As John Nichols reported ( 17 Bears will participate in one of the “scrimmages” that the NCAA lacrosse rules allow; their common name is Fall Ball. The budget for travel requires that parents attending games in Folsom, PA, Braintree, MA, Tukwila, WA, and San Francisco, CA provide information about their Bears at those games (although I am willing to travel, just need a ride).

Thanks to two separate exceptional organizations, the DMV had a level of lacrosse equal to or better than the NCAA Final Four this past weekend. Due to this fortuitous situation, there are reports on the Bears playing at the next level are available here.

As a side note, this Old School lacrosse person was very nervous about the NCAA rule changes, especially the stall warn/clock change. Based on the 4 college games observed, the new rules appear to be good.

The Play for Parkinson’s Research foundation benefitted from the play of the Air Force Academy, Towson, UVa, Georgetown (Alex Joyce) and Princeton (B. Reilly, J. Strabo, J. Murphy and M. Strabo) played at Episcopal High School. Some of the games were played at the Greenway Field and since the scorekeeper/clock operator job did not allow for absences, observations were limited to play at Hummel Bowl.

First, this is a very different Hoyas team under Coach Warne. The GU goalies wore numbers other than those listed for each player in the program; so Alex Joyce’s save against fellow Bear (Justin or Jack) in his game against Princeton was not recorded. I am told that he had major PT against USAFA and made a statement that he should be considered as their #1 stopper.

Jack Strabo was the Tigers first team SSDM and had a lot of playing time. According to a nationally known lax writer, Jack and Nick Fernandez are the best short stick defensive midfield tandem. Brian Reilly got some good playing time and showed he can contribute. Mark Strabo was among a group of 4 Tiger defenders who played equally. Justin Murphy and two other Tigers who took face offs; he had a couple of major wins against the UVA X men—see below.

(courtesy of


The inaugural Capital Lacrosse Invitational was special. The efforts of organizers (Bears: Austin Flajser, Robert Fogarty, Kevin Shooshan, Marcus Witowski, Brian Adams, Teddy Lamade, JR Bordley, Bill Fort, David Holm, Paul Padalino, JJ Brock and Tiger Joyce; Cornell Bear Chris Viola) met the very high standards established by their friend, hero and honoree Mario St. George Boiardi. The Foundation established by these young men to capture and preserve George’s spirit and enthusiasm; #21 was very pleased with his friends’ stellar efforts on this rainy, miserable day. The quality of the presentations about the Foundation’s goals/mission and George’s life was inspiring. The lacrosse vendors, the food providers, the event’s organization and the dedication of the volunteers were exemplary. The teams that came to Bethesda added to that luster and the presence of Team USA was a major attraction. It was said that fans came from as far away as upstate New York, not because they has sons on the field, but because the games were that exciting.

The Landon School, in honor of George, donated its facilities to the event. Based on comments of the lacrosse aficionados who attended, there was a significant return on that investment by the school. Four BIG TIME schools came to Bordley Stadium . The best summary of the impact of this event was made by one of the lacrosse fathers who said, “Having seen this place, I know understand why so many boys choose to come here and why so many alums play so well in college.”

UNC (minus Boom Leighton, who cannot play due to concussions), JHU (with Blue Jay alumnus Conor Cassidy as their guide), Penn State and Cornell (Joe Paoletta and Will Joyce) demonstrated why any/all may be playing in late May. Joe was the Big Red’s top SSDM, demonstrated the results of a lot of weight room time and used his speed to frustrate the JHU highly rated middies; I suspect that he may contest the above mentioned top rated SSDM tandem for that honor (good news- whoever wins is a Bear). Will, it was reported, had major playing time against UNC.

The Blue Jays demonstrated some improved speed against PSU and the Big Red showed an up tempo game that surprised JHU. The Team USA scrimmage (some of the players were fighting for the final roster) was awesome. Six 20 minute running time periods allowed the spectators to see the incredible hand-eye coordination skills in catching and passing, some of the fastest, smoothest ground ball scoops and extraordinary slides on the D end.

Hopefully the 2nd Annual Capital Lacrosse Invitational will return to Bordley Stadium in 2013. It is the perfect venue to capture George’s spirit and the event demonstrates to the lacrosse world why the Bears exemplify George’s values throughout their careers on and off the field.


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