The Bears entered the Bishop Walker Invitational and drew the SEED School. It is a charter school located near Ft. DuPont and the Falcons basketball team had a 15-6 record last year. When the roster was reviewed, it was clear that this would not be a battle of heights (the opponents’ tallest player was 6’0”), but would be a test of speed, aggressiveness and hands. The Bears won that battle, forcing many turnovers, beating the Falcons down the court and retaining the ball on their own end of the court. The bigger Bears also won the feistiness contest; they went to the floor to get balls, jumped from behind screens, moved the ball up the court quickly and blocked out well under the boards.

The 1st Quarter started slowly as would be expected in the initial game of the season for both teams. Coach Luther showed the depth of his bench by playing ten players during these eight minutes (by halftime all of the Bears had played minutes). Landon scored 10 points and held their opponents to one basket and three foul shots.

The brown jerseyed boys exerted tremendous pressure defense, holding their opponents to zero points over a twenty minutes stretch. A number of Bears took on the challenge of covering the Falcons’ lightning quick set of guards and impressively were able to cut their progress off at mid court frequently.One of those defenders showed the value of multi sport athletes; the footwork of lacrosse and soccer player, Marshall Peters, was well tested as he put his 6’2” frame up against the Falcons’ swift 5’3” guard.

The 2nd quarter saw 17 points from Landon with some inside points from Sebastian Wells, Kahleef Bradford and Tumi Onaghise getting points from the paint. The Bears also tallied 9 points out of 11 foul shots.


More of the Landon roster was used in the third quarter and that depth added to their margin, 48-8. The Falcons scored all of their points during that eight minute segment from the charity stripe. They scored another field goal at 6 minutes remaining of the last period.

The Bears used the last eight minute segment to get significant game experience for Michael Bednarek, Thomas Dunigan, Kurt Gessler and Matt Perlmutter.




Wells                   13

Bradford             11

Peters                   8

Marshall              5

Collin                    4

Colclough            4

Perlmutter          4

Gessler                2

Onaghise            2


Landon plays again at StA on Friday at 7pm against the winner of the McNamara Mustangs v. Middleburg Dragons game.


Other teams in the tournament include Christchurch Seahorses, the Heights Cavaliers. Maret Frogs, and StA Bulldogs.





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