The Bears entered EHS’ Hummel Bowl to face a Maroon team with a good 2-1 record, two three exceptional athletes (QB Timmy Phillips a Notre Dame lax commit as sophomore, a junior RB Nigel Beckford [receiving interest from Rice, Purdue and Ole Miss] and a junior NT Thomas Thagard with exceptional strength and quickness). The home team is composed of players from 12 states and Hong Kong. This roster profile is very similar to the visitors’ prior opponents with one exception—the High School team has only 4 players of a weight of 200# or more.

Another theme that characterized two previous Landon victories (AACS and Collegiate) was repeated here; the wing T took a 21-0 lead and did not relinquish that margin on the way to a convincing IAC initial victory, 42-14, for Landon. The running Bears (425 yards, 6 TDs), punting (average 51 yards) and aggressive D (6 tackles for losses and 3 fumble recovery) brought home a victory for the visitors.

Landon took the opening kickoff and controlled it for 6 plays. The results, gaining 77 yards mostly on two Philip Pena-to-Austin Petty passes, were most promising until an unfortunate fumble. The EHS DB scooped up the ball with a straight line bereft of any Bears between his point of recovery and the goal line. Bears’ QB Philip Pena showed his potential as a DB by catching up with the Maroon at the Landon 46, thus saving an otherwise certain home team TD. The EHS QB and RB, mentioned above, rode the turnover momentum to 6 yards from a score. Then the talented home running back returned the fumble favor by relinquishing the ball after a hard hit. Kolby Williams accepted the generosity by gaining possession of the ball at the Landon 8 yard line. Michael Rhodes boomed the ball 54 yards upon possessing the ball, the EHS player was immediately and decisively tackled by Jack Falk (3:28 remaining in 1st Q).

The Bear LBs were able to find their way into the EHS backfield repeatedly due to the aggressiveness of the Brown DL—Petty, Williams, Desroches, Fitzgerald (our own feisty NT), Buckingham, Mitchell, Howard, Jacob Harris, Isaiah Edwards and others. The LBs (Trumbower, Rhoads, Falk, Padalino and others) were constant pests to the Maroon QB and RB. The visiting DBs (Fullum, Laco, Dunnigan, Seagears, Johnson, Akinboyewa, MacLaury [these last two made some big tackles late in the game] and others) were always locked up on the EHS WRs and were consistently part of the run D support team.

 The Maroon was stymied by an aggressive Bear D, most notably a pass knocked down by Peter Laco and then aTackle For Loss (TFL) by Conor Lynch.  An EHS punt placed the ball on the Bears’ 30, but the wing T, the blockers and the speedy RBs moved the ball 70 yards for the 1st TD of the game. The ball was moved down the field by 10 consecutive rushes, all for 5 or more yards per carry, by Jamail François (4 carries), Peter Laco (2) and Phil (1).  The final rush was by the swift soph (#24). PAT by Chris Kirtley was good. BEARS 7 MAROON 0 @ 10:30 of the 2nd Q.

Chris booted the kickoff into the end zone; EHS 1st and ten at their 20. Three offensive home team plays, thanks in part to a TFL by Andrew Mitchell, moved the ball minus 5 yards. The Maroon punt moved the ball to only the EHS 25.

There the Running Bears added Myles Allen to the ground weapons; he collaborated with Phil and Jamail for this 5 play drive. The Soph RB (#24) carried the ball for his second TD @ 6:38. Chris converted the PAT—LANDON 14 EHS 0

Chris denied the home team the opportunity to return the ball by burying his kickoff into the end zone. The High School offense handled the ball for 5 plays and the aggressive Bear D blunted the Maroon effort by another TFL; this one by Soph Kolby Williams. The home team punt put the ball in the other half of the field.

The Bears took possession 78 yards away from a TD and with 4:28 remaining. Two consecutive Myles runs moved the ball 48 yards and Jamail added another 10. Bears 1st and 10 at the EHS 20. A QB sweep by Phil started off on his normal accelerated speed, but the Maroon Sea was parted by an exceptional block by TE Petty; the end result was a sweet sweep of the remaining 20 yards. Kirtley PAT was successful, BEARS 21 MAROON 0 @2:27.

Throughout the game, the Bear O line carved up the Maroon D. Kudos to Messrs. Petty, Kamara, Spiritos, Fitzgerald, Rallo, Murty, Howard and others. EHS put their biggest linemen on D, but the Bears cut them down and moved them out consistently in all 4 Qs.

Another Chris kickoff was deep enough to deny the home team the opportunity to return—EHS 1st and 10 at their own 20. Mr. Mitchell introduced himself to the EHS QB 10 yards (TFL) behind the original point of Maroon embarkation and after an incomplete pass and a short run, the home team had to punt again. The boot did not advance the ball significantly; so the Bears had the ball 34 yards from another score. The O was not able to gain much yardage and a 4th down pass was intercepted. EHS had the ball 95 yards with 0:17 until half. A short run ran out the half.


The 2nd half started with a Bear kick and Chris continued his proclivity to deny his opponents the option of returning the ball. Nigel Beckford showed his stuff, gaining 70 yards on two plays, but a snap over the QB’s head resulted in Andrew’s (#36) recovery.

Landon ball, 1st and 10 @ the Bears’ 43 with 10:55 remaining in the 3rd Q.  Nine runs (Allen 4, François  2, Pena 2 and Laco 1) resulted in a 10 yard TD by Phil, PAT by #87 –BEARS 28 MAROON 0 @7:16.

The reason for getting the kickoffs into the end zone was demonstrated by the next play in which Beckford returned the ball 100 yards (his rear foot was on the goal line when he received it). He broke several tackles, demonstrated elusiveness and showed his speed in the play. MAROON 7  BEARS 28 @ 7:01.

The challenge was accepted by the Bears as they moved it 80 yards 6 plays—5 runs (Jamail 3, Myles 2) and the coup de grace was a 47 yard blast by the senior RB (#32) through a good hole and a burst through the EHS secondary. Kirtley PAT good– LANDON 35 MAROON 7 @4:37 remaining in the 3rd.

To counter the EHS successful return, Chris effectively squibbed the next kick; EHS 1st and 10 at their own 24. A series of bubble screens blunted the Bear rush and the Maroon scored with 0:09 remaining in the 3rd Q. PAT good— MAROON 14 BEARS 35

After the home team kickoff, one more Bear run, the scoreboard showed that there remained 12:00 in the game. The Landon boys took the challenge of an EHS TD by moving the ball 80 yards down the field in eight plays (yup, that’s an average of 10 yards per play!).Allen(2), François(2), Laco, Pena and Colton Rupp were the runners with the senior/captain (#32) advancing the ball the final 14 yards. His leg drive, explosive blows and determination took him up the middle/through the opponents. #87 hit his PAT @ 9:15—BEARS 42 MAROON 14

The next possession by EHS mimicked past series—occasional good runs by their star RB, the positive advance with a bubble screen, but their progress disrupted by Bear TFLs—one by Jules Desroches and another Michael Rhoads. An EHS punt resulted in the visitors’ possession at 6:38. Three plays later Mr. Rhoads drove any Maroon aspirations by punting the ball 49 yards from the Landon last line of scrimmage.

Home team 1st and 10 at the Landon 15 with less than 4 minutes remaining. A potential EHS drive was stopped when Justin Cort alertly recognized that the Maroon ball was lateraled and  not passed; he fell on the ball—Bears possession, Landon 19 with 1:31 remaining. Kyle Hartman received 3 successive snaps, took 3 knees and consumed the clock.




PLAYER                      CARRIES                    YARDS            AVERAGE                   TDs

Allen                            14                                158                  11.3                             2

François                      18                                126                  6.9                               2

Pena                            7                                  82                    11.7                             2

Laco                            5                                  48                    9.6

Rupp                           2                                  9                      4.5

Cort                             1                                  0

Hartman                      3                                  3 knees

51                                425                  8.3




PASSER                     ATTEMPTS                 COMPLETION            YARDS

Pena                            4                                  2                                  64

RECEIVER                  RECEPTIONS             YARDS

Petty                            2                                  64


PUNTER                     KICKS                         YARDS            AVERAGE

Rhoads                        2                                  103                  51.5

PLACE KICKER          PATs attempted          PATs SUCCESSFUL

Kirtley                          6                                  6





The Sunday Times edition of BSN may not be published until Monday due to Sunday’s Capitol Lacrosse Classic.

Be sure to tune in ESPN Tuesday Oct 9 at 7pm for the story of Woodberry Forest’s QB who lost his leg below his knee last year and who is playing on a prosthesis, Jacob Rainey.


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  1. Hey Sandy,
    Great recap! As a head’s up the rushing yardage matrix did not format properly. Also Will Buckingham is the starting center on the O line commencing from the second game. He is the only 2way starting lineman.
    Also some great play calling by Rob!
    My Best Always,

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