Calvert Hall Hockey 1 Landon 1; the Cardinals advance with a 1-0 shoot-out advantage

The 2012-2013 Landon Hockey season exceeded all expectations, particularly after the roster lost 14 skaters from last year’s team. The Class of 2013 Bears led a young team to a 3rd consecutive IAC championship and to the #1 seed in MAPHL. If a year ago, the coaches and leaders of the Landon team, facing such a diminution of the next year’s roster, were told that the next year’s record would include those achievements, they would find such a goal as a valid test of this redeveloping team’s strength and resilience. 

That said, the Bears were disappointed that they did not advance tonight to the finals of the MAPHL tournament. After 45 minutes of regular play and 10 minutes of overtime, the score remained 1-1. MAPHL rules dictate, as do many league tournament schemes, that the next method of resolving the tie is a shoot-out. The two goalies blanked their opponents through two rounds of shots and then one of the Cardinals exhibited the arcane skills of a shoot-out by lifting a puck into the Bear goal. The remaining three shooters did not score, thus leaving Calvert Hall with a very hard fought advance to the next round. 

The game was well played throughout the entire 55 minutes. 

The Bears took a 1-0 leading with a goal @ 1:08 remaining in the 1st period. At that point, Tommy Crittenberger passed to John Wellington who broke from the right circle towards the center where he snapped a shot past the CH goalie. L 1 CH 0 

In the 2nd period the Cardinals scored to make it L1 CH 1 @3:40 

The 3rd period was scoreless. After 45 minutes San Kroll had stopped 28 of the CH shots and the Cardinals’ goalie had turned away 35 of the Bear shots. 

The 10 minute overtime saw no tallies by either team. Then the shoot-out played out as described above. 

There are no limits to the praise that was earned by the seven seniors, who worked so hard throughout the 13-4-2 season. Equally, the two juniors, six sophomores and three freshmen made it clear that their future has promise. There were several occasions where the difference between success and disappointment was an adjustment or two made by Coaches Gammill, Farnstrom, Lubin and Anas; kudos to them, too. 

The Landon community should be so PROUD of this team, its determination and drive. I certainly hold their effort in the same level of esteem as recent teams!  

Love the 2012-2013 Bears hockey team and see them as Champions of more than what could be reasonably expected of them. They maintained the highest levels of effort and established a set of standards for future teams to continue to strive.

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