The headline is to commemorate Mr. Dixon who died this morning. If BSN exhibits any writing ability, that talent is largely the result of Mr. Dixon’s English teaching. One of his pet peeves was never to make nouns into verbs. The headline would have caused my friend Tom to call me and remind me that palindrome is a noun, not a verb. I remember, Mr. Dixon, but my bad grammar allowed me to praise you. God bless this wonderful teacher and incredible fan of the Bears Sports teams and of his many, many Bears. We all love you very much.


A season from a 10-2 MIAA B championship and a game from a loss to neighbor Severn, the Eagles of Annapolis Area Christian School walked onto Triplett Field with positive expectations. By the end of the 4th Bear drive, the visitors’ optimism had been dashed with a fury equal (Bears 21 Eagles 0) to the storm that halted the game with 6 minutes left. After 42 minutes, the score was a numerical palindrome[1], BEARS 41 EAGLES 14. The performance of two sophomores (Jamal Francois 10 carries, 49 yards, 3 TDs and Colton Rupp 10 carries 73 yards) was also very impressive.

The Eagles won the coin toss deferred the choice, the Bears decided to receive and the visitors got the advantage of a tremendous tail win for the kick off. The home team started at its own 20 and after 9 plays (8 runs, 1 pass) they occupied the end zone. The runners included Peter Laco (4 carries), Tony Fullum (2) , Francois(1) and Phillip Pena (1), but the end of this offensive movement was a nice 18 pass from QB #7 to tight end Jackson Howard. The O line (Howard, Obai Komara, Will Buckingham, Michael Rallo [who blocked on a wide run against a LARGE Eagle for an exceptionally long time], Will Murty and Austin Petty executed superbly  Matt Underhill nailed the PAT and at 8:06 the score was BEARS 7 EAGLES 0.


The soccer captain, who moonlights as a Bear kicker (#4), then faced a very strong headwind and was able to loft the ball all of the way to the Eagles’ 30 where the visitor’s heavily recruited WR was tackled for a loss because the Bears’ speed men were able to get down about the same time as the ball. AACS held the ball for 9 plays (including a fake 4th down punt), but were forced to punt.

Landon 1st and 10 from their own 31, but this drive was short and Michael Rhodes, kicking into the fierce win, put the Eagles back on their own 30. Two plays by the visitors and then a disaster—they fumbled and Andrew Mitchell recovered, Bears 1st and 10 from the AACS21. Six plays later (runs by Laco, Pena, Johari Johnson [another sophomore]) were finished with a 3 yard Francois TD run.  Underhill split the uprights at 11:16 of the 2nd quarter. BEARS 14 EAGLES 0

With the wind at his back, Matt kicked the ball through the end zone by a substantial margin. First play from scrimmage for the Eagles, another disaster befell the visitors; another fumble (did not see who recovered). Bears had the ball 1st and 10 at the AACS 19. Jamal Francois ran for 5 and then Philip Pena found Anthony Fullum for a TD at 10:08 of the 2nd Q. The PAT was good, thanks Matt. BEARS 21 EAGLES 0

Matt Just Put The Ball On the 20” Underhill boomed the kick through the end zone. This time, the visitors mounted an 80 yard, seven play drive. It culminated in a 42 yard touchdown run by Eagle Perez Mackell. The 2 point play failed. EAGLES 6 BEARS 21 @7:23 remaining until half.

Dominique Seagears returned the AACS kickoff to establish Bears 1st and 10 at their own 29 yard line. Ten plays later (Soph Colton Rupp (3 carries), Francois (3), Fullum (1), Pena (1) and Seagears (1)); the last 7 yards were the work product of Jamal Francois; Underhill nailed another BEARS 28 EAGLES 6 @ 3:20 of period 2.

JPTBO20 followed his kicking formula and the visitors started on the Bears’ 20 again. AACS encountered further difficulty when the ball on 2nd down was snapped over the QB and once he possessed it, he was rudely met by Andrew (a/k/a David) Mitchell, forcing another Eagles punt.

Bears had the ball 1st and 10 at the visitors 46. Three runs later (Rupp, Fullum and François), the Bears could see the uprights and with only 0:04, Matt Underhill tried but missed a 46 yard field goal.


 JPTBO20 did his job again; Eagles 1st and 10 at the Landon 20. Not enough has been said about the Bears’ D; yes, the visitors had their problems, but that was due in large part to the aggressive, MUCH smaller Bear defenders, who included the following players who restrained the AACS offense throughout the game:

            D line: Andrew Mitchell, Will Buckingham, PJ Fitzgerald, Kolby Williams, Jackson Howard, Austin Petty, Sebastian Welles, Jules Desroches, Matt Johnston, Isaiah Edwards, Conor Lynch, Justin Moore, Michael Rallo, others?

           Line Backers: Jack Falk, Taylor Trumbower, Michael Rhoads, Paul PadalinoTommy Crittenberger,others?

          D back: Tony Fullum, Peter Laco, Rob Dunigan, Jamal François, Dominique Seagears, BrandonJohnson,Bernard Akinboyewa, Jeremy Epstein, Jack Gagnon, others

This Eagles series was an example of the coordinated, speed based defense—an incomplete pass, a QB flushed out of the pocket, another well defended pass and finally a QB sack/fumble (not sure who recovered).

Bears 1st and ten at the AACS27, 4 plays resulted in a Bears’ TD—the 3rd TD for Jamal François from 6 yards out. Chris Kirtley came in for the PAT; it was not clear whether the snap did not work or whether it was a 2 point play; in any event it failed. BEARS 34 EAGLES 6 @8:45 of the 3rd Q.

JPTBO20 fulfilled his mission again and the importance of this skill is emphasized by the fact that the opponents’ return man has 4.4 forty speed. Denying him the opportunity to return is a huge plus. The Eagles were 3 and out due to a tackle for a loss by Kolby Williams, another sophomore. They punted and the Bears O was a group of players without a lot of playing time together (OL: Tom Evans, Ian Dabney, James Killen, Davis Camalier and Joseph Tabb, others? QB: Kyle Hartman). The wing T requires precise timing, proper angles and exquisite cuts behind those blocks; this series did not exhibit those elements that come with a lot of time playing together. Three and out; Michael Rhoads punted the ball well with 5:06 in the 3rd period.

The Eagles executed for 14 plays and Tyler Coleman scored on a 4 yard run. The 2 point conversion was good—EAGLES 14-34 BEARS @ 0:53 remaining in the period. They may have the short end of the score, but the visitors were not short in effort.

Excessive celebration by the visitors resulted in a 15 yard penalty and showed how much they wanted to win by trying an onside kick. The Hands Team was arrayed to receive the bouncing ball and Jackson Howard captured the ball; Bears were 1st and 10 at the AACS 39. Seven plays (including a nice Hartman to Seagears pass) later culminated in a Johari Johnson 6 yard TD run. Chris Kirtley smoothly converted BEARS 41 EAGLES 14 with 10:08 remaining in the 4th Q.

The sophomore Kicker/Line backer kicked off into the win. Eagles started off at the Bears 30 and consumed about 4 minutes. As a very nasty thunderstorm with hurricane like winds and hail came over Andrews House/Dixon Dorm, the first damage was the crashing of a massive tree limb which crushed a parked car and thereby avoided serious injury to three spectators seated under the tree (the car roof halted the descent of the limb from continuing to the ground where the people were positioned).





Player              carries             yards               TDs

Rupp               10                    73

François          10                    49                    3

Fullum             4                      41

Pena                4                      30

Laco                6                      22

Johnson          2                      11                    1

Seagears         1                      8

Cort                 2                      3


Player              completion       attempts          yards   TD

Pena                            3          4                      38        2

Hartman                      3          3                      29

Player              pass receptions           yards   TD

Howard            2                                  32        1

Rupp               1                                  15

Seagears         1                                  14

Fullum             1                                  6          1


[1] Properly used!!

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