The BSN Sunday Times

The Sunday Times edition, delivered on Monday due to the Capital Lacrosse Invitational (which was fantastic), is going to use the abbreviated format again. This simplicity makes it easier to read and the format does not test the parameters of the website!

Bear FB Trax

Max Lehrman, 2 solo tackles one of which was a TFL for -12, Middlebury 24 Amherst 3

Jeff Izon, 1 carries 2 yards, Brown 17 URI 7

Antoine Hudson, DNP, Albany 31 Bryant 14

Dillon Rupp, DNP, Holy Cross 13 Bucknell 6

Ben Spiritos, DNP, Dartmouth 21 Penn 28

Marek Laco, Dickinson bye week

Jon Umanzor, Dickinson bye week

Vincent Kindfuller, played, MIT 28 Plymouth State 7

Terrence Fullum, played, Richmond 28 Villanova 17

David Duber, played, Army 28Cornell Sprint 14

Bear Opponents

HIGHLIGHTS—Woodberry Forrest beat Collegiate; Bullis beat McNamara; SSSA lost to Blue Ridge which is undefeated); RP beat StA

BULLIS, 4-0, Bullis 26 McNamara 3

SSSA, 4-1, Blue Ridge 30 SSSA 26

StA, 3-3, StA 41 RP 49

EHS, 2-2, Landon 41 EHS 14

Collegiate, 3-2, Collegiate 15 WFS 23

WFS, 3-2, WFS 23 Collegiate 15

Mount St. Joe, 3-3, Calvert Hall 29 MSJ 21

McNamara, 2-4, Bullis 26 McNamara 3

RP, 1-5, RP 49 StA 41

AACS, 0-6, bye week


Many apologies to two serious errors and formatting problems in recent accounts—

  • The Bears have used Will Buckingham as both the center and defensive lineman for several games. The description of the line play failed to mention #56’s contributions as center. The error was due to misreading of game notes.
  •  Michael Rhoads’ name was misspelled and for this I apologize; as Mr. Dixon would have confirmed, I am a horrible speller. Based on that deficiency, I try to use spell check to save me from this mental processing problem.
  • Word Press, which hosts my blog, is supposed to be one of the best sites for such content. All too often, it does not format the text as it was input and on more than an occasion, it decides to use a different format and/or change the size of the pictures inserted. It is very frustrating for me and the end result does not attain the professional look that is being sought.

These corrections are MUCH appreciated; as a friend, who is a professional writer explained to me, it shows that the readers have maintained attention past the headline and that is a good thing. Having written documents for over 30 years and having received negative feedback from clients about the brilliance of my legal arguments (some of the critique was well taken, some incredibly insipid and much of it was correct in the corrections identified), I am completely inured to any umbrage. The ones which start with a nice complement 1st, do not require any Tums to swallow, but seriously, the feedback is genuinely accepted as positive reinforcement—in that the reader cares enough to tell me what’s wrong and getting it right matters much.

This week, we should have 2 senior profiles and a PJReview of the Woodberry Forest game.

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