Landon Water Polo against Gonzaga

BSN knows a number of sports, but water polo is not on the list of athletic endeavors for which posts may be meaningful commentary. After a dose of London Olympics’ NBC coverage of water polo [the commentators included aptly reporters who are usually seen on the network’s NHL coverage), the BSN temerity level rose to the level of attending today’s Bears matches against the Purple Eagles.

The constant splashing, referees’ whistles chirping with the frequency of an official at a field hockey match and tactics which had flashes of similarity to ice hockey, soccer and lacrosse were confusing enough. That consternation grew exponentially when some of the Bear swimmers were students from sister school, Holton!

That said, having confirmed my amateur observations with Coach Bartman, it can be reported that the Bears Novice team beat the Purple Eagles (whoever thought an Eagle would be able to compete successfully in water?) by the impressive score 14-9. Players of note– 1st Former Noah Thomas had a couple of back-to-the-goal scores and this performance  equaled by classmate Clayton Henschel.


The 2nd match was a mix of JV and Varsity swimmers (the later boys were playing out-of-position)  as well as the two Holton players against a team of Purple Eagles whose composition was supposed to be Gonzaga’s JV A team, but whom a Gonzaga parent asserted that it was composed only of sophomores. The visiting team’s disclaimer may have been a reaction to the Bears’ winning 10-4. Here the play of Aiden Kelso, Trey Lundelius and Connor Collins was exemplary, or so I am told.

It seemed  that the Bears were generally faster, less prone to fouls and generally better positioned (better coaching?).


Go Bears

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