1. When did you start playing football?

I started playing tackle football in third grade in the Rockville Football League.


2.    What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

            My fastest 40 time is 4.9 and my bench is 210 pounds.



3. What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

My favorite college football team is the Florida Gators and my favorite player is Jelani Jenkins.



  4. What is your favorite moment during any Landon sports event in which you played?

            Beating Bullis in lacrosse for the IAC championship.



5. What is your favorite course at Landon?

            Geometry with Sorkin    


6. What is your favorite non-sports related activity (community work, art/music, paper, debate, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.)?


I really like to paint with Mr. Bartman.


7. Describe yourself in 3 words? How would your parents describe you in 3 words?


I would describe myself as charismatic, friendly, loyal. My parents describe me as caring, funny, and handsome.



8. What’s on your iPod?

            Dr. Gonzo, Game




  1. When did you start playing football?

          A: In third grade for Mr. Williams          


2.    What is your time in the 40 yd. dash and what’s your best bench weight?

                         A: Not very quickly/enough


3. What is your favorite college football team and college football player?

A: WVU and Tavon Austin 


4. What is your favorite course at Landon?

A: Forensics with Mr. Wright 


5. What is your favorite non-sports related activity (community work, art/music, paper, debate, poem, extracurricular activity, etc.)?

        A: Ceramics has always been a favorite of mine and Mr. Zimmer does a great job.


7. What is your nickname (if any) and how did you get it?

A: Murty, because it’s my name. 


8. Describe yourself in 3 words?

        A: Lawn-cutter, Resourceful, Cat-scratcher

        How would your parents describe you in 3 words?

        A: Thoughtful, Funny, Finicky


9. What’s on your iPod? 

        A:Dr. Gonzo, Hootie & the Blowfish, Wu-Tang Clan, Notorious B.I.G., Pink Floyd and Pretty Lights.



The team from Woodberry Forest is always a challenge to the Bears. This year’s group is no difference. This year’s 3-2 Tigers fit that mold. They have talent (two Notre Dame recruits), size (13 players over 200# with 3 over 250# one listed as 6’5” and 291#) and high level of attention due to the courage/bravery/tenacity of QB Jacob Rainey, who is playing on a prosthesis and was the subject of a compelling ESPN segment ( They have a common opponent, Collegiate, who the Bears beat them 35-26 and the Tigers defeated 23-15.

Here’s more information about the two WFS studs:


Doug Randolph ( #7, SR, DT/WR, 6’3”, 231#, ND commit as a LB- note that he will play LB at ND but WFS lists him as a DT and WR; he scored a TD as a WR last week!

Greer Martini ( #47, SR, ILB, 6’3”, 226#, ND commit as a LB




John C.williams DT Sr. 6-0 224
  Chris Shaffrey   So.    
  Quintin Schwartz   So.    


Matty Sheehan WR Sr. 6-1 194


Ty Abdul-karim WR,   DB Sr. 5-10 164


Harold Minor DB,   RB So. 5-8 178


Haynes Zaytoun   Sr. 5-8 162


Sam Miller   Sr. 5-9 195


Nikolaos Gjika DB Sr. 6-1 192


Doug Randolph DT,   WR Sr. 6-3 231


Jacob Rainey QB Sr. 6-3 213


Christian Asher OLB,   RB Jr. 6-1 211


William Dossett OLB Sr. 6-4 197


Banks Hagood WR Jr. 6-2 162


Trey Roberson RB Sr. 5-9 161


Jake Willis TE Sr. 6-3 207


Vance Spilman QB,   ILB Jr. 6-1 193


Allen Jones   Sr. 5-11 161


Hunter Etheridge QB Jr. 6-2 191


Ben Pugh FS Sr. 6-3 178


Rob Wood FS Jr. 5-10 163


Justin Hash DB Sr. 5-6 156


Nate Ingram   So. 5-9 163


James Hewell RB Jr. 6-1 203


Nathaniel Tyrell DB So. 5-7 154


Richard Gates OLB,   RB Sr. 5-10 190


Brandon Walker   Jr. 5-7 132


Gordon McAlister SS Sr. 5-11 160


Zach Buettner ILB Jr. 5-7 147


Michael Armstrong K Jr. 5-10 156


Nick Cirillo DB Sr. 5-9 162


Will Tucker DB Sr. 6-3 183


Harrison Cozart ILB Sr. 6-0 209


Josh Wallace DB Jr. 5-10 165


Jp Connell DB Jr. 5-10 148


Whit Hobbs ILB Jr. 5-11 156


Todd Fedyck SS Jr. 5-11 177


Blake Bozymski P Jr. 6-1 162


Denton Stockseth FB Sr. 5-10 196


Trice Moore SS Sr. 6-0 168


Will Figg ILB Sr. 5-9 179


Greer Martini ILB Jr. 6-3 226


Trent Ragland DT,   TE Jr. 6-1 195


Peter Bristow OLB Sr. 5-11 196


McKenzie Folan DT   5-11 188


Ej Johnson OLB Jr. 6-0 192


Will Watson OT Jr. 6-1 195


Thomas Claiborne DB Jr. 5-7 134


Isaiah Brown OLB Jr. 6-0 194


Brantley Hathaway OG Jr. 6-0 193


Joe Riddle DT,   C Jr. 6-0 192


Edward Bailey OLB Sr. 6-2 180


Sam Hodges OT Jr. 6-1 215


George Ives OG Jr. 6-0 173


Cole Martini OC So. 5-10 214


Spencer Bibb OG Jr. 6-1 239


Sterling Street DT Jr. 5-6 172


Hank Krebs OT Sr. 6-3 255


Andrew Shofner OG Jr. 6-4 286


Phillip Berry OT Sr. 6-5 291


Mike Manning OT Jr. 6-0 236


John Moses OG Sr. 6-2 252


John Taylor TE Sr. 6-2 182


Reid Williamson WR Sr. 6-3 186


Lester Coleman WR Jr. 6-6 193


Eric Ways WR Jr. 5-10 138


Jack Burke P,   K Jr. 6-1 170


David Moore   Sr. 5-9 151


Jacob Fleck   Sr. 5-7 143


Wylie Mendicino WR,   FS So. 6-3 182


Jordan McIntosh WR Sr. 6-2 181


Greg Kerr DB Sr. 6-0 166


Thompson Long DT,   TE Jr. 6-3 198


Myles Brown OLB,   DT Jr. 6-1 223


Landon soccer team believes it can win

Bears in position to claim their first IAC title in 25 years

by Nick Cammarota Staff writerBrian Lewis/The Gazette Landon’s Sean O’Brien is part of the school’s soccer team attempting to win its first IAC title in 25 years.Brian Lewis/The Gazette Sean O’Brien (left) and Aaron Zaimi (right) are part of the school’s soccer team attempting to win its first IAC title in 25 years.

Brian Lewis/The Gazette Landon’s soccer team is attempting to win its first IAC title in 25 years. AJ Miele (front) and Nico Sensenbrenner are contributors.



The afternoon following the Landon School boys soccer team’s first loss of the season against St. Stephen’s/St. Agnes, coach Bill Reed was prepared for an important training session.

On the near sideline of the pitch at the Bethesda school’s campus, there was a set of kettle bells — red, yellow, purple and black. Also on the field were large screens the size of soccer goals and smaller nets where the goalkeepers worked on their technique.

The reserves that didn’t participate in the 2-1 loss against the Saints prepared for an intense practice. The starters took things easy.

From the design of the training, it was evident that Reed had been coaching for awhile. Twenty-three years, 14 at Landon, to be exact. Throughout the afternoon, he pushed the starters through a regeneration session while the reserves continued to kick the ball around.

“You’ve got to be thoughtful. You learn lessons from your high school coach, college coach, people you’ve coached against. You steal ideas and you remember what it was like,” said Reed, who keeps a notepad next to him when watching the FOX Soccer Channel. “And you read. You read a lot.”

Reed’s organization, commitment from his four-man coaching staff and dedicated senior captains all have helped Landon to a 6-2-0 start. There is also a feeling throughout the program as though they’re legitimate contenders for their first outright Interstate Athletic Conference title in 25 years.

“I think it’s a very realistic goal for us,” senior co-captain Matt Underhill said. “The loss was definitely a shock to the system, but it let us know that we can’t just show up to win games. We need to work real hard in the next couple of weeks and make a push for the title because in four weeks we’ll have lost our chance.”

A telling moment for Reed came during the bus ride following the team’s first loss. The players all were quiet, contemplative and were that way without such directions from Reed or the coaching staff.

“Before, we had that feeling of invincibility. It’s probably good to get this out the window now,” Underhill said. “It was very quiet after the game. Guys took it very seriously and that’s definitely a good sign that guys care a lot.”

Underhill, who also serves as the varsity football team’s kicker, is paired with class president Marshall Peters as the Bears’ leaders. Peters has attended Landon since he was in third grade while Underhill has been at the school since ninth grade.

Both have noticed a significant change in the soccer culture at Landon, a school where athletes are required to play three sports.

“In the past, we’ve been a lacrosse-based school. We’ve had three or four guys who played soccer and were technical, then the rest just were athletes who played soccer,” Peters said. “This year, there’s a technical guy at every position. That really helps in keeping the ball.”

Indeed, Reed said 10 of his starting 11 players list soccer as their primary sport, the lone exception being junior goalkeeper Walt Spak, who is an excellent golfer.

Part of the culture transformation is, as Underhill put it, “really good luck.” It also can be attributed to the work of Peters and Underhill to cultivate a soccer-first mentality.

“There’s been a big emphasis on the pride we have and everything we do,” said Underhill, who plays center midfield. “We thought in past years that we haven’t had chemistry like we’ve had this year. We saw we could bring the team together this year and everybody’s playing for the guy next to them instead of themselves.”

The addition of striker Zach Fingerhut, who is being heavily recruited by Division I schools, also has helped bolster Landon’s scoring attack as the Bears have outscored opponents 19-5 through seven matches. Fingerhut, who attended Landon from third through eighth grade, transferred to Bullis for two seasons before rejoining the Bears for his junior campaign. In seven matches, Fingerhut has scored eight goals and three game-winning goals.

“I think Zach coming in added that extra oomph we needed to win. I think we’re confident right now and it’s a realistic goal for us to win the IAC,” Peters said.

Reed, who is the history chair at Landon, is in peak physical condition himself and joined his team in doing the kettle bells, ab planks and stretches at practice. A player throughout high school and college, Reed grew up in Vermont and attended Colby College before moving to Maryland. He, too, sees potential for big things from his club this season, which finished second in the IAC last year (4-3-3).

“Our best players are willing to work hard in practice and share the ball. That doesn’t always happen. Sometimes you get a superstar and they want to go to goal and do it themselves,” Reed said. “All the kids came in and you could tell there was something different about these guys.”


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