Tradition is a theme that is repeated often by Landon boys, that they are part of a tradition of excellence. One of the best examples of showing off that continuity between the past and the present is the Annual Alumni Lacrosse Game. This year that event will be held on Friday, May 4th at Bordley Stadium after the Varsity v. Gonzaga game which starts at 4:30pm. The field is usually filled with former AA, All ACC, All Ivy, All Big East, All Patriot, All NESCAC and other all stars. So far we have 8 able volunteers; while they are all in excellent shape, WE NEED MORE VOLUNTEERS. Please send your acceptances, preferred position and contact information to George Pappas at .Every year, the varsity team watches the alumni game closely; in part their motivation is to see Coach Leachman or both of the younger Bordley’s strut their stuff; so we need able bodies to give the current Bears a good view of the past. BearLaxTraxFax and similar posts on football, hoops and hockey are the most read columns of BSN; tradition matters!!!



Athletics Becomes Livelihood for Alumni

Athletics at Landon is co-curricular, embedded in the experience of every student. For many alumni, Landon’s emphasis on sports leads to lifelong passions, both as participants and fans. For a few, athletics becomes a livelihood. Meet five alumni who are pursuing successful careers in sports. (Read the complete story in the Spring 2012 issue of Landon Magazine.)

  • Pete Olson ’90 jokes that his love for driving fast led to “something like 15 speeding tickets in Maryland, D.C. and Virginia while at Landon.” He found a way to parlay that love into a profession.
        “I was hooked right away and saw that it was way more intense than just driving fast on the street, and way more challenging,” Olson says. “It was then that it went from a hobby to an all-out obsession to make it a profession.”
  •   Ryan Curtis ’96 excelled as a lacrosse player and now, as head coach of the University of Vermont      (Division I) men’s lacrosse team, conveys lessons to his players.

     “I’ve seen how hard it is to win and how easy it is to lose, and the  common threads that lead to both,” he says. “I spend a lot of time trying to relate to the guys that how you approach the game and the choices you make can be as important as skill in impacting a game and season.”

  • The road that brought Mike Rutenberg ’99 to his current post as defensive backs coach for the New Mexico State University football team was not easy. He worked for little or no pay for his beloved Washington Redskins, including as assistant to the head coach under Joe Gibbs, and then as an unpaid staff assistant and intern for UCLA.
         “Before I even came to Landon, this is what I wanted to do,” he says.
  • Andrew Brandt ’78 had a curiosity that ultimately led  to his career, albeit in a circuitous manner. “I loved sports and, even as a boy, was intrigued why some organizations were successful and others were not,” Brandt says.
     Brandt worked as an agent for ProServ and Bob Woolf Associates and in the front offices of the Barcelona Dragons and Green Bay Packers.
  •            Kelly Elbin ’79 learned to love golf from his father, Max Elbin, who served as the      president of the Professional Golfers’ Association of America from  1966-68. Elbin started playing as a child, including at Landon. But golf  wasn’t Elbin’s only passion.
     “I knew that I wanted to be involved in sports in some capacity, but I was      inspired to be a writer at Landon because of such outstanding teachers as Ed   Sundt and Charlie Campbell,” Elbin says.


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