Landon Hockey 1 Mount St. Joe’s 0 on 01/09/2013

Hockey is a fickle sport; past performances, particularly comparative scores, are oftentimes not particularly good predictors of the next contest. The Gaels of Mt. St. Joe’s has one tie in 4 games played, but that was against a competitive St. Albans squad. The Baltimore team had lost to Gonzaga, Spaulding and RP, the #1, #2 and #5 MAPHL teams. 

Forecasting based on history suggested that the Bears should have an easy time. If shots on goal were the sole basis of deciding victory, the home team crushed the visitors, 44-14; that is not the measure of merit for win/loss verdict. The good news is that the Bearsthree periods of hard work resulted in a 1-0 victory over the purple Gaels

One of the reasons why the Bears earned another 2 points in the MAPHL standings was the fine work of Sam Kroll in the nets. One more than one occasion, the Gaels brought the puck to the net, shot, saw it blocked by our #30, fought for the loose puck, shot it again and realized that the lines to the net were all occupied by our goalie. 

The result of no goals on 14 good shots was the product of Mr. Kroll and his best friends, the 5 Bear defenders—Will Buckingham, Brian Jordan, Alex Norwinski, Jack Sears and Jacob Ruttenberg plus the back-checking of the 11 Landon forwards. 

The offense worked hard throughout the forty-five minutes and that unrelenting approach had two positive consequences. The energy, which the Gaels exhibited on their two power plays, and which marked the beginning (MSJ coach’s speech during reicing) and end of the 3rd period (when they pulled their goalie to create a skater advantage), was effectively rebuffed. Coach Gammill rotated the 11 forwards in a variety of lines to good effect.

The other benefit of this uniform effort was that Landon scored with 0:44.6 seconds remaining in the 2nd period. Jack Barton teed up a powerful shot which the visitor goalie was unable to control and then Graham Shue was able to shoot it into the back of the net. 

The Gael goalie was another of those unpredictable factors. He had a GA average of 4.00, but against the Bears he was exceptional. After stopping 43 shots, he must be very tired. 

A hard-fought, well deserved second MAPHL win! On to an IAC game at SS/SA on Friday @6:40pm.

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