RP 28 LANDON 27 in Overtime


Since Rockville Prep “left” the IAC, the only conference team to play the Little Hoyas every year; the rivalry remains helped by the Davis Fegan Cup. This year, the blue clad team has no league title to fight for and a disappointing season with lots of key injuries. The expectations were that the team celebrating Homecoming would come out fired up and the Bears would have to respond. Though their 3-5 record was not impressive, they had a 3 game winning streak and a typically not so Little Hoya roster with 11 players over 200#. The final score, 28-27 in overtime, demonstrates that both teams fought hard and neither deserved to lose. The good news is that the Landon team still has an opportunity to win the IAC.


On a wintery cold and wind night, the Bears showed that they were ready on the very first play. The Little Hoyas kicked off with the wind at their backs to the visitors 23 where white clad Sophomore Johari Johnson caught the ball, accelerated, received some excellent blocks from his teammates, dodged some of the RP boys, ran over a few and arrived in the opposite end zone. Good PAT by Chris Kirtley so it was BEARS 7 LITTLE HOYAS 0 @ 11:43 OF THE 1ST Q


Two exchanges of possession resulted in the RP team with the ball at the 50 yard line. Seven plays later they tied it up on a 1 yard sneak by Corey Howard. The successful PAT was at 4:40 BEARS 7 LITTLE HOYAS 7


The Bears had a good 54 yard drive but turned the ball over on downs. The RP team moved the line of scrimmage 32 yards on 10 plays, but they had to punt. Another Landon possession resulted in a punt and the reply was similar RP drive was stopped on a key 4th and 2 play when Soph Kolby Williams tackled a Little Hoya for a loss. The last two plays by the visitors consumed the remaining seconds.




The 3rd quarter started on a different scoring pace. The home team took the ball on its 20 yard line after Chris Kirtley boomed the ball into the end zone. The territory was covered in 8 RP plays, 7 runs and the TD by the Bryant recruit Tene SamutoLITTLE HOYAS 14 BEARS 7 @ 8:44


The visitors responded with equal measure—a 79 yard, 12 play drive consuming 5 minutes. Runs by Peter Laco (40yds on 3 carries), Jamal François (37 on 5), Myles Allen (6 on2), Johari (3 on 1) and Colton Rupp (2 on 1) were the exclusive form of Bear locomotion. Myles made a key 3rd and 5 conversion with several not very Little Hoyas on his back and the last piece of land for the TD. A Kirtley PAT @2:51 or the 3rd Q made it, BEARS 14 LITTLE HOYAS 14.


The home team responded with a drive that carried into the 4th quarter, but the 42 yard advance resulted in a 46 yard FG attempt to no avail—Robby Dunigan snuffed it.


The Bears were unable to retain the ball after 5 downs and had to punt. Brendan Collins replaced Samuto and carried the ball 9 out of the 10 plays. The biggest gain for the home team was that they took away 6 minutes from the Bears’ time to respond. LITTLE HOYAS 21 BEARS 14


Landon got the ball 66 yards away with only 1:56 remaining. Junior QB Kyle Hartman lined up in a spread offense taking a direct hike from Senior Center Will Buckingham six yards away. Yes, this is a very unusual formation, but aside from two plays, the next 66 yards moved via air with ALL 6 passes successfully thrown by Kyle to Anthony Fullum, Robbie Dunigan, Dominique Seagears (one a beautiful reception and dragging his feet to assure a reception on the sideline) and a final one to Peter Laco for a TD with 0:12.9 remaining! This was one of the best, if not THE best passing displays in BSN coverage history! Kirtley’s PAT was good. BEARS 21 LITTLE HOYAS 21   


After a long consultation among Coach Padalino, Coach Paro and all of the officials, the ball was placed 20 yards from the end zone. The Bears took the ball first and four runs (Jamal 2 for 18 and Myles 2 for 2 and the TD). The Bears. sensing that they were getting yards on the ground easily and wanting to force the 2nd possessors to go for the two point play, ran the ball, but ended up short of the goal line. BEARS 27 LITTLE HOYAS 21.


It took the home team 8 plays to equal the score and they were able to convert the PAT.


A well fought game by all of the boys on both sides. Apologies for not mentioning all of the names of all of the Bears who played. With the cold and wind, note taking was difficult. Under the circumstances, failing to note one guard, tackle, end, LB or DB would be unfortunate. Rather than risk an omission, the decision is to recognize all of the boys, who played so hard, as a Band of Bears.









Att.- Yds.



Jamal Francois




Myles Allen




Peter Laco




Johari Johnson




Colton Rupp







Cmp.-Att.-TD Yds.



Kyle Hartman

6-7-0 66



Rec.- Yds.



Anthony Fullum




Dominique Seagears


Peter Laco




Robert Dunigan







11/10 @1:30pm Bordley Stadium at Triplett






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