BearSportsNews-Sunday Edition 3/24/13

A business meeting did not allow me to make it to Towson on Friday, thus no timely report. The Bears lax team lost to Penn Charter 5-6.


Bear Hoops Trax-March Madness

harvard_web-articleLarge(courtesy of the New York Times)

Christian Webster is cover boy for The New York Times article about Harvard’s stunning win over the Lobos of New Mexico for the Crimson’ 1st NCAA win in 115 years of Cambridge hoops. The Bear had 34 minutes, 11 points, 1 rebound and 1 assist. One of his 3 pointers put Christian over 1,000 points for his career at Harvard. Saturday night against Arizona, the Ivy League’s valiant run and Christian’s college career came to a 74-51 end. He played 27 minutes, scored 8 points, pulled down 5 boards and contributed 1 assist. The co-captain gave a post-game debriefing for the team .


Darion Atkins, UVa, played and pulled down a rebound against Norfolk State in the Cavaliers NIT 67-56 win. Against  Saint John’s, Coach Bennett must have been very confidant; most of the starters played well below their normal minutes and Darion did not play (he was suited up). They crushed the Red Storm 68-50. Onto Madison Square Garden for the Cavaliers!



Joe McDonald, GWU, is highlighted in the Colonials 2012-2013 season video



Bear Ice Trax

The other Bears’ seasons are over, but Sam Anas continues; current stats:


–          Scored the game winner vs #1 team Dubuque IA

–          Has 11 points in last 7 games

–          #23 in league scoring with 48 points

–          Tied for #6 in goals scored with 28

–          Tied for #7 in Power Play goals scored with 8


Highlight video:


Bear Lax Trax (abbreviated preview of the full JN report to come)


Justin Murphy, Princeton, was the player of the game (2nd time) for his control at the X against λale’s highly regarded face-off man (whose percentage had been 60%; last week against Cornell he won 88% of the challenges). The Bear alumnus beat his opponent 59% of the time on Friday.


Bear Rugby Beats TC Williams in  Titanic Wins—report from Coach Martin


WHAT AN AMAZING RUGBY DAY!!!! We came to the field ready to play, and up and down the roster, everyone that donned a Bears jersey came out ready to go and made things happen on the field and I hope that everyone will spend time celebrating our first double victory of the season!


Our A side set the tone from the first few minutes to show TC Williams that we were here to win. In the early minutes of the game after some powerful drives, we scored our first try (My notes are failing me at who it was! Too much excitement on my end I suppose!) And we never let up from there.

David Spiritos started off with one of many drives down the field, ball in hand. Ian Quill stepped up with a huge run with Jamir Finley-Davis on his heels to secure the ball. Jack Sears had a beautiful grub kick through TC’s backline, with a quick chase from Hal Pence, who was first to tackle the TC opposition.

On a lineout we lost, Trevor Wolfe stepped up and stole the ball back, regaining our possession. TC got the ball back, only to be driven back in a 1-2-3 succession from powerful tackles from Obai Kamara, David Spiritos and Jake Harris which made TC lose 20 yards. The more pressure we put on, the more TC crumbled. On one of David Spiritos’ many runs, he got a few yards from scoring before making a textbook offload pass to Hal Pence who scored his first try of his Landon career!


Ian Quill was back quickly after the restart with a quick pass off the ruck and a run that gained 10 yards. Ed Wolins was in close support, picking the ball and going on his own run getting us close to the line. Matt Johnston drove the ball in with a powerful, low run for the final stretch to touch it down, another try!

Obai Kamara set the stage of the next sequence, dragging multiple players (I honestly couldn’t count them all) with him as he tore down the field. TC eventually recovered the ball, but Taylor Dias shut down TC’s attempts to break the line and Jantay Abdychev shut down multiple sprinting players stopping TC from scoring. Nico Sensenbrenner also held down the wing, pushing a player out and getting us the ball back. Ben Goodfriend was quick behind every ruck, with swift hands digging out the ball and jumpstarting our offense. There was a brief period where TC almost scored, but our defense was relentless with Obai Kamara’s tackle driving a player backwards. Jamir Finley-Davis tackled off the lineout and they couldn’t get the ball over the line. Before I knew it we scored again. (My notes are failing me here… we scored too many times I lost track J )

Matt Johnston charged the kickoff, barreling TC backwards and gaining us ground. That energy propelled us forward with Nick Zawatsky breaking the line and a few tackles to move forward, Ed Wolins driving forward, Jack Sears on a run, pass to Ian Quill, back to Ed Wolins to Matt Johnston who scored again!


The second half was similar to the first, with David Spiritos opening up with a blazing run and a try not even 2 minutes into the second half. Jake Harris had a string of amazing tackles, protecting our tryline. On a bobbled ball, Randy Staples dove on the ground to keep our possession. Brian Gelb came off the sidelines with strength and  protected the wing with an impressive tackle. Randy Staples drove the ball close to scoring, placed it back with Jamir following, Matt Johnston made the final pick to touch down his third try of the game! Then before you knew it, Ian Quill made an impressive drive that got him a try! Alex Ashy caught the kick off, made a great run for about 30 yards, weaving through players. Jake Wright caught a great lineout, getting another wave of offense, connecting Hal Pence and Blasey, and Josh Copito with a quick drive off the side of a ruck. The final whistle left us with 46-5… a solid Landon victory!


B side took to the field with the fire coming off the amazing A side win. I have to thank Jack Sears for taking notes while I made my debut as ref! J Randy Staples started the game collecting the kick off with an immediate ruck from Alex Ashy. Nick Blasey got the ball at the back of the ruck, to get our offense going. Josh Copito made a big tackle off of TC’s penalty play which led to us stealing the ball back.

Blake Dannenbaum made the first of many incredible runs, getting passed a number of TC players before off-loading to Justin Kim who got us close to scoring. On TC’s next play to get the ball away, Max Rogers made a big tackle that stopped them from breaking the line and made them knock the ball on.

With the ball back, Brian Gelb set a powerful ruck that helped us get the ball out to Randy, who tore down the field for the first time of many, making a break and leaving TC players on the ground behind him. Brian Gelb followed his run, cutting to the outside and ALMOST touching it down before being pushed out of bounds. On the next lineout, it was Jake Wright who got possession and touched it down and scored! On the restart, AJ Miele made a big tackle, followed by one by Josh Copito who, in the words of Jantay as quoted by Jack from the sideline “Copito just like rocks this kid”.

Wesley Pan collected a TC kick and made ground up the field, dragging kids behind him before Brian Gelb made another huge run that broke tackle before offloading to Brian Kirtley who rounded the corner and scored his first try of his Landon career! Before long we were working down the field again, with AJ Miele making ball fakes and getting through gaps.

Trevor Wolf made his debut at prop, and stole the lineout and gaining ground. We were getting close to score, but Justin Kim’s quick tackle disrupted their offense and on his quick recovery, he was across the line with three players trailing him and touched it down for another try! AJ Miele made a beautiful conversion kick. FINAL SCORE 22-0 and the B side closed out a second incredible victory!

Go Bears!

Coach Martin


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