Sunday Edition for April 21–Bear news about tennis, hockey, rugby and baseball


Landon tennis downs Maret

Bears’ top doubles pairing comes up big in 5-2 victory

By Nick Cammarota Staff Writer













Tom Fedor/The Gazette

Landon School’s Adam Freed plays a doubles match with partner Deacon Brew (not pictured) against Maret School on Wednesday.

Coming off the emotional high of a thrilling victory against Georgetown Prep on Tuesday, Landon tennis coach Adam Atwell advised his team not to overlook Maret roughly 24 hours later.

“Prep’s our rival. We knew it was going to be close and we pulled it out. That was a really emotional day and I warned everyone that Maret’s coming up and they’re better than they’ve been historically,” Atwell said.

On a sunny Wednesday afternoon at the school’s Bethesda campus, Landon made sure it didn’t suffer a letdown following what was arguably its biggest win of the season as the Bears downed Maret, 5-2.

Landon’s Nos. 2, 3 and 4 singles players all won their matches, as did the Bears’ No. 1 and No. 3 doubles teams. The defending IAC co-champions improved to 6-1 on the year.

“That was kind of the way I expected it to go. A lot of close matches and we pulled out some three-setters,” Atwell said.

One of the afternoon’s more exciting matches was the No.1 doubles match between Landon’s Adam Freed and Deacon Brew and Maret’s Isaac Mudge and Haris Talwar. After Freed and Brew dropped the first set, 3-6, they stormed back to win the final two with relative ease, 6-1 and 6-2.

“We just stayed focused on what we had to do,” Freed said. “We had a tough three-setter the other day against Prep that unfortunately didn’t go our way. We realized that we had to limit our errors, limit our mistakes, keep the ball in play and stay consistent.”

Freed had a number of smart shots while reacting quickly at the net as Talwar attempted to blast the ball by him. Both he and Brew managed to stay sharp despite playing three sets the day prior.

“It is a bit taxing [playing back-to-back days] but it’s great to be out here on a day like today,” Freed said. “It was pretty ideal and on days like these when we’re playing in great conditions, then definitely a back-to-back is fun for all of us.”

At No. 1 singles, two of the area’s better players squared off in a power vs. power matchup. Landon’s Alex Reinke lost to Maret’s Luke Tercek, 6-2, 6-2, in a match that contained plenty of long points and hard-hit winners. Tercek’s height allowed him to get to some balls other players might not be able to reach and his powerful backhand gave Reinke some trouble. The day before, in Landon’s 4-3 win against Prep, all four singles players accounted for the Bears’ wins. Wednesday, Gabriel Goldberg, Nicky Talwar (Atwell called him the team’s most pleasant surprise this season) and Ricky Washington all won their singles matches with relative ease.

“We came from way behind last year and had an awesome tournament to get co-champs,” Atwell said. “Coming into this year, I think we had more confidence and now we’re back to where it feels like last year and we’re building up to the tournament.”

The Bears have a huge match on tap against Episcopal, scheduled for Tuesday, that will determining seeding for the IAC tournament.

“Whether it’s been expressed or just held within, I think guys are feeling the same way, feeling we have a chance to do the same thing this year,” Freed said of winning a title. “And I think as we get closer to the tournament, they’ll start to voice that passion and that energy and we’ll be able to channel that intensity and that drive to get another championship.”

Landon School 5, Maret 2

No. 1 singles: Luke Tercek (M) d. Alex Reinke (L), 6-2, 6-2

No. 2 singles: Gabriel Goldberg (L) d. Jasper Prouvost (M), 6-0, 6-1

No. 3 singles: Nicky Talwar (L) d. Ricky Washington (M), 6-0, 6-1

No. 4 singles: Seth McNair (L) d. Jack Christman (M), 6-3, 6-0

No. 1 doubles: Adam Freed/Deacon Brew (L) d. Isaac Mudge/Haris Talwar (M), 3-6, 6-1, 6-2

No. 2 doubles: Brandon Greenburger/Adam Aldrich (M) d. Rohit Jha/Josh Granader (L), 7-5, 2-6, 6-4

No. 3 doubles: Culver VanVleck/Kibaek Lee (L) d. Eric Sodero/Max Steiner (M), 6-2, 7-6 (7-5)




Sam Anas is still playing hockey for the Youngstown Phantoms are in the USHL playoffs. His regular season stats are as follows: playing all 64 games, ending up 12th in league scoring (63 pts.), second in league goals (37), first place in Power Play goals (12) and winning Youngtown fan favorite player of the year. He also set team records for most goals scored in a year, most goals scored in his USHL career, most power play goals.



Wednesday, we came out on fire and came out on top with a double victory!! A side beat Model and B side beat the Heights. We played a game of 12’s and a game of 10’s, so the games were fast-paced and fun to watch, and we also had new combinations and people willing to step up and play in new places. All in all it was a great day!


Against Model, Jamir Finley-Davis caught the kick off and set the first ruck and before long Jake Harris distributed the ball wide to David Spiritos on a breakaway who swung it left to Ian Quill sprinting up the side getting us near the try zone. Model recovered, but in their attempt to kick it out, Sam Jones came in for the block, keeping it on our end. Quick hands got the ball wide again with David Spiritos setting up Jantay Abdychev for the first try of the game.

Next kickoff, Obai Kamara was quick to catch, bringing us back over the 50m line. Model regained possession but Zack Zulauf stole the ruck back, getting us the ball back. Jack Sears got the ball wide to Harrison Volsow who offloaded to Ian Quill in quick support. Working the ball back the other way, the ball got wide to David Spiritos again who offloaded to Sam Jones also in support who touched it down.

It wasn’t long before we were back in our end and Jake Harris crashed the ball and muscled through some players to score. Trevor Wolf had a breakaway tearing down the field before offloading to Harrison Voslow who continued the run and got the ball wide to JanTRY Abdychev (nickname coined on the sidelines by happy teammates) for his 2nd try of the game. Sam Jones was quick to steal the ball from another scrum and dove it into the try zone.


On another offensive drive, we drew the penalty and our successful play led to Harrison Voslow scoring side. On our time to play defense, Alex Ashy stepped up with some huge tackles  and Jake Harris made multiple hits on the back line. Matt Johnston ended the half with a long breakaway, showing his speed down the field.


Second half, Ed Wolins started off with a hard tackle and Josh Copito supported with a powerful ruck winning the ball back. It set up Sam Jones to score again. Randy Staples caught an attempt for Model to clear the ball and secured our possession. Nick Blasey fought hard on the wing, diving on the ball and getting to his feet before running down the wing. Jamir Finley-Davis got to the back of a maul and spun off with the ball, getting on a breakaway and scoring a try.

Blake Dannenbaum kept the back line secure making his tackles and stopping Model’s backs. Jake Wright made great tackles at the lineouts, keeping Model from starting their offense. Justin Kim brought down one of Model’s charging players keeping him from making a run. Ben Goodfriend was quick to the back of the rucks, distributing the ball to the backs. Amil Agarwal and Brian Kirley who got the ball wide on numerous plays, spreading Model’s defense and keeping us moving forward. The whistle blew to end the game, 55-7 Landon victory!



Against Heights, Justin Kim caught the first kick off and set the first ruck. Neema Chinian was quick to pick the ball and ran wide down the field, dishing the ball to Ian Quill on the wing and again passing out to Nick Blasey, getting us distance down the field. Greg Kulp (making his rugby debut!) made clutch tackles, getting players to the ground. Blake Dannenbaum used quick hands to get the ball wide to Ian Quill who ran down the field. Josh Copito caught the ball and drove the ball hard up the field, then it was a series of quick connections between players that led to another line break by Ian Quill who scored the first try. It was then Neema Chinian who had another break, with Greg Kulp in close support. On our shift on defense, Justin Kim, Jake Wright and Neema Chinian stepped up with big hits.

Followed up by big hits by Blake Dannenbaum and Ben Goodfriend, whose tackle drew a penalty. Jake Wright had great hands in the lineouts, getting the ball out despite pressure from Model. Blake Dannenbaum made a huge break down the field, swinging it back to Ben Goodfriend in support, who juked, ran and dodged his way through players before a ball fake that sent his defense flying and left him with the open field ahead and scoring a try. Nick Blasey and Blake Dannenbaum then ran a textbook switch in the backline, sending Blake through the defense. Ben Goodfriend again had a juke and got the ball wide to Greg Kulp who dished to Ian Quill before scoring again.


Second half was just as exciting! Greg Kulp made the first big tackle off the kickoff and Randy Staples followed up with a tackle off the lineout. Amil Agarwal stopped an attempt by Heights to break the line too. Nick Blasey and Ben Goodfriend had a try-saving double-tackle too. Regaining possession, Neema Chinian and Randy Staples each had long runs with Jake Wright looping in support. Josh Copito followed close to continue the drive. Wesley Pan stole the hook on Height’s scrum, setting up Blake Dannenbaum for a wide run splitting two defenders who couldn’t stop him and scored perfectly in the center! Heights was able to drive up some offense intermittently, but we controlled the pace of the game. At the final whistle it was 24-15, Landon victory!


We are proud of the performance and sportsmanship exhibited on the field by all players, and it was a victory to also celebrate the birth of Coach Cabell’s baby boy on Wednesday! Rest well this weekend and come ready next week to get ready to take on Roosevelt!

To everyone who has loved ones in Boston, I hope they are all safe and secure.

Enjoy the weekend-

Go bears!
Coach Martin




Murray loses no-hitter late, but the Bears still prevail 1-0 over St. Albans. Second game, same score, StA wins



Nick Murray (sr.) overpowered St. Albans  pitching a shut out.  Landon scored winning run in the top of the 7th after as left fielder Andrew Kvasnicka (so.) smoked a double over the left fielders head and he scored on two wild pitches to consecutive batters.


The Bears lost to the Bulldogs. Vinodh Balendran allows just one run on Thursday at Landon. The Bears’ O could not get activated and the home team lost  0-1..


The baseball story was based information gleaned from That site is less than ideal for stories and after 24 hours of free use, it will not be available. Any help in reporting on baseball would be MUCH appreciated.

Thanks to for the pictures!




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