wide dodging players, followed by Matt Johnston who drove the ball and was followed with a clean, quick ruck. On another kick, Jantay Abdychev caught the ball with the sun in his eyes and got us back up the field. After kicking it back, it was pressure from Nick Blasey and Taylor Dias that made their receiver knock the ball forward and shortly after we ended the half.

We came out right from the first whistle. Matt Johnston caught the kickoff and drove it up. There was a lot of back and forth between offense and defense but we stuck to our game plan. Nick Blasey showed up big on the wing, Obai Kamara was quick off the ruck to stop forward drives from some of Roosevelt’s biggest players. Blake Dannenbaum and Jake Wright teamed up for a double tackle bringing down another big player, followed quickly by another huge hit from Trevor Wolf. Finally on offense, Zack Zulauf led a drive down the field also, drawing a penalty near our try line. Sam Jones thought quick and ran and touched it down before Roosevelt turned around to play defense.

rugby scrum

Randy Staples caught the next kick off and set a ruck with Neema Chinian in close support. We had a lot more lineouts in the second half, with Jamir Finley-Davis demonstrating his finesse in the air, winning ours and stealing most (if not all?) of our defensive lineouts. We worked the ball wide, getting help from Alex Ashy (making his debut as a back!). On another play, Jake Harris charged for 30 yards before dishing to Ben Goodfriend out wide, popping to Jack Sears in close support. A quick ball fake from Jack Sears gained him a few yards before popping to Sam Jones who touched it down. At the final whistle, the score was 29-5, Landon victory!

To have been challenged as we were today, physically and mentally, we rose above, played our game and came out on top. We end the regular season UNDEFEATED in our league, and seeded first going into championships. Our work is not over yet, but we have the next week to recover, train and loosen up and get ready to go into playoffs.

I received the email quoted below from our ref shortly after our game was over, who sums up the performance of our boys today:

“Your squad played a very smart game against an opponent that was larger to a man at nearly every position.  That was great Rugby!

Was especially impressed with a front row that never collapsed despite the pressure and a 9/10 attack that always seemed to find the gap.

Great quality rugby you’ve brought Landon to a high standard!  That was a good team you just hung 4 tries on. Well played.”

What a way to end a Thursday!

With all kinds of bear pride,
Coach Martin


coach martin

Plus this note from a father/alumnus—

I have seen a lot of Landon games in almost every sport over the last 35 years. Yesterday was one of the most memorable ones and I wish more of Landon community had witnessed it.  The Roosevelt team was clearly bigger, stronger, faster and more athletic than Landon.  It would have been completely understandable if the Landon players were intimidated playing that team at their field.  However, to a man, they were not.  Landon was smarter, more skilled, more determined, had more heart and  showed more class than the other team.  There were many situations where a Landon player (almost always smaller) could have pulled back or shied away from a tackle or a play, but he did not.  In fact, the opposite occurred and our guys went after them. The smaller Landon team worked together to  take down some of their players who I am certain weighed 250+ lbs and others who were lightning fast.  No one backed off.  I saw guys catch or move the ball when they knew that a serious, ESPN highlight type of hit was coming. They held on and continued to move the ball in our direction.   I heard on -the -field comments from our players such as “we are a team”,  “we are not tired” and  “rise above the cheap”. They played the game the way it should be played, with heart, passion and tremendous effort.

Anyone that watched that game would have  impressed with the Landon players and recognized a unique type of character, toughness and determination. It was a proud moment for Landon.

Congrats to the players and coaches.


Ralph Blasey

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