BEAR 2012-2013 HOCKEY


Coaches Gammill, Farnstrom and Lubin must have looked depressed as the Class of 2012 hockey seniors left campus for the next level. Nine players, who had been part of two consecutive IAC and MAPHL championships, were no longer on the roster. Their skill levels were extraordinary and their commitment to Bear hockey was exemplary. Plus, the 2011 seniors were also an extraordinary group.




While it is not time to order a new set of banners, it is not appropriate to turn off the Bear Pride cheers at the Bears’ Den. What didn’t leave at last year’s graduation was the spirit and tenacity which the two previous seasons had instilled in the 2013 leaders. Messrs. Shue (C), Will Buckingham (A), Kroll, Arevalo, Sears, Wellington and Javens all have included that leadership, determination and knowledge how to win in their hockey bags.




Graham Shue has skated during the captain practices with the speed and smoothness that we saw when he was completely healthy. His quick shot release should test opposing goalies.




Speaking of net minders, Landon has two who could start at other schools. Sam Kroll is in incredible physical and mental shape; his confidence is the sort of cornerstone on which to build a young defense.

His buddy Orlando makes Sam work hard at every practice. He has evidenced hard work throughout the preseason and is making it a strong case that he can/should start.

“Bucky”, still trying to work out the bumps and bruises from a long football season, is the energy engine for the Bears. He sets the pace and the lower classmen live in fear of his crushing contact.

John Wellington is now a major presence in the line-up. He has gotten bigger and faster than last year. With quick hands and a heavy shot, the big red head should be an impact player.

Last year, Jack Sears was comfortable being a role player with the talent that was surrounded him. He has shown that he has the skills and work ethic to step it up. It is also obvious that he learned from the Anas/Poto/Greenwald brains or that he has that sort of hockey smarts.

Chris Javens is a returning big, skilled D. His growth has been shown in greater patience and discipline. With more critical play time, this season will allow him to showcase his talent.

The juniors are fewer in number, but important to the team’s success. Jack Barton started to show his potential at the end of last season. The straight line forecast from that performance means this year could be big. Thomas Blue was a major contributor to the JV’s success last year and is expected to use a high energy level and good physical play this year.

The 2015 boys should get a lot of ice time. Satchel Clendenin played a lot last season for a freshman. He is bigger, much more confidant and has shown better hands, vision and smarts. His number should be filling the score book with G’s and A’s this year. Jacob Rittenberg, unusually calm under pressure, is expected to play a role back at the blue line as will Alex Norwinski, whose speed and puck carrying will add to the defensive corps. Three 1st year forwards—Colton Rupp, Jones Linder and Tommy Crittenberger—should be a source of energy, checking and scoring.

It is odd for the preview to reach down to the Freshman class, but Junmo Kim and Michael Soraci merit mention. Junmo is a big, solid D with great hands, vision and a hard shot. He plays older than his years. Michael has the energy and enthusiasm of Bucky (and that’s a high compliment!).

The IAC is deeper in talent than last year. RP has a new coach; so it will be interesting to see how his new system works. StA has some strong talent back and should be a challenge as usual. SSSA is improving. Bullis has added some talent.

MAPHL has two teams likely to be at the top—DeMatha and Gonzaga look to be quite good.

The story may be that the Bears are reloading.




BEARS 2012-2013 HOOPS

So Andy Luther has the same sadness about the 2012 graduation. The obvious loss is Joe McDonald, whose work as a Colonial freshman, shows that his Parade All American honor may have been an understatement. That same day in June saw Addison Sarter, Deion Wellington, Hank Brown and Cyrus House walk out of the Pielage Amphitheater and off to several college campuses. That was a group of exceptionally athletic, fast, quick, competitive players—all of whom had great hands. That cadre of talent complemented #22 and made the Bears competitive against a very tough IAC. Collectively, that was a big loss.

The basketball court for the Bears will depend on fewer year round hoops players and rely more on multi-sports athletes. Disciplined control of the ball and constant pressure on the defensive end will be the keys to a successful ’12-’13 season. 

The loss of last years’ leaders was evidenced early in the scrimmage against Wooten. (Though no score was posted, but the Bears won on a tie breaker—Coach Luther’s son, who helped from the sidelines, was cuter than the visitors’ coach’s son). For the 1st quarter, the ball moved one or two passes more than need be; the all-too-often result was a turnover. Shooters seemed reluctant to test their range. Over time greater fluidity became part of the offense and more points were scored.

This seemed to be a model for the upcoming season. Leaders will emerge; shooters will become comfortable with that role; passers will see the court better and know where to get the ball to the places where points can be made. The defense was there. Sebastian Wells, recovering from an illness, and Tumi Onaghise showed some ability to get rebounds at 6’6” and 6’4” respectively. There are a number of 6’1” to 6’2” guys who may emerge as leaders.  Isaiah Colclough should be one of the offensive/defensive leaders as a returner starter.  It was clear that Harry Laird knows the game, but was feeling the need to distribute the ball.

Bullis is the expected IAC power with transfers from RP (their best player last year) and Clarksburg as well as a returning stud from the Potomac Bulldogs. The DC Bulldogs will have talented guards. SSSA has a new coach and a 6’8” presence. EHS returns one of its best guards and has a transfer from Middleburg. Though RP lost its star to Bullis, it has a returning big man and a stable of shooters.

The Bears start with a game on 11/29 versus SEED in the StA Walker Invitational at 3pm.


Daniel Sunshine, Blake Harwood, Robby Salter, Joe, Austin Dabney and Mike Thornton – all class of 2010

  Pictures courtesy of Lisa Harwood. Please send me any photos of current/past boys.

BSN will be covering as many hoops and hockey games as possible.


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