A hot (4 straight wins) and hungry Saint Stephen’s Saint Agnes team got off the bus at Bordley Stadium with expectations of reestablishing themselves as an IAC contender. They are led by a potent foursome of scores ( #12 Seth Miller 33 G; #13 Jones Veith 17 G; #8 Isaiah Davis-Allen (UMd recruit), 15G and #5 Nate Archer (Cornell bound) 8G). The other end of the Saints were led by aggressive Saints #17 Joe Kenna and #40 Will Dyson), among others. Bears 4 Saints 2

Arrayed against the SSSA was a Bear of a defense. Starting goalie Hunter Sells (12 saves; many spectacular & several at point blank range) was protected by the close defenders—Mike Rhoads (2CTs, 3GBs), Andrew Mitchell (2CTs, 2GBs) and Connor Lynch, plus LSM Marshall Peters (3GBs) and SSDMs Brandon Johnson and Leo Falcone (both of whom made several one man clears after SSSA turnovers). All of the two way middies contributed to this WALL. They shut out the Saints for the 1st period and then 40 minutes from the fourth minute of 2nd period to the end of the last quarter.


Seth Miller put the visitors on the scoreboard first at 11:16. Soon thereafter, Peter Laco made a nice move causing the SSSA defense to react and then fed Zach Buller who had a step on the D and buried his shot @9:30. Nate Archer responded with what would be the visitor’s last goal at 4:11.


The Bears may have some magical halftime Gatorade formula; Coach Bordley may be a brilliant orator; or maybe, minutes 25-36 are when Landon’s depth punishes the opponents—whatever the reason(s) the Bears seem to frequently have an offensive surge in the 3rd period.

Today’s game fit that pattern; the home team had 3 successive goals and all of them involved Phil Peña The first saw a SSSA longpole try to restrain #7 and the fast Bear drove through his opponent and then nail a  shot from a tough angle at about 9 yards @ 11:17. Almost from the same place with the same resistance, Phil scored his second goal @ 5:51. Once again, the future Blue Hen had the ball in the midfield and all of the SSSA defenders must have been trying to read what he would do and failed to notice that Colton Rupp had come from behind goal to receive a pass from Phil—the result the fourth Bear goal @ 5:23. 


The last 12 minute segment was fiercely played; both teams playing staunch defense– forcing turnovers, checking passes that did not connect and putting a stick on the opponent’s hands to assure that shots’ trajectories were altered or saw the ball stopped by the goalies. The game had few penalties and the Bears did a good job controlling the ball.

Some of the Bears’ possessiveness was attributable to Jarrett Wetzel’s success at the X where he was 6 for 6. The outside middies helped a lot to assure the control.

Thus, as the clock rolled to 0:00, the Landon team defense had shut out the visitors for 40 consecutive minutes. Quite an accomplishment and the praise there for should also go to Coach Leachman and Coach Barter. 


Before the game began, one of the Landon rights of passage was held, honoring the parents and boys of the Class of 2013. Mothers with corsages and proud Pappas walked with their Bears onto the field to be greeted by cheers from the other players and the fans. In order of numbers, the boys graduating this year from Landon are:

  • Taylor Valencia
  • Peter Laco
  • Philip Peña
  • Garrett Fellows
  • Jason Murphy
  • Sam Gansler
  • Robby Dunigan
  • Michael Rhoads
  • Woody Axelson
  • Marshall Peters
  • Aidan Kelso
  • Taylor Trumbower
  • Allen Kleiner
  • Connor Lynch
  • Will Buckingham
  • Will Murty
  • PJ Fitzgerald
  • Graham Shue
  • Hunter Davis

These young men have been mentioned here for as many as four years and in many sports. On the basis of that knowledge, it can be said that this is a group of really nice guys- polite, considerate in good times and not such happy moments; a band of brothers who care more about their collective weal than self; players who work hard, hate to lose and handle rare, difficult moments appropriately. They will be missed, but they have left a legacy of sharing those values and attributes with their younger Bears. It has been a pleasure to follow these members; good luck in college and beyond. Soon, many of them will be frequently mentioned in John Nichols’ BLTF.




  •   Philip   Peña, 3Gs, 1A and 3 GBs
  •   Hunter   Sells,  12   saves, 2 GBs


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