Senior profile, MS and US Cross Country, Water Polo, Hoops and Hockey Tracks


1. When did you start playing football?

In 8th grade. I was a soccer convert.

2. What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

I ran a 4.7 Junior year but haven’t run it since. And not so good….. probably around 175.

3. What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

I’m not the biggest college football fan, but some of my family is from Oklahoma so I’d have to say OU. And Denard Robinson is definitely my favorite player. He’s an explosive player that seems to affect the game in every facet.

4. What is your favorite moment during any Landon sports event in which you played?

Beating Prep my sophomore year in football was really special. It meant a lot to everyone.

5. What is your favorite course at Landon?

Forensics is the most fun class offered at Landon. Hands down.

6. What is your favorite non-sports related activity (community work, art/music, paper, debate, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.)?

Ping Pong is one of my favorite things in the entire world.

7. What is your nickname (if any) and how did you get it?

I used to wear crazy socks all the time to practice so I started getting called Sockett.

8. Describe yourself in 3 words? How would your parents describe you in 3 words?

Accepting, Friendly, Competitive. Fun, Compassionate, Caring.

9. What’s on your iPod?

From Christmas carols by Bing Crosby to Rap by Eminem, and everything in between

10. Tell us one thing (interesting) that your teammates do not know about you.

I coach a basketball team outside of school.


The Landon Middle School Cross Country team defended its I.A.C. title on Friday, October 26, having won their first championship last year. The Bears outscored St. Albans 22 to 54.

Six Bears earned All-Conference honors. William Powell ’17 and Parker Lotstein ’18 led the Bears with a one-two finish. Powell completed the course in a time of 12:17.02. Lotstein also broke the 13 minute barrier running 12:46.12. Chan Smith ’18 took fourth for the Bears. Cole Gibson ’17, Patrick Giles ’18 and Kolin Lewis ’ 19 all finished in the top 10 and earned All-Conference recognition. Xander DeNovio ’18 was the final scorer for Landon and finished ahead of St. Albans, Bullis, and St. Stephen’s and St. Agnes ’ fourth runners.  

Seventeen of the 20 members of the team had their best race of the season at the I.A.C. Championships. Coach Addision Hunt says, “Thank you to all who came out and cheered on our Bears.” Ted Lewis and Robert Brutus also coach the team. The team will compete again in two weeks in the Maryland Private School Championships.

Upper School Cross Country finished second in the I.A.C Championships. Adam Brill ’13 was 3rd overall; Kevin Soraci ’14 was 4th overall. The team still has county and other meets left in the season.



From MainlineNews (,

The Bears Varsity, swimming at the Eastern Prep Water Polo Championships for Middle Atlantic Schools, came in 3rd!




George Washington’s hot pursuit of Joe McDonald paid off

We knew this; so it is nice to see a sportswriter get it right–




Sam Anas, skating for the Youngstown Phantoms, hitting the top corner just like he did for the Bears!!!



PJReview on StA tomorrow



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